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 Hi my name is Emma Roberts and this is my story.

I'm 17 turning 18 in 3 weeks, at the ge of 13 the doctors diagnosed me with cancer. They said that I probably wouldn't live until I was 16 but I suppose I'm lucky. I live with my family my mom Emilia, my dad Henry , my older sister Spencer and my youngest brother Mike. My best friend is Sophia she was there for me when I was diagnosed with cancer and my boyfriend Sam. He is very caring he had all planned since our wedding to the name of our kids but that was before I was diagnosed with cancer. He was all sad because that was the time the doctors said I wouldn't live until I was 16. When I turn 17 Sam was a little more happy he accompanies us to see the doctor and tell my parents and I how much I have progress. I am responding good to the medication and I am good with that. I go to Eastwood High, my sister Spencer always check on me in school and when I am feeling not so well she calls my parents. I love her so much, she is always with me when I have bad days but thanks to God all of my days had been good.

I want to get married before I died because doctors now said that I may live until the age of 24 that is good. I want to have a wedding in the beach and my honeymoon there too. I want to have 2 kids a girl and a boy. The names are: If is a girl it will be Emily and if is a boy Toby. 

I really really hope this come true one day.

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 Yesterday was my first appointment in the Monroe Hospital in this month. My Dr. April says  I am responding very well to the medication but sadly it is no enough to live my whole life. Sam was devastated when he heard that because that only mean one thing... We are not going to get married. Then I heard him murmuring with mom and dad I just heard them saying yes but I didn't know what they were talking about. I am turning 18 in 3 weeks but that means I am getting out of time to live.. 

Well now I am in school and it pass already 1 week till the last doctor appointment  is Thursday and tomorrow we are about to begin vacations! I'm so excited , Sam today invite me to go to his house because he got me a special surprise.... I wonder what that is ? But who cares I just really want already to be 5:30 to be at Sam's house!! 

We are in math class the boring class of math! But the good thing is that I am sitting next to Sam... Mrs. Fields isn't in the classroom yet.. Sam murmured in muy ear: " I can't wait to see you tonight.."

And he gave me a kiss in my neck... "Bring that red dress you wear in your graduation... I love that dress..." 

He loves it because it shows my chest too much and because is too short .

"Why?" I replied.

"It's a surprise." Sam murmured again.

Finally Mrs. Fields arrive and the last class of the day begin.

Now it is 5:20 and I have my red dress on and black high heels and I am going to Sam's house.

I arrive and in the kitchen table were 2 candles and dinner prepared ... Sam approach and told me.

"Hi beatiful ,"and gave me a soft kiss in my lips .


"What is all this?" 

"Just a dinner for my beatiful girl "

We sat and start eating dinner. When we end having dinner he approach and told me that his parents and his sister were visiting his Grandma and they will get home on Monday. We talked for a few moments and then.... 

He start kissing me and I just follow him. He put me on the table and start to kiss me on my neck, "Let's go upstairs.." he whispered. We finally went upstairs and he take me off my dress , he throw me to the bed and start kissing my neck. "Wait.!" I said. "Don't worry I brought protection." I relax and enjoy the moment, he took of my underwear and then we start kissing and you know what happened next. When we finished we lay down on his bed and I ask. 

"Why did you do this?"

"Because your time is running out and I don't want you to leave without having your first time. He gave a kiss in my forehead and then we fall sleep.

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