Through The Flames

Over 100 years has passed since the first dragon was born into existence. The greatest accomplishment that science had ever seen; one that brought humanity to its knees. The human race is on the verge of extinction and one girl has been prophesied with the fate of them all. Can Syra stop the rule of the dragons before it's too late?


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Ten years ago, Doctor Collins and the Templar Genetics Corporation unlocked the secrets to genetic augmentation within animals; with this discovery came the ability to cure all diseases known to man. But, the research and testing quickly and secretly moved to human experimentation and genetic mutations in hopes to create a knew breed...


Sixteen-year-old Brynlee Williams has been trapped in the bowels of a correctional institution and tortured for nearly a year for information about a rebel army. After the rebels liberate the institution, Brynlee is taken back to the Facility where she joins ranks with the soldiers, trained by the best soldier the rebels have ever...