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The first book in this series, SEXUAL DEMON, proved to be a great read and enjoyed over and over by many.  So SEXUAL DEMON 2 is a bit larger than the first book.  There are no rules to be broken that won't be and that's for sure!  It was brought to my attention by one of my social media friends, that there has been a down fall in the availability and distribution of Adult Literature.  She told me that good Adult reads are hard to find.  The hardcore adult stories that fascinate and tempts the reader to imagine a life other than the one that they are currently in.  Meanwhile, if I can spark anyone's imagination and help to put a smile on someone's face and even dare them to live before it is too late...bringing joy and sexual release as well as the pleasure that will provide a link to sexual freedom and awareness on a major scale...then I will have helped them to accomplish their walk on the free side by loosing my feet and freeing them to do the same.

I have, once again, the help of my daughter, Ta-Risa McClinton, for this book as well.  She has continued to inspire and encourage me to continue my journey as well as my dreams to write and  not just reach the masses, but inspire and intrigue also!  I am super excited one more time because I have enjoyed writing SEXUAL DEMON 1 and I am looking forward to pouring into this one.  Keep the batteries fresh ladies and the lotion handy fellas, we are in for a great release or two or three and then some.

This material is not for the faint at heart nor children under the age of 18.  There is strong sexual content from the beginning to the ending SEXUAL DEMON 2.  HAPPY READING AND MORE!!!

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Now that most of the secrets concerning feelings were out and on the table, it was time for more to be revealed of each individual. That is, if they were going to stay on top of the things in their lives (literally and figuratively speaking).  They are going to have to be true with everyone that they intend on spending time with for as long as their individual futures had the need to.  There was going to be that time when some things that should have been revealed, to keep all involved happy and aware, would be held back.  And this will be life saving information!

However, the intent of everyone involved were not aligned as everyone stated.  There were hidden motives that had yet to be exposed and for the most part, revealed. 

The journey of the new and old lovers had begun on a great note, but how it will end is even more alluring.  And for some just may be deadly.  As you continue on your journey through the many juicy, sexy pages ahead, unlock the secrets that lie therein and you share the secrets as they unfold.

Seeing that almost everyone had something that they were holding back, but only one, being her true self,  has really come to see things as they really and truly are concerning how unreal people can be as holders of one's heart. Not many can be trusted,


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Yes it was the morning after and everyone was still half high and out of their minds as they tried to find what little clothing they wore the night before.   Well, it was not like they had a lot of fabrics to choose from, lol.  

The remainder of the crew noticed that the other hosts of the evening before were already upstairs continuing the festivities of the night before as a duo, so they took it upon themselves to show themselves out after exchanging ever-so-sweet kisses with the house keeper as she so sweetly showed them the way, whispering nicely, "Until next time".  Their dinner guests from the evening before smiled, exchanged niceties as they exited the lavish estate, both simultaneously thinking at the same time, "how lovely it will be to see them again for their next dinner date and very very soon" and smiling to themselves as the thought swimmingly went through their minds over and over again all throughout that and the next day. 


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