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This book is dedicated to my daughter.  She gave me this title and reminded me to remind you that this is a book for grown folks.  LOL.  This book is not for the faint at heart.  It may make you want to faint from the ecstasy that you just may experience from reading and thinking on the words and the different stories/fantasies/scenarios within its pages.  For a long time I have wanted to get my sexy on with the whip of a pen or the tapping of the keys on my laptop's keyboard. And now I have that opportunity to share my thoughts with you. My imagination is that of a wild woman...untamed, unrestricted, untethered, unbothered by the rules man have put on my sexuality.  I am able to be the me that I have been for so many years as a writer as I share a peep into the deeper most parts of my mind.  There is a saying, "I wish I knew what was on your mind." Trust that this saying is a lovely one and I am going to share a small portion of the things that are on my mind in this book called SEXUAL DEMON. 

Feel free to let your hair down and take off your clothes or not, LOL, get comfortable and look forward to becoming aroused emotionally and sexually by the content of SEXUAL DEMON.  Not only that, but there is guaranteed to be a story filled with twists and turns from all over the place, that will keep you turning the pages looking for more.  SEXUAL DEMON WILL TAKE YOU ANYWHERE YOU DESIRE TO GO! I am betting that there are going to be many orgasms that will take place during the reading of every chapter.  So brace yourself and get ready to CUM all over the place as you enjoy my new book, SEXUAL DEMON.

A special thanks to my daughter, Ta-Risa McClinton.  I could not have done this without your support.  Thank you so much for being that for me!!!  For none of my works would have gotten published if not for the support of you girl.  I love you TEE-TEE!!!

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Chapter 1: Fed Up!


To take a look inside her mind, was to literally take a giant leap down into her deepest darkest places.  Along with, having a seat on the lap of her inner most desires.  A place where not many had ever been able to touch before. For not many had ever gone there before.  Trish had never allowed anyone to know her deepest places. So afraid that she would be judged harshly even for her thoughts alone. So revealing those desires was not something that she wanted to do nor something that she wanted anyone to know. For Trish is such a private person.  However, she was not hard to reach usually, but, when it came to the things that she really wanted to shower herself with, or even the more, to be showered with, she had to go inside her self to shower them all by herself.  Such a beautiful person should have never had to feel that way.  A desirable woman, simply delicious to look at and enjoy inside and out.  All of the things that one could ever imagine doing with her, could be, but because she wanted those things from her man, no one else had much of a chance to show her any differently. 

Neglected, but waiting on the one person that she loved to notice her daily, was becoming a never ending battle. One that she was drawing near tired of losing.  But who could blame her? Didn't she deserve better than what she was getting from him?  Her night in shining armor--Was he really?  Or was he simply taking up a space that could have been, would have been and should have been, taken up by someone else? That someone more deserving of her infallible affections and desires to enjoy the same things that her man had to give. If only to bestow upon her his love, but he so chose not to.  Why should the life she shared and so loved, be so hard to do as the days grew long and her heart grew weary?  Her youth drying up as she tried to make an already failed relationship work.  How much longer would she have to wait on the man that she thought was her Mr. everything? But he was really not everything, to her. 

Silently crying out for the love and attention that would never come to her no matter how long she waited for it or wanted it. The it was proving to be just that, a long hard wait. It seemed as though she was a target for the insensitive men that always seemed to take her and her love for granted.  And it was only a matter of time before the desire and the wait would mean absolutely nothing to her.

Trish had not wanted much in life in the way of fancy things all she wanted was for someone to love her as deeply and as unconditionally as she would love him.  She thought that she had that in Benny. But she would find out sooner than she would have thought that she was trying to wait out total nothingness.  Her dreams, her thoughts for a more intimate relationship with her own husband was farther from her than she could have ever have imagined.  She gave him her all, but in return, pain was all he seemed to have to offer her.  Not physically abusive, but it is usually not the physical things that had affected her and that had the most effect on Trish.  However, it was the emotional stressors that when set off, it would take an army to stop her.  Her patience had been pushed to the max.  It would only take not much more to push Trish even further off that edge than Benny could have imagined.  He had gone too far and Trish was at the end of her rope.

So, being the nice, patient and caring, never stepping out on her man kind of wife, just did not seem as important to her anymore.  She vowed vengeance in the worse ways imaginable, short of killing him of course.  No, killing him would be too good for what he had put her through.  The ultimate betrayal would be for her to take the same steps outside of their marriage that he had taken so many times before. However, he was already looking for that to happen.  Benny never taking into account that one day Trish would flip and move to the measure of payback that would rock his little cheating ass world like never before. 

Benny was so disrespectful. And Trish knew that he really did not care that she had gotten fed up with his mess.  He was busy doing him. So he would never think that his wife would ever do to him the things that he had been doing to her from day one of their relationship.

Trish had been on the Internet chatting with a few guys here and there just to pass the time so that she would not feel so lonely while her husband was out pursuing other women during his whore hunts.  She really did not want to view the women as whores, really, because it was not their fault that Benny would not tell them that he was a married man from the start of his adulterous relationships.  It would not be until he was done with them and wanted to move on to his next eager victim that he would release that information. He usually would us the information as the deal breaker for anything that he had said to them during the empty pillow talk that he would share just to keep their heads until that final day.  Benny was easily bored and when he became bored with any situation he would quickly make the necessary changes.

His ability to make changes when things would no longer appeal to his interest, was how he rolled. That was one of the reasons he was such a successful business man.  He did not like to be bored by any situation and always looked for higher ground to tread on in order to change upward his situations.  This characteristic within him, created the monster lawyer/businessman that he had become.  And surely he fully embraced that monster that he had become. Only a monster of a man could do to his wife what he had done and continued doing. 

Although Trish was taken care of financially through her family's businesses (her inheritance) and also had her own business ventures, she was set for the rest of her life with or without him, so really he did not matter.  She could stand on her own, but she seemed to be stuck like a helpless fly in his spider web of lies and deceit and could not set herself free from him.  He was eating at her little by little and this angered her so much till she was about to burst. 

Hell she was about to burst in more than one way.  He had not touched or made love to her for months, and she was  so tired of touching herself.  It was time for a change within that situation.  A highly sexual and healthy ass woman could only take so much.  That was it.  One business trip too many and it was time for change. 

Watching other women have babies by her husband and his denying them was just a bit too much for Trish to digest.  "No more," she thought to herself.  "No more!".  Trish finally decided to continue to be pursued and to pursue a relationship outside of her marriage.  Trish had no idea that she would be in for the ride of her life. 

However, Trish was so ready for that trip.  She was so tired of the messiness that others called marriage, that she in her own mind, was stuck in but wanted so desperately to get out of.  But after being stuck for so long, she just did not know how.  So although she was fed up, she needed a way out.  She just did not know, that way out, was going to be a rough, but yet, most pleasurable one.  That is until disaster hits in more ways than one.

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Chapter 2: Preperation


Yes, it was time for Trish to get into something other than just the simple cyber sex that she was having with her new friend Jay.  She and Jay had been talking online for months and he was as desperate to meet her as she was to meet him.  Trish felt that Jay was different from any other guy that she had met online before. This made it so much easier for her to slip off into his world. He was forthcoming and so open with what it was that he was doing. Also, he knew what he wanted.  He even showed her several of the women that he was going out with and having sensually dynamic sex with.  Jay shared these things via the Internet because Trish had made it clear to him that she was not meeting with anyone until she was sure that it was safe. 

Trish was always watching and desiring the same passion that she could feel through the freedom of her high speed WiFi.  This was so that she could not only visualize but feel (in her mind) the things that he would do to her if she would only give him the chance to. But, Trish was so afraid to really unleash the desires that were within. She knew that it would be hard to control that person if she did allow herself the freedom that she often thought about. 

Yes she was a very refined woman and quite kept to herself only having a select number of friends that she dealt with on a regular basis.  Although, Trish did have a wild side, she never showed it much. However, she was something else whenever she would decide to let loose. But only those very close friends were aware of that side of her.  Hell she needed someone to share the things that she was doing online with and her one and only best friend Carol was that perfect person. 

Plenty nights Carol's panties would be dripping wet from the conversations that she would have with Trish concerning the cyber sex and sexual conversations that she and Jay were having.  "It was off the chain," as Carol would put it.  And she just could not get enough of it.  So she was so very happy to keep her friend's secrets. Besides she had seen Benny on plenty occasions, entertaining various female guests out in the open at several places for dining and at different hotels.  Usually those hotels were located on the outer limits of their town.  He did not much of anything to hide his lustful ways.  But all of Trish's friends except for Carol would try to hide the fact that they would see him out with those strange women.  Carol on the other hand, would share with Trish what she was seeing.  And the fact that her other so called friends even thought that they were sparing her feelings, were not! This was the reason why Trish only rolled with a few real friends. 

Anyone that would try to hide the shit that she already knew, did not manage to spare any feelings, especially Trish's.  Those were the people that she only listed in her imaginary roller deck as only acquaintances or associates for business reasons.  Trish would never out her friend as the one that would tell what was going on, but she did tell Benny that he had been seen and that if he was going to entertain his women friends, that she wish that he would take them out of the state or even the country to do his dirty deeds.  She let him know that she did not appreciate his ignorant and ballsee way of handling his affairs with those women where people that she knew and worked with would see them.  He would laugh it off and tell her that he was only entertaining owners or their representatives of the many different clients that the company that he owned did business with and that it was nothing more than that.  He would laugh it off and then tell her that he loved only her, but he would never tell her that he was fucking or even making love to only her.  He knew that he would be lying and so did she.  She knew he was lying before he would open his mouth anyway. That is just how well she knew the man that she had married.

Trish had been quiet now for some time concerning that mess because she was at that point, into her own mess.  But she only saw it as getting what she needed as a deprived and wanting woman.  

Meanwhile, her ultimate focus and goal was that handsome fella named Jay.  She was so interested in the things that he was laying out for her and she wanted those things bad.  But sitting at her desk or lying in bed with her laptop had gotten boring, and she wanted more than just the visual aids that Jay was providing her so that she could have frequent and intense orgasms. She wanted more!  It was time for them to meet. 

But Trish was not stupid.  Jay was her online venture.  She wanted to be safe so she and her friend Carol set up a plan so that she could meet him out at a classy restaurant.  There, they would be around plenty of people. Also, Carol would be looking out for her in the event that something would go wrong.  So Trish, feeling good about meeting her Internet fling, set it up.  Jay wanted her to feel safe with him. He wanted her so bad that he allowed her to handle all of the details. Concerned about how she felt, he just fell back because he needed her to trust that he was on the up and up and did not want to hurt her.  But he did make it plain to Trish that he desired to have her.

After planning, and setting up the meet, Carol had to make sure that her friend was set and protected at the same time.  So Carol was preparing to trail Trish to the restaurant and sit in a place so that she could monitor the introduction of the two just in case things went south, then she would rush in and handle the situation.  She just wanted her friend to feel and also, be safe. 

Carol was very close to Trish and loved her so much more than any of her other friends did.  Carol would lie down under a bus for Trish and Trish knew this. 

It was almost time for their date in a few hours.  Jay and Trish would meet in a very public but romantic place for their first date.  Reservations were made so that Trish's table would be in plain view of Carol's table without anyone being the wiser as to what was really going on. 

Trish got into the shower with her mind heavily on how she would be able to look at Jay, face to face, after all of the things that they had done on the Internet together.  She was gone in the not even distant memory of the night before when just watching him stroke his long thick and juicy looking rod  had her soaking wet--pussy lips all swollen as she lie in bed massaging her own breasts and licking her nipples when she orgasmed with extremely sensual and deep intensity without even having to touch her clit.  She was so gone off of Jay that she just came all over the place.  She had cum so hard that she felt it within her entire body.  Her own husband had never made her cum with that kind of intensity and passion.  She could only think of having Jay like that for real.  The computer had become a block and she wanted that block moved so that she could get to the real thing.  And the real thing was waiting on her in a couple hours.  She had finally decided after all of the years of infidelity within her marriage, to go for the real thing, the entire thing.  That night whatever would happen between them would just happen and she was not going to try to stop it.  Trish was tired of being the only one in her marriage and wanted it all.  It would be all or nothing.  So she made the decision to have it all even if that meant with Jay, instead of her husband, Benny.  Hell he hadn't shown her anything that good and he was up close and person.  That was, whenever he would decide to make it home in order to even sleep in the same bed with Trish.  Shit, she was fed up!  It was her time and she was going to spend it wisely, she thought as she proceeded to the shower.

"Carol," she cried out,"Please reach me a towel out of the linen closet, I forgot to grab one." 

Carol eagerly replied, "Okay, coming."  Laughing as she reached into the closet for the towel and handed it to her friend.  "Are you going to go further than just dinner?" Carol asked and replied before Trish could give an answer, "I have been thinking and I know that you want more than just dinner."  Carol stated and she smiled cunningly as Trish stepped out of the shower wet and body glistening from the bright lights in her bathroom.

"Now girl, you know that it has been months since I have had a man and I am well overdue for a touch or two," Trish said as they both laughed and walked into the adjacent bedroom while wrapping herself in the large bath towel that hang on the towel holder along the wall. Trish got to the towel before Carol did.

Both women laughed and came to the conclusion that if everything seems okay during the dinner, that Trish should get up and go to the lady's room so that they both could meet up and okay Trish's next move.  Trish would give the word and Carol would then follow behind Trish in her own car.  From there Carol would follow them just to see where they were going and at the same time both of the women's cell phones would be on the entire time.  All of that for safety reasons.  They both agreed that would be what they would do before Trish went off with Jay for any reason. 

Since Trish did drive her own car, she would be trailing Jay and Carol would be trailing her.  It was a well thought out plan.  Carol restated that she would not leave the scene until Trish got into her car alone and pulled off making her way toward home, where the two of them would meet up and then talk about their evening. 

"Okay, now, if anything goes wrong, I will be packing," Carol laughingly reassured Trish. 

Carol was just the one to take someone out.  She was a feisty and crazy but well skilled mixed martial artist as well as a hell of a shot. Carol came into her fortune by being born into a family that was filthy rich and in the oil business.  Carol moved to California after she completed her college education.  She just never left actually.  She would go back and forward to Texas from college on breaks and holidays but to move back to Texas was not something that Carol could even think of doing.  So her parents gave her what she needed to keep her well beyond her years as long as she completed college and made something of herself.  That she did.  And was the best in her field of business.  She dealt with the biggest deals oversees that involved her father's out of the country ventures and deals involving his companies that were out of the US.  That was Carol's business and she did it well.  However, she had plenty of staff that she had trained first hand to handle her business and that is what she did.  She did not micromanage, she lived and left all of the heavy lifting to the experts that she had hired to run her company's business.  This freed up a lot of her time and she and her friend Trish spent a lot of that time together shopping and getting into a little trouble now and then.  But nothing as major as what they were about to do that night.

"Well Carol what do you think?"  Trish asked, as she modeled her pretty sleek fitted over the knee and quite sexy red dinner dress.  This dress showed off all of Trish's assets to the tune of 36/25/36 with her long not too muscular but lean and sexy legs.  The heels that she wore, a size 9, fit her outfit bringing the sexy out of not just her body but her feet as well.  A pair of silver and red sling backs with the peep-toe effect made her well pedicured and polished toes a sexy compliment.  The silver and blinged out but not too much accessories (ear rings that dangled; a necklace that screamed money; and a bracelet that complimented the rest of the accessories quite nicely) were all beautiful additions to her sexy ensemble.

Her long black hair, pulled up to show off her naturally sculptured neck line, looked so gorgeous as the front curls gently lay on both sides of her soft dark toned skinned face.  African American and Indian, Trish was as beautiful as they come.  Benny was privileged to have her but had no idea as to how much. 

Carol on the other hand did.  And she wanted her friend to be happy.  Carol really felt that Trish did deserve to have everything that she wanted in life and then some and would do anything for her just to make that happen.  It had nothing to do with what Benny wanted or even what he would think or how he would be affected.  What her friend wanted went beyond what she could even muster up to even try to care about what or how Benny may have felt.  It was all about her bestest friend in the world, Trish!

While the ladies got ready, they went over their plans a few more times so that the night would go without a hitch.  Preparation for the night was a delight...not hard at all.



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Chapter 3: The Introduction

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Chapter 4: Couldn't Have Dreamed This

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Chapter 5: That Was Just The Beginning

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Chapter 6: Midnight Play

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Chapter 7: Nosy Neighbors

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Chapter 8: Dinner Of Champions

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Chapter 9: Secrets Revealed

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