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The Meeting


I'm Elizabeth Olsen I'm 15 , I live with my mom Bridget, my dad Peter,  my big brother Nathan, and my little sister Emily.

To celebrate that I got good grades my parents bought me tickets to go and see my celebrity crush... Shawn Mendes (because they promised) , but the part I wasn't expecting is ... I'm going to the meet and greet and I'm so excited!!! I am going to meet Shawn Mendes !! 

We are already in the car to go to the place he is going to perform. I was in the back sit singing "No Promises" from his new album Illuminate and I was so focused I didn't hear when my mom call my name like 50 times that we were here. 

-"Lizzy, Lizzy, LIZZY!!" 


-"We are here.."

-"Oh my God...!!"

Yes, I couldn't even speak seeing all the girls in a line waiting to be the next one to meet the famous Shawn Mendes. 


I hear they call and guess what? I was the next one!! 

-"You may go"

The security guard said to me. When I saw him I was completely frozen, I couldn't move or talk. As I saw him waving at me to come in I finally was able to walk and go to him.

-"What's your name?" He asked.


Good way to start a conversation.. I couldn't even say my name.

-"You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen."

I was more frozen than I was before. He called me beautiful... he called me freaking beautiful!!!

-"Are you okay...?" 

-" Yeah, just excited."

Of course I was excited, I was seeing my idol. 

-"Want to take a picture.?" Shawn asked.


We take pictures and even a Snapchat selfie both with the puppy face.

-"Hope to see you in the concert."

-"You will see me there." I said 

He laughed.

Why did I said that? 

Anyway as I walked out I felt a hand touching my arm it was Shawn.


As I turn back he was there and he hugged me! 

-"See you later... beautiful."


The other best part was.. they were VIP tickets. Isn't that awesome ?

As my mom and I were searching for our sits my best friend Sophia came in.

-"So how did it go?" She asked 

-"He hugged me and called me beautiful!!"

We grab our hands going in circles screaming yeiii.

And as I turn in the back he was there in the stage , that means he saw everything I did with Sophia.

Sophia and I looked at each other with worried faces and just went to sit. I was so ashamed because he saw everything ... EVERYTHING!!

Here we go.. I said as the lights went off and the concert started.


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