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Chapter 1: SAN & A.C.

Chapter 1: SAN & A. C.

"What the fuck is wrong with me doing the same shit to you that you be doing to me?  Nigga you got the game fucked up!  Hell if you can do it I can do it betta!"  San told her boyfriend of 10 years.  But he still wanted to argue about San and her girlfriends hitting the clubs all night long the night before.  She did not call and check in so his ass was highly upset.  However, when San pulled out her twin gold  and pearl handled nine mils, Dude shut the fuck up, quickly.  San was known for handling work asap.  As soon as a motherfucker crossed that invisible line with her, it was always shoot first and ask them questions later!

"Come on nooooowwww!"  A.C. said in a not so sure of what San would do voice.  She had done already shot at his ass before and he did not want them problems at that moment.  A.C. and San had been dating for a long time so it was not like nothing was new to them concerning the other.  But it was evident that something heavy was bothering his girl and he was too hot about her clubbing all night to understand before he opened his mouth about grown folks business.  So he took a few steps back and quickly.  San was a hot head and scaring her was never something that A.C. nor anyone else could do.  San had already been through hell and back.  So moving her unless she really wanted to be moved was nothing but a hope for whomever should happen to be caught at the other end of her NINES.

"Man roll up and shut the fuck up, I have had a great night with my bitches and I do not need my mood ruined just because you are having a jealous moment.  That shit is not in your best favor at this point." San explained to A.C. in a calm, yet assertive manner.  "It would be in your best interest for you to sit yo ass down, pour us some dranks, help me roll up, and shut the fuck up...for real man, I'm telling you what's best for you right now," she explained to him in very soft and powerful words. 

San was as very pleasing to the eyes standing still as she was moving at an average height of 5' 4" and a curvaceous 150lbs (36/26/36)...and a pretty set of feet, shoe size at 8.5,...shoulder length hair without a perm.  Born African American and Puerto Rican to her parents Rhonda and Carlos, baby-girl was and still is a whole lot of trouble.  And you can take that any way you want.  Just don't act a fool and run up on her.

Well sculpted Sexy body, strong mind, smart and swift...the glue of the group and brains and order of them as well.  No one dare appose her because of her quickness to anger she's very quick to slap the shit out of a bitch for slacking as she is for whining.  She does not play.  These are the things that help to make her the leader that she is.  Twerk master is what her Sisters in crime call her.  That and many other things in public and in private. 

But as far as A.C. goes, it did not take his ass that long to get that hot ass painted picture.  Shhhiiiiit, A, C. got his ass together and did exactly what was asked of him and shut the fuck up as he sipped on his vodka slowly along with his partner in crime while she counted her take from the night's haul.  

As San had already stated, "It was a good ass night". 

On the outside looking in, people could only see that the girls only danced.  However, that was not the case and not everybody's fucking business either.  That is if you valued your life. The girls did more than just dance, shit, they got their money on by hitting pockets for wallets and other valuable shit.  And there was plenty valuable shit in and outside of that club that night.  Bitches were working the inside and the out.  It was better than when them hoes hit the goddamned Cheimiere Club.  I mean them hoes was after that shit and did not get caught and made a killing.  Like they had wallets and were paying motherfucking customers!  San was so tickeled!  A.C.  grinned as a proud poppa would watching his son or daughter walk for the first time.  But he would never show San that grin if he valued his damned teethe. 

A person would think that San was the leader of the all female possey that was taking out all of the clubs that were south of  LA, California for their cash and customer belongings on a nightly basis as they tour the cities dancing featuring San and her live sex shows nightly.   The catch is husbands and wives are welcomed more like encouraged to attend together to strengthen their relationship as a unit for their sexual pleasure.  The show is phenomenal! This advertisement got more couples to show up which doubled profits inside and outside the club.  

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Chapter 3: HOW THEY MET


All of the girls (San, Sheryl, Grace, Porsche, Angie, Yo Yo, Vette, Key and Ro), met in the hood and went to the same grade school.  Having the same dreams as little girls, they all ended up in the same place, the hottest strip club on the strip circuit.  There was a  time during their late teens through early adulthood that all of the young women got scuffled around because of life's hardships and had to find their own way.  Life was not kind to not a one of them.  This kept the girls grind on their own for what ever they thought they would need in life.  San was the only child of a second chance out of the bunch.  And she knew that she was blessed to be that child.

Never feeling bottom feeders hell they knew how to come up on what they needed if they wanted if never asking anybody for shit was the motto of -WELL- ROUNDED-.  That was the name of they're girl strip gang. Most requested in South Cali, Shit...they weren't called Well Rounded for nothing!  They earned and wore the name well! Titties and asses for days so the name really does fit.  Not a girl group shaking ass across the U.S. could shake ass like em! Not a girl group Knocking over big ass banks and casinos, looking, living and loving lavishly.  Don't get me wrong, thy all still had their own issues and a lot of times did not know how to handle those issues without leaving a trail of dead ass bodies behind, but these high end vixens had some stories to share.

San grew up in Compton, poor ass foster care system.  There she bounced around for many years.  No family would take her in because they felt that she was the one that killed her own parents and would never get close enough to her to give her that chance that she needed.  However violent the truth would be told sooner or later.  Even though she would shoot yo ass as to look at you, she was still as sweet person inside.  But a mean streak just the same.  These qualities and characteristics for sure who killed the kid's parents.  We will find out who did it by the end of her story.  Foster homes were horrible places for her or might I say that San was horrible on a foster home or a foster family. Man she could go through em like a liquid tornado and come out of it as if she asked for permission to be there.  That just would help fade a family out as soon as she could get placed.  I still don't know nobody that could fade a foster family out as fast as that child could.  If she wasn't fucking their sons she was fucking  their husbands or getting caught up with the wife and or daughters.  It was that or threatening the lives of all of the above.  The girl was something else.  But the crazy shit is that she was very fucking smart.  she knew what she was doing though.  It had to fuck her up that her family thought that she was the murderer of her own parents.  Their kinfolk, that was bananas that they would point the finger at her instead of looking for the real murderers.  This put the family in a mod where they did not see San being nothing else but what she was and that was troubled nothing more than a foster care kid.  A very troubled foster care kid.  They could not see past that.  She went to school everyday and mingled with her friends Sheryl, Grace, Porsche, Angie, Yo Yo, Vette, Key and Ro.  These girls clicked because he are troubles seemed to outweigh all the shit they were going through together.  If they put their shit in a pot and weighed it , it wouldn't out weight the shit San put in her own pot.  San's pot had a little help being filled as she would soon find out.  The government had a hand in her crib since before she could walk.

But these are the things that helped to make her the leader that she is:  Twerk Master is what her sisters in crime calls her!A hellof a con also.  She came up with the idea to con the businessmen that would come into the clubs that they worked so well the first time that she took it on the road and she;s been working it every since.  The rest of the gang also has a hand in planning the cons and robberies.  Each one are masters in their own right at everything they put their hands to do.  After beating their childhoods, the rest of life would prove a piece of cake once they put their minds to it.

San being the dominant personality would also prove the dominant and aggressive player in the gang. 

However, Sheryl was the Enforcer.  She never thought that taking shit was worth her time nor yhours and she had a low tolerance for bullshit.  She decided a very short time ago that she was allergic to it and had no time for it, so she would take none of it.  Shiiiiiiiiit, she fould it funnier playing with yo time verses her time being fucked with!  What the hell or what the hell went and made that shit legal.  Not on Sheryl's time.  Hot and heavy on the trigger and just as quick with a goddamned bat, crowbar, 2X4, brass knuckles and anything else she can get her hands on and that includes your own hair.  How a bitch could kill you with your own hair is beyond me, but if you ever run across her and crossed her, I pray yo ass is bald head!  Wheeeeeeeeeeew!  Now that's a fucked up situation and site to see.  Goddamn I would not want to be on the bad side of her anger...No lordie, not me.

Sheryl isall of 6" tall and about 175lbs sexy muscular build and fine as a mutherfucker.  Shiiit, she could get up and go with any man or woman--NO FEAR, NO REGRET--Shery's Hawiian heritage had a lot to do with her training.  However, after her family refused to step up when her family was killed in an out of season Sunami that swept through her village whe she was a child leaving her all alone until her grandmother stepped in to raise her.  But the poor child lost her grandmother several years later toa rare disease.  So after moths of trying to contact other family members in hopes of guardians or a gardian, it was found that there was no one to care for Sheryl and this is how she come to the fostercare facility that cared for San and the other girls.

whoopin anyway

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