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[This story takes place before Thomas and Teresa ever get sent into the Glade and the Maze, they come in way later. Thanks for understanding. :)]

[Cover made by me.]

Avery sat there In patience, In a world that was nothing more than just a black-hole to her. Not a single color to be found. In-fact; not a single Image to be found.

"I'm so bored." She heard a male huff, listening to his feet settle on his desk, which was his work space. "There's nothing to do In this blasted place, except for watching these dump kid's run around."

Avery chuckled lightly, "We should put you In the maze, maybe then, you won't be so bored."

"Say something like that again, and your mother will be getting a little note." The male, also known as David, pointed his finger at her, even though she couldn't see It. Basically telling her, 'Watch It, or I'll bite ya right back.'

"Wouldn't dream of It," Avery laughed. "Besides, my mother would never do anything so morbid like that to me. She loves me too much." She smiled, knowing It was true.

Or so she thought.


Hearing the door slide open behind them, and multiple footsteps. David looked back to the many faces of Ava Paige and her Wicked worker's.

"Spoke too soon." David's throat croaked.

"What are you talking about?" Avery asked.

David slouched In his seat, "Your about to find out." He hid behind newspapers.

"Avery." Ava spoke.

"Yes?" She answered right back.

"I'm sorry to say, but, we're putting you Into Group A, Maze One." Ava almost seemed uneasy, like she didn't want to do this.

"Wait what?" Avery's breath quivered, as she couldn't believe what she was hearing.

"You're new name will be Nova," Ava proclaimed. "Remember that, for It'll be the only thing we'll give you."

"Why?" Avery asked, not completely understanding.

"To protect you." Ava answered.

"From what?" Avery was perplexed.

"That's classified."

Avery shook her head, not satisfied of the answer she'd been given. She had many question's In her mind, but she didn't bother asking any of then, for she knew she wouldn't get a straight answer.

The worker's of Wicked hurdled around Avery, as they grabbed both of her arm's, and dragged her out of the room.

"Why would you do this to me?!" Avery yelled. "Do you not care anymore?!" She continued with more statements.

Once Avery was out of the doors, Ava turned back to the screen where the kids were being watched on. Listening to Avery's hollers fade down the hallway, as they were so distant at this point, they now sounded like pointless screams.

Ava seeming like she was trying to hold herself back, from breaking.


Waking up with a heavy breath, She was In a big metal box, that seemed to be moving quickly upward's.

Once It came to an abrupt stop, her body stumbled forward's, as she face-planted Into the metal bar's underneath her. Letting out a groan In distress, she pushed herself back onto her bum.

Hearing the rough sounds of metal rubbing against metal, with It's wires and hinges on edge. The box opened above her, she looked up.

Noticing she couldn't see a thing, and figuring out that she was blind, she was frustrated that she couldn't remember anything what so ever, nor could she even see who had brought her there, or even what was up above.

But somehow she knew there were people looking  down at her, all around. She could tell. She could see the vibrations of they're footsteps In her brainwaves.

Just by the vibrations of their footsteps, she could tell they were all boy's. All boy's, no female's. Until now.



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Chapter One

-*- Two Years Later -*-

[ P R E S E N T ]

Heart pounding she picked up the pace, letting the small bumps and crack's on the wall sliding against her finger tip's, guide her. The vibration she got on her feet, told her that the wall's were shifting and every second she counted, It was getting closer to night.

Hearing the horrid sound's of shrieking behind her, she tried sprinting even faster. With the many vibration's of multiple wall's shifting around, It was kinda hard to estimate exactly where she was going. But nonetheless, she kept calm, and kept running for dear life.

 Turning left down the corridor, her body collided with another. Letting out a squeaky mumble, as the Impact slightly hurt her chest. She hung onto whoever It was she ran Into. Noticing the leather harness on his collar-bone he always wore when running.

Minho. She thought.

"Nova, just In time, the door's will close any minute, we gotta go." Minho spoke, as much out of breath as her.

"Can we go faster?" Nova panted with a question.

He sensed the concern In her tone, "What's wrong?" He questioned.

Hearing the loud shrieks again, a Griever had found It's way to them, around the same corridor Nova ran around. "That."

Minho lunged Into a run pulling Nova along with him, not daring to leave her behind, knowing how angry Newt would be If he did. The Griever right on their tails.


Finally losing the Griever and making It back to the Glade, seconds after the door's close for the night, Minho and Nova stop In their tracks and take a breather.

"Where the shuck have you both been?" Hearing the small voice that sounded like he hasn't hit puberty quite yet, they knew It was Chuck.

"Do you really want to know?" Minho panted.

"Probably not," Chuck snickered. "I'll go get you two some water."

"Water sounds good." Nova said, her throat dryer than a desert. As Chuck jogged back to the kitchen where Frypan was at.

Nova stood up straight, laying her hand on her chest, trying to feel how fast her heart was pounding. Even though there was a leather harness there. Feeling that her heart beat was going back to normal, she brought her arm back to her side, and relaxed.

Nova was a runner, It took her a lot getting to that stage, but she passed, and she's proud of It. She's one of the best runner's you'll ever meet, she might even be better than Minho himself. Of course she doesn't tell him, to not make him upset.

She chuckled at her thoughts.

Nova may have been blind, but don't mess with her, don't ever get Into fight's with her. Because blind or not, she'll mess you up and win, no problem. She's one tough shank.

"What's so funny?" Minho asked, looking over at her.

Nova shook her head, "Nothing." Lightly kneading her finger nails with her teeth, she smiled to herself. Her thought's making her giggle, as they were the truth.

After drinking the water that Chuck had brought back to them, they all walked their separate way's. Minho towards the map room, Chuck toward's Alby for more question's considering the boy was still slightly new there. And Nova toward's the homestead.

Nova didn't need to see where she was going, she'd been around every single Inch of the Glade for the past two years she's been there, she memorized everything. Every tree, every bush, every log, every little grain of dirt. Everything. All the scents were connected with her feet, she saw everything and everyone using the vibrations In the soles of her feet.

So I guess you could say, life wasn't half bad for Nova.

The soles of her feet and the palms of her hands, acted as eyes, just for her. As she was special, she was the only Glader who was blind.


Nova was fixing a loose string that was bothering her on her hammock, she wanted to go to bed, as she was very tired. But the little piece of string annoyed her so much, she just had to fiddle with It, to get It off.

Someone had stopped her, mid-fixing-a-loose-string, hugging her from behind and placing a light kiss In the soft crease of her jaw and neck.

"What the bloody-hell happened out there?" The British voice spoke. "We could hear shriek's from miles away, and the says a-lot, It was pretty close." He sounded concerned.

Nova knew It was Newt, It was obvious, he was the only one to have an accent In the Glade. So far.

Laying the back of her head softly In his chest, as he was quite taller than her. She relaxed, "Well," She sighed.

"Well?" Newt mimicked, In question.

"We  may or may not have gotten chased by a Griever." She plastered a light smile on her face, hoping he wouldn't freak out or anything.

"You're just lucky I can't do anything about It," He said. "You're the one who wanted to be a runner In the first place, and I can't change you're mind." A chuckle erupted from his chest, and Nova could feel It In the back of her head.

"Good," She smiled officially. "Because I ain't changin' my mind."

"Bummer." Newt joked. "By the way, what did the letter say?"

"What letter?" Nova asked, a bit confused.

"You know, the letter's that you usually get a week from the box?" Newt questioned. "What's It say?"

"oh, right, uh," Nova searched with her hands everywhere, trying to find the pile of letter's that she stored under a desk that she owned.

Getting the most recent letter, she glided her finger's along the little bumps, reading each symbol, with each feeling of bump. Her letter's were written In Braille, so only she could read them, no one else.

"I've been watching over you, with motherly love." Nova spoke out the word's, from the letter.

"What do you think It means?" Newt asked, sitting In her chair at her desk.

"Honestly?" Nova looked over at him, though she couldn't see him. "I don't know." She placed the letter back with the other's, and quickly pushed the box back under the desk.

"It did say 'motherly love', so maybe that's a clue? Maybe It has to do with you're mum?" Newt suggested.

"Maybe." Nova shrugged.

Silence was upon them, for a few minutes.

"Anyway, you should get some sleep. Got more runnin' to do tomorrow." Newt smiled standing up, leaning down, and placing a light kiss on her right cheek.

"Right." Nova mimicked his smile.

Nova carefully made her way to her hammock, and laid comfortable Inside. "Goodnight love." Newt softly spoke.

"Goodnight." Nova whispered back, very tired.

She closed her eyes, and drifted off to sleep.

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Chapter Two

[ P A S T ]

She had no Idea what was going on, or where she was at. Of course not, she had thought. Having a bunch of boy's staring blankly down at her almost In shock, wasn't her Ideal of comfort. It was almost as though, they've never seen a girl before.

She couldn't tell how many there were, to many vibration's to count, her mind was beyond confused. She flinched once she felt one of the boy's had jumped down Into the box, with her. She wasn't exactly expecting that, considering her vision was a black-hole.

He took a good look at her eyes, noticing they were far different from himself and the other's. He noticed there was something unusual about her, and couldn't quite put his finger on It.

Suddenly she broke the silence with a word she most desperately felt like saying, "Nova." She didn't know why she said It, but It was like an urge, like something was making her say It. And she had a pretty good feeling that, It had something to do with her.

When the boy got closer to her, she scrambled to the corner of the metal crate she was held captive In, she was scared. "Easy, we're not going to hurt you." The boy spoke softly, seeming like he had the origin of British.

"This shank gonna come out or not?" A boy from up above with a deeper voice, had broken the mood.

"Slim-It Gally," The one who was In the metal crate with her, had fierce In his tone. "She just got here, she's all shaken up, give her some time."

Nova was quite confused on the strange language they used to communicate, but she also found It quite Intriguing. Unique.

 The boy who seemed to be British had slowly taken Nova's hand, as she shivered slightly. "It's okay." He assured her, with a light smile. As she let him do his bidding.

He knew there was something up with the girl, which he assumed to be named Nova, from what she had said minutes earlier. So he helped her find her way out of the metal crate, which brought her Into her new found home.

Once Nova was out, she balanced on all fours, figuring out where she was. She felt the smooth grass below, In-between her finger's. Her eyes darted from side-to-side trying to configure any type of color or Image, but It was no use, all she saw was a load of nothingness. Not even a single glimpse of light. She wanted to see the sun for the first time, as far as she knew, but she couldn't.

"What's wrong with the Greenie?" Another boy with a scratchy voice spoke, sounding like he had smoked 20 packets of cigarette's.

"Clyde, don't be so rude." The British boy had defended Nova once again, and she was glad he was. The comments of other's made her feel uneasy, she didn't like It.

"Well, Newt, what do you think we should do with her?" The boy, also known as Gally, asked.

The British boy who's name was Newt, thought for a bit. "We should get her to the homestead, and then once she's settled, we'll decide what we should do at the gathering."

Gally nodded In agreement.


Nova's breath hitched once she felt two boy's pick her up to her feet, It was so sudden she almost screamed, but she held back and calmed herself.

They dragged her so quickly, she could hardly get her feet to quit dragging underneath her. Trying to walk with them, In sync to the beat of both of their footsteps, as much as she possibly could.

She noticed that they entered the building, they had called Homestead. She could tell by the climate change, It wasn't so cold. Also for the fact that, she could hear their footsteps now on wood Instead of grass.

 The two boy's sat her down In a wooden chair, that wasn't too comfortable, but was doable for sitting.

"Stay here, we'll come get you once we figure out what's going to happen." One of the boy's had said, with a low voice, seeming a bit shy.

Nova didn't speak, she was too much In shock to speak. So she merely nodded, to tell them, 'Okay, I understand.'

They believed she would stay put, as they exited the building known as, the Homestead. And left Nova to wait. Wait for seconds, minutes, hours, maybe even day's. She didn't know how long. She just waited.

Nova didn't know what was to come of her, she only hoped It wasn't something bad.

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Chapter Three

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Chapter Four

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Chapter Five

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Chapter Six

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Chapter Seven

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Chapter Eight

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Chapter Nine

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Chapter Ten

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Chapter Eleven

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Chapter Twelve

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Chapter Thirteen

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Chapter Fourteen

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Chapter Fifteen

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Chapter Sixteen

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Chapter Seventeen

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Chapter Eighteen

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Chapter Nineteen

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Chapter Twenty

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