Vengeance Storm: The Soul Of Two


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Amber- female, black cat form, white tipped ears and tail human form with black hair and green eyes

Bushia- female, sliver tabby cat form, sliver-gray ears and tail human form with blonde hair and blue eyes

Risher- male, dark brown tabby cat form, dark brown ears and tail human form with brown hair and orange eyes

Kifina-female, ginger and white cat form, ginger and white ears and tail human form with brown hair and Amber eyes

Levi-male, chestnut cat form, chestnut ears and tail with chestnut-brown hair with brown hair and brown eyes

Sizfer-male bight brown tabby cat form, bright brown ears and tail human form with brown hair and green eyes

Venus-female, gray cat form, gray ears and tail human form with platinum blonde hair and blue eyes

Mushikia-female, white and gray cat form,gray and white ears and tail human form with super almost white platinum blonde and gray eyes



Mattu- male, brown hair and yellow eyes, with curved-in fangs

Imure-female,black hair and gray eyes, with two-hanged fangs ( fangs with to points)

Claria-female-blonde hair and brown eyes, with bat fangs ( normal fangs)



Ash- male, brown hair and brown eyes, strength skill

Gab- male,dark brown hair and yellow eyes, scent skill

Mala-female, blue (dyed hair) and blacky-gray eyes, speed skill



Paka-female, green (dyed hair) and green eyes, earth element

Nova-female, brown hair with red highlights and blue eyes, water element

Eliesa-male, black hair with green highlights and yellow eyes

Ocka-female, blonde hair and orange eyes, fire element (in training)

Maxsai-male, orange (dyed hair) and purple eyes, spirit element

Uka-male, red (natural hair) and gray eyes, air element

Aushta-female, golden blonde hair and storm blue (dark blue) eyes, storm element



Bluaka-witch, blonde hair and blue, specialises in star reading

Marku-wizard, black hair and green eyes, specialises in dark spells

Flueka-witch, purple (dyed hair) and yellow eyes,  specialises in (magical) herbs 

Carluel-wizard, brown hair and blue eyes, specialises in potions 

Marla-witch, dark blonde hair and brown eyes, specialises in hand spells

Qania-witch, light brown hair and green eyes, specialise in animal spells



James-male, brown hair and brown eyes, A class giant

Jake-male, chestnut brown hair and green eyes, A class giant

Benjamin-male, brown hair and hazel eyes, A class giant

Amy-female, light brown hair and bright blue eyes, A class giant

 Clamaria-female, black hair with purple highlights and dark green eyes, A class

Diana-female, red (natural hair) and brown eyes, A class giant

Blake-male, blonde hair and blue eyes, A class giant 

Monakie-male, red (dyed hair) and brown eyes, A class giant

Anacondia-female, dark blonde hair and blue eyes, A class giant

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  The school of Liycan, is a school not of humans but mythicals.Vampires,Nekos,Werewolves,Witchs,Wizards,Elementist and Giants.

They get their subject by what they are. Like a wizard would have hand spells as a subject. 

Nekos are half human, half cat so they have a cat form and a human form, in human form they have ears and tail. Nekos also have super strength, speed, stamina and scent all combined together. Which made them dangerous because some Nekos have more then others, one could have more speed then one that had more strength. Nekos in their cat form are as tall as a full grown man's (human-sized) chest, but have the colouring of a house cat. When they are hit hard or sent fly  through the air will change into their cat form, they will also change when they are angry, surprised, shocked, scared and embarrassed. They can also speak cat (This=cat, This=English) as well as english. So they can talk to other Nekos, and only Nekos will know what they are saying.

Werewolves are kinda the same as Nekos, but a bit different as well. They have to shift on a full moons and can't control themselves, if it's not a full moon they can shift when ever they want to and can control it. They also have abilities, only one though, so instead of having all the abilities they would only have speed or strength. Werewolves in human form don't have ears or tails so they just look like humans with anger issues.

Vampires don't burn in the sun or sparkle. They feel the heat 7 degrees warmer, so they stayed inside a lot on hot days. They're different kind of fangs depending on what they eat. If they drink horse blood the would two-hang fangs, which have two points. Vampires usually stick to themselves.

Elementist, they're many different types of elementist. From water and air to spirit and storm element. When elementist are under the age of 14, they have all the elements mixed together. They get bonded to a element and when they become 14 they lose the other elements and keep the one, it called ' in training' when they are under 14. They can control whether they hurt one of another element like fire and water.

Witchs and Wizards, have little control of their powers until they go to a school (for witchs and wizards) to be taught how to control and use their powers. Once they have learned good control they can do spells with just their hands.

Giant are the biggest type of students at the school.Giants have different classes of size. D class is the smallest and is up to the chest of an C class e.t.c. A class is the tallest and a human is 3inches height it them. The school of Liycan only excepted A class Giants.

The other human sized mythicals had a platform hanging from the ceiling. So giants wouldn't step on them, giants could still see over it to talk to other mythicals. Also known as the giant-friends who liked to hang around giants, then the giant-okayers who doesn't mind giants but stayed away from them just the same. Then there is the giant-haters who hated everything about them, they're very life blood and didn't believe in any  contact with them...

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Chapter 1

 "Hey,watch it!" Amber yelled over her shoulder as Bushia chucked one of her school books into her suitcase. "Oh I'm sorry that it didn't hit your ear" Bushia teased as another book went flying past Amber's head and fell on the floor " oh look it totally went in " Amber said sarcastically,(This=cat This=English),"oh shut up, you Neko" Bushia threw a book at her, hitting her on the leg " your one too". Amber threw the book back hitting Bushia's arm." I can't believe we're already going back" Bushia sighed " well, you could just hide under the bed" Amber suggested. 

Looking at her sister "oh yeah, right" Bushia put another book in her bag . "Come on girls we have to go soon" 

"right mum"

"Okay mum" Amber zipped up her suitcase and went downstairs.


"Why do they get to go to a cool school" their brother complained, Amber walked down the staircase with Bushia "cause we've actually got a tail" Amber hissed. Her brother glared at her "good one" Bushia whispered, "okay girls ready to go" their Mum asked " of course...not" replied Bushia " I'll go instead!" yelled her brother, "no, Alex" their Mum seemed to have Alex  wrapped around her finger, Amber thought cause he didn't say a word after. Finely he's actually quite Bushia must have thought the same, because her tail was lashing happily "now girls Dad will meet you at the airport in 15 minutes, so we'd better get going" Dad never came to see them anymore. The year might start on a good note Amber thought.


Bushia and Amber always fought over who got to sit in the front seat. " Hey it's my turn the front seat Amber" Bushia's tail swished ready for the fight . Amber flattened her ears ready to object, " you two! Bushia will go in the front seat Amber you can go in the back with Alex" Amber saw a smile spread across Bushia's face. She got in the back seat, for she knew Bushia had won " what's it like going to a real school" Alex asked excitedly " better then your old boring school, I'm done with that" Amber was happy she didn't have to go to human school anymore " Liycan is the best school with Werewolves, Elementist and of", "what's an elementist" Alex interrupted her. She didn't really want to explain but she had to.


"... and that's an elementist" Amber finished checking the window to see if they were nearly there " hey, Bushia tell me if you see your Dad's car" why did Bushia get to do everything "oh and cover your ears and tail" Amber slipped on her beanie and leg warmers.


"Hey, we're  here!" Alex screamed excitedly. Their Mum parked the car " ok,Amber, Bushia got your things" Amber rolled her eyes " of course we do"Bushia answered before Amber could open her mouth, they pulled their suitcases to a desk labeled S.O.L ( School Of Liycan) so humans wouldn't know. "Hello, two 17 year old girls,11th grades of Liycan" her Mum meowed, the ladies nodded in understanding.


Amber walked over to a seat "watch it!" oh great start,you walked into someone Amber thought to herself " oh I'm sorry I didn't see you" she looked up to see who she had walked into "oh god help me" Amber muttered under her breath " if it isn't one of the misfit twins" the girl glared at her, a growled grow in Amber's throat she was about to spit back a retort. When Bushia grabbed her arm "shut up, Kifina" and dragged her off.


(On the plane),Amber was listening to her headphones while Bushia.  stared out the window. "Ah... hi guys... there um no more sits, can I join you" " sure you can, Eliesa" it was obvious Bushia like him. Amber took out her headphones "why aren't you sitting with the other elementist" Amber's mind was over running with curiosity " oh um ... like I said there are no more sits." He stumbled, she could tell he was lying but she didn't want to push him. So she just put her headphones back in. Why couldn't he tell the truth she wondered, sinking back into her sit. Her Dad didn't even come to the airport like he said he would. The had already gotten off to a bad start.


"Please put on your sit belts as we are nearing the island " the speaker rang across the plane. Amber sighed she was back at the Island Of Liycan, she stared at the ceiling thinking how no human knew about this place. "Amber, Amber!" Amber looked over to see who had called her name, " what do you want" she grumbled looking at Bushia "okay, no need to be grumpy " Bushia's tail flicked in annoyance at her grumpiness. "Ah... have you read the subject list this year" Bushia asked " of course not" Amber scoffed at the thought, " well,...umm", " oh spit it out Bushia!" She started to grow impatient, "alright" Bushia sighed "we've got human subjects". "What!" She stared at her sister shocked


"What kind of subjects" Eliesa looked when he heard what had been said," dance, drama, language... the rest is the same thank god" Amber and Eliesa exchanged worried glances " is it for all eleventh grades" Amber thought she would never have to do human things anymore."I'm  afraid so", Amber shoke her head " which idiot came up with that idea" she muttered under her breath so no one but her could hear.


Amber got off the plane and with Bushia and Eliesa walked to (human-sized) car that would take them to school " three for S.O.L" she asked, the driver nodded. They hopped into the car that started to drive off, " so what are you doing with your healing element training" Bushia asked "battle vines and reviving people"Eliesa replied, Amber was interested at the thought of reviving someone.


"School Of Liycan" the driver said, they all nodded their thanks. Then walked towards the gates of the School Of Liycan...





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