The Blind Runner || The Maze Runner

[BOOK ONE] ❝I see what other's don't.❞ Nova Is both you're average Glader, and not you're average Glader. Both. Because she has lost all of her memories, just like everyone else. And the fact that she Is Blind. So she's both. Other than the fact that the Glader has no eye-sight, she's one of the best Runner's out there, maybe even...


[Cover has been made by someone so talented on Wattpad! <3] ❝Who knew one little mission, would turn Into one big adventure.❞ A simple mission to Mars, turned Into a nightmare for one teen. Irene. having crash landed, as well as watching her three friend's die right before her eye's. Irene has to now survive on an unexploited...

The Boy With Scales

[BOOK 1 IN THE 'BOY WITH SCALES' TRILOGY] [CREDIT FOR THE COVER GOES TO A TALENTED FRIEND ON WATTPAD! <3] 19-year-old Aria finds herself In the Medieval times, and meets new friends along the way. What happens when, she runs Into a massive Dragon, and finds out that she's the chosen one? The Dragon Rider?


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