Diaries of a High School Secretary


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Chapter One

I can't recall exactly the moment when I gave into my new life but it was somewhere in between my the run-in with the nazi parking attendant, the nurse with kotex pads stuck to the bottom of her feet and the kid who brought me a dead crab in a box. It pulled me in, all of it. From the time clock to the bus loop, through the harmonal hallways, the gum-chewing, eye-rolling additudes all in the confines of a 5A suburban high school.

If anyone had told me fifteen years ago that I'd be willing to take a position as a secretary after my career as a risk management executive, I would have laughed.  I had my own secretary however seventy hour work-weeks with little time to spend with my three children forced my hand. I was missing out on thier lives and thier father, my husband Joe just received a wonderful promotion as a CEO for a pharmasuedical chain.  The guilt became unbearable so I put away my black pencil skirt suits and Jimmy Choo heels and began substitute teaching.


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