Bonnie's hormonal mess


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A Hormonal Mess: Bonnie and X (who is later named to Jeremy Leonard

"Laxative jokes are made all the time at the Los Angeles World Airports, right?" I ask randomly. Nobody answers. I don't even get the usual crazy woman alert glance. I am so nervous. I glance back the way I had come. Nothing familiar stands out. I am free. I pick up my pace towards my terminal. The one that offers an escape, an adventure, a chance to make new choices. Ones that are mine and not anyone else's. I am getting out of here even if I have to hum Beethoven's Symphony No. 2, all four movements, while wearing a K-Pop Barbie costume.


Artist wannabe, me writting about different things as I travel through this life. Working on being a weaver of materials, words and information. And the LAX airport writing was the first and now I will write about the airport and the sign that got me traveling to Pennsylvania, to the small town on the outside of state college. Napal, Pennsylvania.


Loading onto the airplane was not a problem for me. I like to travel. Have been doing it since I have been young. I don't buy clothes, or books, well alright I lied. I do buy books. Thhis I cand not hide. Then I joined the fibromyalgia club. Fibromyalgia is a modern disease of basically being diagnoses after all things have been illeminated. Beccause of being born as an only child to a family of only child parents, over protective and controlling and when on my senior year in high school I came down with the symptoms of fibromyalgia. I never got over the Christmas Cold. They say it was a virus trigger. Lovely. Anyways it took two years off my life. Two years of docctors and diet changes and pyramid scemes to become human again. There is no other way to say it. Finally I was able to shed my parents at the beinging of the summer before teaching. Of course it helped that I allowed my mother to know that I was staying in appartments above The Glutin Free CAfe that was infront of an artist workshop. Of course mom had to freak when she read on the internite that Jermey Leonards was an ecentric artist, who was said to travel the world one year sleeping on the floor even when he was in fancy hotels. He created weavings that all the top designers had used in cloth for thier models at one time or another. There were a few pictures of him with models wearing his co-creations. A lawyer answered the phone at the cafe when her mother called and talked to mom about the living corters. After mom found out that a female lawyer and a few oters are ollege boys and girls working at local businesses of the tourist town. That was fine and dandy.


Why am I doing this? Why did I flee the nest?

Away from my friends of university status?

Away to Napal, Pennsylvania a low rung on the economic lattice.

Gardens of green

Irrigationed palaces

To streams of forgotten furnaces and lost mines.

Mountains of the blue ridge

To a town outside the state university.

A place were tourist from Penn State would

Flock out and meet. To run the paths

Of pionerer's feet.

Why am I doing this? Why did I flee the nest?

It was the sign across the road.


It happened the last Holloween before I graduated. I happened to take a job house sitting for the weekend. Study, watch Korean Dramas and make sure to feed the cats and water the plants. Comfe job. Was until the African American woman across the road from the apartment holds up a sign in her window that said "Find the Hessian Boots." Then one of cats knocked something of the book shelves and I scurried to pick it up. When I got back the lady and sign were gone. When Hattie Wilderman got back from her business trip I asked her about the crazy lady who held up the "Find the Hessian Boots" sign. With that she laughed. She walked with me to the window and pointed to the apartment across the street with the billboard promoting a white female politician. No window.

Hattie gave me a look that bowdded no good. After checking her plants for leaf mildew and playing with her small pride of cats she sat me down. Poured the both of us non caffinated tea. Which was very strange. Infact the way she had checked everything else out miticiously was unlike her.

Hattie praised my house sitting skills. Then she asked if I was taking any medications, or had ingested something I shouldn't have. Realization struck me like a soccer ball to the head and quickly I answered her the best way I could to prevent me from loosing this plush job.

"I did take some cough medicine and fell asleep watching a documentary last night."

"A Hessian boot documentary?" Luckily she didn't wait for an answer but laughed. "You and your facination with textiles. I am very shocked that you are working on a elementary education degree rather than in the fashion industry." Hattie launched into how her trip went and soon I excused myself to meet up with my friends Kris and Lily, not knowing that was the start of my quest.


Ten fifteen and record fifteen min segements.

Stewardess comes through


Take off- Goodbye LA

Kid starts crying

Kid stops crying



Kid starts crying

One hour and thirty min into flight man two seats up has heart attack

Five Doctors later with emergency landing

Kid stops crying

Flight delay.

New Flight schedule

Run up the wrong way esculators

Ended up playing peekaboo and hand puppet with paper bag.

Romy gave me the idea. Child three rows up and over to the side had to go potty.

What it happening to the man? Asked the boy.

He is sick but there are doctors with him. They are good at their job.

Why do we have to potty in the back of the plane?

And on the way back to his seat he was having an embarrrousing conversation with his mother.

Buhtonya is a name.

What I heard one day.

Mommie tell me again.

Mommie Please

Why don't you have a wee wee?

Why are you a girl?

And not a boy like me?

Mommie oh Mommie

Tell me Please.

I don't want to hush

And I don't want to sush.

I want to know

Where did your wee wee go?

Mommie tell me again.

Mommie please

If you don't tell

I will ask the person

In the next seat.

He was telling me about the birds.

He was telling me about the itty bitty lake.

Or I can ask the lady

Who serves orange juice and the terminte grapes.

Mommie Why don't you have a wee wee?

Oh the joys experienced on a plane.

What I heard one day.

Mommy tell me again.

Mommy, Please.

Why don't you have a wee wee?

Why are you a girl?

And not a boy like me?

Mommy oh Mommy

Tell me Please.

No hush

No shush.

I want to know

Where did your wee wee go?

Mommy tell me.

Tell me please

If no tell

I'll ask the person

In the next seat.

He told me about birds.

He told me about the itty bitty lake.


I can ask the lady

Who serves orange juice

and thetermitegrape drink.

This is what I heard one day.

at the beginning of a fifteen hour flight

while seated on a largepassengerplane.


.Tune of macnamera's band?Gather round good ladies and gents.

I beg a moment of your time

A warning before I have to go run and find

Thomas, Rueben, George, Harry, and Bartholomew

Claudia, Rose, Mary, Lizzie and Mimmie.

Yes it may appear that I ha.

.ve lost my mind.

Around this time many years ago.

I went to my cousin's Mrs. Fussywig's party.

A gay and wonderous folic it was.

Just as is on this Dicken's Day.

Mind you don't Party to Hearty.

I Blame it all because I took a sip of Fussywigs wine.

And because of that I have.

Thomas, Rueben, George, Harry, and Bartholomew

Claudia, Rose, Mary, Lizzie and Mimmie, to find.

Yes a sip of Fussywig's wine

And because of that I have.

Thomas, Rueben, George, Harry, and Bartholomew

Claudia, Rose, Mary, Lizzie and Mimmie, to find?

Why ask you? A sip of wine.

EYE, yes a sip of FUsswig's wine

A kiss behind the door

And because of that I have.

Thomas, Rueben, George, Harry, and Bartholomew

Claudia, Rose, Mary, Lizzie and Mimmie, to find.

Why ask you a kiss?

A kiss behind the door?

And danced a step or two on the floor.

All because of a sip of Fussywig's wine.

And because of that I have.

Thomas, Rueben, George, Harry, and Bartholomew

Claudia, Rose, Mary, Lizzie and Mimmie, to find

A step or two on the dance floor.

A kiss behind the door.

Has lead to a spring frolic with a farmer

All beccause of a sip of Fussywig's wine.

And because of that I have.

Thomas, Rueben, George, Harry, and Bartholomew

Claudia, Rose, Mary, Lizzie and Mimmie, to find.

A spring Frolic with a farmer has tied me down.

I rarely get to come to town.

Rarely get to step or two on the floor.

Although I do sneak a kiss or two behind the door

But that has given me a lot of work to do.

And I blame it all on a Sip of Fusywig's Wine.

And because of that I have.

Thomas, Rueben, George, Harry, and Bartholomew

Claudia, Rose, Mary, Lizzie and Mimmie, to find

All this work I have to do

Is the caution I want to warn of you.

A sip of fussywig's wine.

May cause you to loose your mind.

And then when that mind is lost,

A farmer's wife you will be.

With twelve little ones to balance on your knee.

And now I bid you adeu and I am taking these two, (point to Grace and Ellie)

With a warning for you.

Thomas, Rueben, George, Harry, and Bartholomew

Claudia, Rose, Mary, Lizzie and Mimmie,

I have to find. Because, Multiple times,

I took a longggggggggggggg sip of Fussywig's wine.

YOU better watch out for Fussywig's wine

Happy Christmas


Gather my good friends and foe.

I want to tell you what happened to me

Not so many years ago.

I went to my cousin's Mrs. Fessywigs party.

Just as you are on this great Dicken's Day.

A warning to you beffore I have to run and find

Thomas, Reuben, George, Harry, and Bartholomew

Claudia, Rose,Mary, Lizzie and Mimmie.

Yes it may appear that I have lost my mind.

And I blame it all on a sip of Fussywig's wine.

And because of that I have.

Thomas, Rueben, George, Harry, and Bartholomew

Claudia, Rose, Mary, Lizzie and Mimmie, to find.


Crowmedegian man

Ode to the Crow.

In the land of shifters

Where the mighty rule.

The Lion, the Wolf and the Bear

There lived the smaller shifters.

Of the Hegemony order they were very aware.

For murder was common

Especially for the shifting hare.

In human form they were all alike

But when the seasons changed

And their animal emerged

Some hid in the dark night.

Claudia was hare. A snow shoe of the Artic north.

She traveled to Pennsylvania

Sent there by a head hunter named Nostrodomous.

A shape shifting moose.

There Claudia found

In a little rural town

A crow who never shifted.

He would stare at the sky

Whatching others fly by

But his perch he would never leave.

Why is he thus?

Claudia asked.

Pretty soon she learned.

His whole flock had been killed

And he waited for his turn.

She felt pity and would talk at him

When she went about her job.

Her job was stacking books

On various shelves.

Finally one day he became unmute.

He answered with a caw

When she finally showed him her prized item.

A Hessian Boot.

She told him her crazy story.

Of the lady with a sign.

Telling her to look for the boot.

And then her life would be fine.

He started to listen.

His black eyes gaining a twinkle.

These things were what he needed.

And he lost the will to be feeble.

Soon around the shop he would swoop.

Causing disray.

Until one day Claudia kicked him out

Into a sun shining day.

He never came back as a crow.

He shifted into the man he was

So many years ago.

Thanks to the Hyperborean maiden

Who he is still with today.


Bonnie is seated at the table in X's cafe. It is a slow moving day. Clyde the kitten Jumps around and plays.

Hero enters,

looking dashingly smart,

A suit and tie

To the wall he walks to center a lopsided hanging art.

Are you a painter she asked?

No he said with a shake of his head.

I like to work with w's

And that was all he said.

W's? She thought and had to ask around.

Her hero was known around town.

He weaved rugs.

He wove art.

He hymed poems

His use of words was art.

She teased him yesterday when she came to work.

This story idea came from eating at West End Cafe where there is glutin free items to eat. It was good eating food with Romy. I am happy that she came to writing group with me. I was able to get some words done and eat healthy. If she can do it so can I. This should become my battle cry.

I am worried about bills and paying for my health care. I should not be sad that I can't get my kids lessons in music but be happy that I am cancer free. Or at least I think I am. Inside my uterus there is a lump. A bump. A terrible thing that makes me bleed harder that time of the month. It also presses on my kidneys or bladder and makes me pee faster. I wonder if this is causing my adrenal fatigue. If it presses against the kidneys which presses against the adrenal glands which is causing them to not react the way they should.

How the cat came to be Claudia.

Bonnie found Clyde a kitten with a white patch on the front. She brought him to work at the Glutin Free Cafe. She was hired because she was a novalty that worked and lived in CAllifonia. She came to Pa to find some boots.

History of Boots

The history of the boot. It is thought that the boot came from wrapping the calf. I can picture the two piece ensemble with leather tied with twine. A cord of leather twisted round a dozen of times. THroughtout the world women and men wore this to protect the limbs.

Protection of the limbs.

What about the heart?

Protects against the cold and frost.

What protection does the heart wear?

Usually of leather, boots are made.

Can Hearts can be hidden under neccklaces of Jade?

Furs, silk, cotton and wool.

Can love not make men act like fools?

Inuits use sealskin or caribou hide.

What protection can a heart have but to hide?

In a cave in Spain a picture is drawn.

How to control a heart of a person it is fond?

A guy and a girl wearing skin and fur.

How can a woman's heart be stirred?

Egypt has tomb with boots laying around.

Bonnie's concentration is lost when the little cat started to scratch. Hero had exited and now comes back in. What have you here? A helper and he feeds her a little meat scrap. For the kitten is a girl and Bonnie has to come with terms and no longer Clyde but Claudia, Bonnie has to have self control and be firm. She loves the idea of Bonnie and CLyde being together. Oh well. She sighs.

With her train of thought broken she goes back to her notebook. She studies the text on her phone.

Boots represent ruling power and military might. Hmmm. As is now the ornate and colorful, the difficult the materials to get are an expression of hegenomy.

She sees a word she does not know. Phaecasim? What is that? She has to know. HIgh, white leather boots but when she typed it in she was directed to J.C. Penny and Khols.


It has been a busy time. Based on the volocity of young minds entering into the glutin free cafe' at various interavols of the day. Bonnie couldn't beleive that in a small town a glutin free cafe would be profitable. And somehow it was. It also helped that there was an apartment complex above them, with a university town just fifteen minuets away. This town was pro bike and even had a bike trail to the university. She shuddered at the thought of no street lights and knew her mother would have a conipltion. She liked her job here. She couldn't belive how it happened. She had stepped out of the bus from the airport at the corner. It was a short walk down mainstreet. Left down foundry Lane second building. Tallest one in the row and there she had stood. She had walked into the cafe, behind the counter was a tall man, goatee, whie button up shirt, wide black suspenders and a fedora perched percariously on curly hair. Without frazzle he had poured a customer some tea and continued to roll out some dough. His hands were full of dough when a few a customers came in. She saw a flicker of panic cross his eyes. With a smile she set down her stuff, tossed her dark hair up into a messy bun, smothed her shirt and walked up to the counter.

"Hi my name is Bonnie, I am from California for the summer, do you need someone to wait tables?"

"Hi Bonnie, the name's Jeremy Leonard propieter, artist and landowner, go in back, wash up, grab a snazy apron he pointed to the one covering his shirt. Gestured with long fingers and dough covered hands. She picke dup her stuff and took it to the back. OPen a door off the small kithen she saw a work room with weaving equipment and fabric and reeds and baskets and leather. SHe put her bags dow. Washed her hands, splashed water on her face, grabbed an apron and dashed out. It was just like the cafe at shcooll where she had put in a few hours.

"Don't you need a reference, she asked J.L.

If you are Bonnie and are staying in apratment, he paused, oh I was going to say twelve C but that's not it. You have already had a back ground check. One of the customer laughed.

Getting into this apratment is like getting a job. I would know. I am BOb. I live with mmy cousin here. BUt the great thing about this is that when other employers ssaw that this was my address they say. Oh your Leonard's boy, sure start work tomorrow.

Laughter cirled te tables. Finally lunch break was over and J.L was done baking bread.

He had given her a bowl of cold potato soup and a slice of warm bread.

This is glutin free, right?

He smiled. Yes, everything in this place is glutin free. My kitchen is glutin free and if you even bring in a crumb of snack that is not glutin free, I will know and I will fire you.


He took a moment to servay his little kingdom. His hands coated in yarrow root flour to help him work his bread.


Scattered Seeds

Paleo Cookbook

The Gift of Love

No Greater Love

Lattices of Love

Spontanious Combustion

Woman with a Blue Pencil

Black Gold

Single Wolf Female

Dancing at Midnight

Wild at Heart

The Hessians and the Other German Auxiliaries

Close to the Heart

Nick of Time

Scent of the Soul

For the Love of Chocolate

The Spirit of Christmas

Shimmers of Stardust

Three Wishes

Love Handles

Kisses from Katie

Fantasy Lover

Pastor Angie


Is it easy to overdose on Norco and Klonipin?

It must be for it took a lad like him.

Twenty one with a humor that brightened the room.

He left us too soon.

They stated it was accidental.

They tell us to be nonjudgmental.

Norco and Klonipin turned out to be detrimental.

Norco isn't a Farm catalogue.

It is a acetaminophen mixed with the narcotic hydrocodone.

Pain being a catalyst.

They say the Native People are more addiction prone.

They say this boy was a member of the Potawatomi.

I beg that no one ever shows me.

Addiction happens to everyone not just those like the Shoshone.

Addictions happen all around the world even in Berlin.

This Potawatomi lad was also taking Klonipin.

Norco and Klonipin are said to be moderate reactors.

Moderate? This ain't true.

Otherwise the twenty one yearolds life wouldn't be through.

In twenty eleven an artical written stated that this was the deadlist persciption.

Now in this day, that article is proven true.

They stated it was accidental.

They tell us to be nonjudgemental.

What where they giving it to him for? Weight COntrol?

Klonipin. Seizures, panic attacks.

You would think the neurological offices would get some flack.

But death is something one can never take back.

Goodbye Potawatomi brave.

Oh wait I was wrong. He wasn't Native

He was an Illinois store who stacked frozen peas.

I am now judging the website that said Norco and Klonipin were moderate reactors...

Along with this situation of the early grave...

To be very.very. Crappie.



Scotland's wool industry: Border Weave ninteenfortyone textiles Industry and education documentary posted by valseventhreeTVfour.

X sat down beside her and the two of them sipped the tea in unison as they watched the people pass by the closed shop.

Bonnie wanted to hear his voice. She started with "I was lost in the basement of the library and was distracted by the textile books. Scotland's wool industry distracted me from my Hessian Boot search.

He laughed and casually leaned back putting his arm behind her on her chair.

With her heart punding in her head she almost didn;t hear him

Scotish weaving is facinating. Weaving can be traced back to the middle ages. I enjoy working my loom. Infact my shuttle is the the same as what my grandfather used.

Bonnie: any weaving is facinating to you.

X, well yes. Yes it is. And he took a sip of tea with a sime on his lips.

She was tempted to ask about a kilt but she held back.

X "And you, good yeoman

-go and show the mettle of your pasture."

Bonnie slowly leaned back in her chair and felt his warm arm. She was hoping he would keep it there but at the first touch of her shoulder he moved.

She covered her disapointment by taking a sip of tea. He waved at a headlighted bike. Which honked its little turtle horn at him first. The teen driver sent Bonnie a glare and a quick smile at x and then vanished into the summer night.

Tell me more about your loom.

My Grandfather Aiden had this look to make rugs. Then my aunt used it for thirty years. Now that I have settled and stopped traveling the globe she gave it to me. She says it is to help my father to prevent me from surcoming to the urge to roam. Just then his cell phone bleated like a sheep and he got up, picked up his suit jacket, fixed his tie.

Well I am off to the old man club meeting. My father would have just texted me. Leave the cups and I will do them in the morning." She watched him walk off and a sence of pity welled up in her. Why cage a man like that? Let him be free. Let him roam the globe studying the art of weaving. Or as he would say for the love of all things with W's. Then the truth of what she had just thought struck her. Here she was, a twenty two year old grad. Lost in the dream world of crushing on her boss/landlord/information giver. Leaning forward she stared down into the mug. Looking at the milk smoothed tea droplets at the bottom. Slowly the top trickled down to join the bottom forming a crescent.

Moon phasing.

Horman phasing.

Lead by tragic loves.

Standing up with their cups she returned to the kitchen to was up.

Slowly she hashed out what she wanted to say and before she laid her head down she wrote a little poem.

Moon phasing

Hormonal changing.

Hearts leading reason astray.

Woman, more child

Finding love as the moon waines.

A cresent shape in the bottom of a cup.

An extra mug of tea drained to the last drop

But a heart left empty.

I am twenty two.

He is thirty three.

He was made to roam.

And I don't really know me.

What do I want?

Hormonal sex?

Boyfriend who can feed me?

Marriage, a house and kids in the yard?

A boyfriend with a very fast car?

Or is the biggest yearning in my soul,

Is for him to be happy and free.

Which means.

Like the phrases of the moon


I have to let go

Of this silly

Paper rose holding,

Tea sipping

Textile weaving

Eleven years older

Chemistry infused,

One sided dream.

At the bottom of the page she wrote in strong fluid cursive. "Searching on for the Hessian Boots."

From that day forth she did not purposly try to talk to him, or touch his arm and remained at a respectible distance from him. She even stopped lingering after work. After a week of this, when she turned down him refilling her cup of tea at the group meal on Sunday evening, he asked the next day if everything was ok.

Yes everything is fine.

Has the boys in the next room, harrased you in anyway?

She was hopping into her sneakers to fly out the door for a meeting with the school distric librarion who would only be in today. She balanced against the wall to pause and look his way. Today he was wearing a silk tie of skyblue, against a white shirt with his grey suit. On his feet he wore his brown loafers. She wondered if he wore Dr. So and so's soals to give his back and feet cushion. Could leather shoes be as comfortable as sneakers?

Bonnie he said and she raised her eyes to his. Gentle eyes with worry in them.

Once again she felt like a kid being truent before a father. Quelshing the temper that rose in her, she smiled.

I have to go. I have a meeting and I don't want to be late. I will see you tomorrow when I pay my rent. Have a great day. With that she sped out the door. Hopped onto the loaned bike and sped the few blocks to the school. Once there she cought her breath and discovered she had left her bag on the floor in the hall. Under the mailboxes. Atleast she had her phone. And as she looked at it her battery died.


Alright, so my drink wasn't normal.

Coffee with honey and cinnomon

And coconut oil, but that is ok. I havn't even discussed the tamaric paste

Bonnie paused in her writing. She glanced at Jermey Leonard. He was bent over with a clipboard checking off what supplies he needed to buy. From this cafe inspection he will then walk up the stairs and knock on every door and make a list of what the apartment people would need for supplies and if there are things that need to be fixed in the apartment. He would take the rent money. He was old fashioned in this way but his eccentricity has already been established. Then he would finally end the day in his lair. HIs craft zone. Like most eccentric artists he had five projects going on at once. Bonnie smiled at him with fondness. He looked up and cought her eye. A blush filled her cheeks and she went back to her writting.

I have tried the Turmeric and Lime Juice pastes.

At first I thought it was something to taste.

But alas and forsooth it has come to be

Two tablespoons of turmeric and one tablespoon of line juice

Boiled to make a paste

Aplied for fifteen minuetes on my acking knee.

Rinse and Repeat.

Bonnie wrinkled her nose at what she had written. At least there were a few lines that were rhyming. Then she felt the warmth of a body behind her and discovered that Jermey Leonarld has snuck up behind her.

Are you reading over my shoulder?

You do know that turmeric can be indigested also.

Yeah but this website had it a paste.

My father use to put an onion compress on my chest once.

And that has to do whith what?

I like the smell of onions and garlic?

Well that is better than socks and flatuleance.

Bonnie kept staring at her notebook. The printed words suddenly blurred when she felt a strand of her hair being picked up by his large hand. He twirled the hair around his finger, causing it to release the lavender smell that had been trapped in the protein molecules.

Her hair was suddenly dropped and he walked away from her.

I just was creepy and smelled your hair. Like the lavander. With that he vanished out of the room with his clipboad leaving one cupboard door wide open. Bonnie got up and shut it. Then leaned against the counter. A slow smile came over her face. Was this the first time that she noticed that she affected him the same way he affected her?

And if it was creepy that he smelled her hair then it was creepy that she was checking out his finely muscled atributes a few mommentss before.

Smiling bemusedly she twirled her pen in her hand and glided over to sit in the handcrafted wooden chair at the little dark wooden table with the origonmi lion in yellow paper

He has been acting strange since he haas opened this new caffee. But then again it has been years since I havve seen him. It is as if he is establishing his territory. I have been watching too many documentaries on Lion prides. I am surprised that last month I watched more documentaries than K-dramas. Oh well. Back to rhyming Turmeric.

Turmeric Tea.

Soothing and immune-boosting.

Made just for me.

They call it Golden Milk.

But that doesn;t seem right.

Milk comes from mammals.

The recipe I have not read

It may use buttermilk instead

Of coconuts and all the other vegtables.

Turmeric comes from a Tuber.

Remedy for diestion,liver and immune-boosting.

Folk Remedies seem to be my new attraction.

With my fibromyalgia flares

I want to avoid my body fighting the flu.

So if I want to have an immune boost.

This tea I will drink before I go to sleep.

But the question to me is if it is made with real milk.

Now reading the five minutet recipee I descover that the milk is all up to me.

Since I don't consider almond, pecan or coconut to be mamamals I will call them a juice.

Bonnie paused here and went with her note pad to the kitchen. Searching through the cupbards and fridge she found the ingredients.

Two cups of goat milk

This is from Draco Island where most of our food is grown and then shipped in.

One teaspoon of Turmeric

I can't believe I was able to find this.

Maple Syrup and honey both.

Draco Island has a young forest of maples that just started producing. Something never heard of except in the North.

A pinch of black pepper

To increase absorption they say.

A bit of ginger root.

I wonder if Jeremey Leonard read Black Beauty by Anna Sewall. IS that the right author. I may need to look it up.

Oh and to finish it off a pinch of cayenne pepper. Apparently my taste buds need to be killed off.

Glutin Free can be such a pain but at least I have Jeremey Leonard and his Glutin Free Cafe.

Bonnie put her pen up behind her ear. Then she sighed a completed prroject sigh and closed her notebook. Her mind was going crazy in an abmomal way. Going to her room she logged onto a site that played natural sounds and showed natural movement. But that hypotizing mood site did nothing to calm her brain so up again she got and went to her room to play with the all grown up cat Claudia who now she thought acted strange. But that was the way it is. Bonnie thought for a while sroking the cat who barely tolerated it before flouncing off to find a window spot.

Maybe moving into the Glutin Free Cafe was not the best idea.

There was a knock on the door and one of the new neighbors was standing there holding his cat.

I have a show in Bangkok and UCLA and all over the place. I won't be able to take care of my cat. Can she come over and stay?

Bonnie smiled and petted the calico kitten.

What is her name?

Mittens, he replied. Bonnie could see that she lived up to her name with four black paws. She was a tortoiseshell color. Her coat was brindle with patches of red, brown and black. Nothing matched except for her mittens.

Mittens jumped out of the man's hands and sauntered into the room like she owned it and then in a flash Claudia the black cat with a white patch was there to tell her who was really boss.

Are they fighting or playing? The entertainer asked.

They are doing half and half. Claudia, my cat, has the upper hand, since comeing to Arashi Island she has gotten quite fat. DO you not know a lot about cats?

No, not really it's just this apartment requirements. We have to keep a neutered female cat, didn't you know that?

No I didn't.

Aren't you dating the landlord.

Ummm, maybe, I guess, we like each other a lot. We hang out and work together when I am no teaching. Right now he is definetly best friend material and I like him a lot but ....Bonnie paused as the words came back o her to hear...

The man next door looked at her in confusion.

Then into the door frame Jermey Leonard stuck his newsboy capped head with his blond and black hair waving a curl over his forhead.

"Oh good Mittens and Claudia are getting along. I am glad that you listened to what I said. I thought that they would. Oh and even if Bonnie is not sure. Yes we are dating and she apparently didn't read the lease agareement when she signed. Bonnie." With a shake of his head he was gone again. Bonnie was pink from her head to her feet.

Good I am glad to hear it. You two are a purrfect match.

She laughed at his cat joke and he left himself out and she turned to watch the kittens. What was this cat rule Jermey Leonard had made?


The Cat Rule.


Bonnie entered the school concentration camp.

Fine it wasn't that bad. Even thought it was summer. She had to stand in front of the intercom system. Be seen. State her business. She found out through the intercom that they did not know that she was meeting the librarian. But they knew that she was scheduled to be there. She had to stand there for 5 min and then she was let in trought the metal detectors by the anitor who had to pass a wand over her belt buckle. She removed her belt, watch and hair clip. A teacher was walking through with a box of items heading for the office. He stopped and took another look. Bonnie sent him an embarroused smile through the hair that had tumbled down, once she was beep free she put on her belt. Pocketed her watch and tried to tame the mass of hair that she had spent so much time on.

Entering the office the young male teacher greated her and then he helped the secreitary find out where she was to go. She asked if they had any extra pens or penciles and a few note pages to spare. The male teacher gave her one from the lost and found and was able to find a pen and a pencil which he sharpened for her. He even walked her down to the library where it just happenes the janitor was cleaning. The distric librarian was supposed to be there today and even the janitor needed to talk to her.

After settling at the round table closest to the circulation desk, she dug into her pocket nad pulled out her watch to check the time.

Fabergaust she saw that she was now twenty min late from the time they had agreed on. She lifted panic eyes to the janitor.

"Excuse me. Was Mrs. Shultz already here and I missed her?"

"Nah, I was suppose to meet with her an hour ago., she'll get here when she get's here."

Bonnie settled down to wait with a book. The solid orange color caught her eye. She was suprised that a modern library would have a book written in 1942, but when she opened it she fell in love. The Mode in Costume by Wilcox lead her deep into the world that facinated her. Colthes, costumes, fabrics. Ooooooo

"Ooooo" she squealed. "Powdered hair-lingerie cap-lace edging-artificial flowers. Exclamation mark."

And with her newly pokimon stickered aquired notebook went to work sketching, making notes. She didn't know how much time passsed before the young teacher who she had quite forgotten his name touched her shoulder.

"Oh dear, I lost track of time."

"Book lover?"

"To the uptmost. I have learned so many facinating things"

"Glad to hear it. But the school will be closing soon."

"Oh dear, I missed Mrs. Shultz."

Just then the library door opened and the Janitor stuck his head in.

"Mrs. Shultz had a nother apointment that ran over and that is why she never came. She sent you a message on your phone. Or at least I got one."And with that he was gone.

The male teacher waited pacitently while she finished her notes, put the book back with a fond goodbye caress, and turned and smiled up at him."I really apreciate your help. I wouldn't mind be locked in until my phone battery dies, oh wait I don't havve a phone. Then I guess I am doubly greatful to you."

His answering smile made her heart a little less heavy. Any girl would apreciated being seen with apreciation.

"I forget your name."

"That's ok. Mark. Mark Turner."

"I am Bonnie. I am staying here for the summer researching Heissan boots. I have a job I need to leave for in a few weeks."

His disapointment showed.

"I better be off. I don't like riding my bike at night."

"Good thing this is summer and it doesn't get dark til late. It's a bummer in the winter months when you go to work in the dark and then come home in the dark also."

"Pennsylvania is weird. Give me CAllifornia any day."

"Beach girl?"

She didn't like the way his eyes changed and she didn't want to think what he was thinking she was or wasn't wearing.

"Actaully Mark I am more of a people watcher, malls, coffee shops, libraries. Rather than spending the day on the beach getting collecting cancer rays."

He didn't say anything else and walked with her to the office where she signed out. With surprise she found herself walking out of the school with him. At the bike rack he paused aweckwardly and asked if she would like to hang out this evening. Not wanting to be rude she said that she had another engagment. When he pressed for her number to call, she blushed in embarousment. This real world of men was nothing she knew how to handle. He was persistant but she ust smiled and said that she would see him again when she came to the school. With that she pedaled away. With a glance back she saw him sprinting for his car. She didn't want the young man finding out where she was staying. She didn't want X to see him persuing her. She took the turn at the end of the road and stopped peadaling and ust wizzed. Why did she always think of him? Why did she compare this Mark Turner with X who was not normal by any standard. Who would be interested in a man who wore suits all the time? She slowed and turned into the Prespertery Church parkinglot. She set the bike between some church bushes and then found herself going along with the older people entering the church for thier bible study. After being hugged, fed and questioned and educated in spiritual matters she found herself standing by her bike waving goodbye to the sweet souls that she happened apon.

Retriving her bike she headed back to her residance. She parked her bike at the bike stand, entered the mailbox area. Her bag was missing but there was a note in her mailbox saying that it was with x in his work room. Glancing at her watch she saw that she was late for working in the cafe, flying up to her apartment to see to her cat and doing a quick wash up she flew back down the stairs. She was greeted by x with a frown but he didn't say anything else. For she hopped right into work and when there were no guests instead of asking him historical questions she dusted, swept and mopped the floors. She greeted all the customers with her smile and enoyed getting them to laugh and chuckle. But when the clock struck the closing hour the smile wanned a little.

Bonnie had just turned the last chair over to sweep under it when she felt the broom being taken away from her.

He held took it away and pushed down on her shoulders to sit. She sat down and without saying a word watched him finish the last bit. She got up and held the dustpan for him but returned to the seat when he pointed to it.

Knowing that she should get going but suddenly dreading the lonleyness of her summer apartment room she stood and walked back to the kitchen to see him spooning leftovers onto two plates. She took of her apron and hung it up. AS she turned her hair caught on the hook. He looked up as she was rolling her eyes at her self. There she stood with her hands over her head undoing the snag. His eyes would have betrayed him if she had only looked at him but she had momentaryly closed them to concentrate. He stood holding two plates, waiting and watching the young girl infront of him who just shown off her femine charms unrealizing. He wondered if he should let her know that what she did ust then was equvialant to her seeing a shirtless scene in a k-drama. He grinned amuzedly. She got untangled and caught the amuzed grin. She couldn't help but grin also and suddenly, she was no longer tired. He lead the way, not into the cafe as normal but back to his work area. She was startled but shrugged it off. He went and got two glasses of water and silverware. He also turned out all the lights in the front of the building. When he returned she had make a wider space at his work table for them to eat. A think layer of dust drifted.

"I was going to tidy but the dust bunnies revolted."

X- these things happen.

He sat down but started to get up again.

"What are you doing? Sit down and eat." Then her eyes went wide at her own tone of voice.

X- I was going to put on some music. You don't see to be in the mood to talk tonight.

Bonnie, put down her silverware.

"I will do it, where is the music?"

He verbally instructed her while he cut up her meal into bite sizes. While she was picking music out, he turned to his own plate. She was surprised when she saw what he had done. She struggled with feeling cared for, cherished or was it invasion of her space. Glanceing around she realized that she had invaded his space also. She sat and then enjoyed a silent meal with x. She heard the sounds of the other renters entering the apartment hall. Mailboxes opening. Laughter, tired sighs. She heard the cafe door being opened with a key. She heard Viva softly calling x's name. A pause and then Viva shutting the door and locking it. Bonnie looked at the man who was staring with a far off look at the weavsing on his loom. She got up while a Sinatra song started to play and cleared the table. She cleaned up and then just stood there. Flicking off the light above the sink she stood in the darkness listening to the haunting voice of Bille Holliday. She should go now. If she walked away she doubted he would miss her. She supposed she could go out the cafe door but she would have to ask him to lock it behind her. Wasn't there a door in the work room? She went back into the softly lighted room to find him turning to her with a pen a paper.

X "would you mind keeping me company for a little bit tonight. I have some things to keep you busy between creative stretches of silence."

Bonnie couldn't help smile at his excentric behavior. But she took the paper and pen and sat down at the work table. There she started to work on a poem that the jazz music inspired her to do. The loom added to the ambience and she became lost to the page.

Aint Miss Behaving

Saving My Love for you.

You of the loom and willow branch.

You who wear suits and ties that match.

You who I silently adore.

A girl's crush that could turn to more.

But I have to go, far, far away.

To a school were children do play.

A young girl like me

A man world weary like you.

Never can be

It is like oil on the sea.

Rolling her eyes at her crazyness she turned to another sheet and then chose to sketch the man at the loom. He had taken off his suit jjacket. His tie was loosened and tucked into his shirt which sleeves had been rolled up. She watched the motion of his hands and forarms and the muscles that were formed. Evil man was prime looking. Somehow a fedora had ended up on his head and was now tilted at a rakish angle. After this was finished she looked around for something else to do. Glancing at the time she saw that it was nine past midnight. Gathering the papers she used she walked to the door and ended up opening it to another little room. It had a little sink, a collection of hats and ties and comfy chair with a book of poetry open upside down on the arm. She reached for the door directly oposite of her and found herslef into a messy bedroom. Piled with books and clothes, nothing was in order except for the bed with a brown and orange quilt casually made. This room was smaller than her own apartment room. She hurridly back out into the little hat room. Then back out into his work room. He paused, a thread had broke, the music cd came to an end. And looked up at her.

She didn't know how young and beautiful she looked with her hair in disaray, her eyes tired with lack of rest, and the bright blush on her cheaks. Realizing that he had ust caught her exiting his private domaine, he wondered if he should be worried when she stammered.

"I was trying to sneak out into the hall to get to the stairs to go to bed." She blushed at the word bed and he couldn't help his own thoughts turning in a very naughty way. Slowly he got up, took of his fedora, placed it on a textile roll beside him, without taking his eyes from hers he walked to her. Slowly he took a finger and lifted her chin.

"You seem to be inviting some night time fun. And if that is the case I am starting to realize my own interest."

"Night time fun, oh dear." She took a step back and held the papers she carried to her chest. Two days ago she would have gleafully requested that he help end her virgin career.

"Damn Prespatirine bible study."She swore with her heart beating up to her ears.

"What?" He laughed and took a step back. Dropping her chin.

"Goodness, it is late, you are a fasinating man and I must have momentarily went into a hormonal crush zone." I should head back to bed. Claudia will probably be going crazy right now.


My hair was tied to the side of my head into a knot. With my phone I recorded tying the knott to the side of my head on the left. But it doesn't look fierce. Running down the stairs I burst in on X in his work shop.

Bonnie had asked X if she could dress him up for her video. He sat and let her comb his waves but his hair was too short. Viva had appeared and had found a wig after a ten minuet search. She had come home for a document she had forgotten and lunch.

She had rolled her eyes and left muttering at the two hildren at play.

From this recording there came such a response that He had received a few weaving offers. He told her that he was in talks with a college on a military base who wanted to have him come a teach a semester.

You have a doctrate?

Almost. I have a few more classes to take and figure out a thesis.

What do you want to talk about?

X-Many things. Maybe how Germanic sacrifices to a Godess in a bog has contributed to us learning more about the textile nature.

Germanic Tribes - Barbarians against Rome... - YouTube

Bonnie patted the knot, lifted his rough bearded chin.

On you it looks a little bit fiercer. I would have not chosen black but your dark burnette color. I wonder if.... Then she dashed away. Returning she found him striped down to a white undershirt and pants. He was trying to fold a woven piece of fabric with a fishweave design. It was brown and red. She helped him clip his make shift tunic. His skin was pale from all his indoorness

What is tis do hickey?

I call it a shoulder clip. We will need to cover it with cloth and pin it down beccause it is a Irish design.

Where do you have all this stuff hidden.

You don't want to know.

Fine. Now I am going to put this makeup on you and we will see if we can turn you into a fierce Germanic Warrior. And so she did. He took time to talk a little about the type of weave he was wearing. He remarked that another time he was going to have to demonstrate on how to make this simple design.

Later she sent him the whole recording of what she had done. Then she sat down to edit it to a three minuet shot but with his knowledge she couldn't cut it down anymore than 5 min. She also had to admit she watched the clip of him tkaing off his shirt a little too closely. After staring at it for a day she erased the whole old recording leaving just the edited version. Which she sent to him also telling him that she erased the old recording beccause she didn't think that he would need to be seen with his shirt being taken off.


She had to laugh. One a month he tried to have another country night and he learned and served new dishes and the week before she was to leave he was having thai night.

From the speakers blared pop music from dramas. He had asked her to assemble them and she had found a great mix, enough to last the night.

Gluteen Free Cafe invited a few Thai writers to come and have their books on display. Gratefully, other artist came out in support and night became very busy for Bonnie. Claudia was down and mingling with the crowd.

As Viva wound her way around. Chatting and greating, Bonnie realized that x was the only true white in the room other than herself. It was a stupid thought but true. In and on the street in front of their little cafe, dozens of different ethnic groups mixed and danced but then the aparetment men came home and soon after some older teens who livened up the party.

So Viva are you done having fun with the young men? Asked x when Viva flittered by. She paused and he shook his head "Lie, to me."

Yes, yes I am done teasing the youngsters." With a wink she went off again, the smoking hot lawyer who plays the bass claranet? In the local Jazz band.

Bonnie served some Thai tea to the apartment boys and teen girls. The one with pink and blue hair turned to her with sparkling eyes, and Bonnie spent the next few minutes introducing them to asian pop music for she couldn't help but chat about K-dramas too. Viva tapped her when she swung by , dancing with a gentleman equally black,as tall as a mountain with with a gentle smile. Bonnie folowed her head motion to see X smiling hilding a tray of tea. He held it up dramatically and Bonnie blushed.

Oh dear I forgot that I am working.

One of the shyer girls jumped up and hurried over to x and took the tray from him. As she passed the surprised Bonnie she whispered.

"I am a doer. If you can keep Milinda talking and out of trouble I will serve tea all night. And soon Bonnie had all five girls helping out, dancing and laughing. Way past cafe hours into the wonderfully cool summer night Gltuen Free Cafe buzzed with activity. Finally to end the night x made an annoucement.

I would thank everyone who came today. It was a smashing success. I will bid everyone goodnight with the last dance to my favorite. Leonard Cohen. "

Then the Jazzy soft sounds and a man's husky voice filled the night. The teens drifted off with a wave to Bonnie but before she knew it a fedore wearing x with a suit acket and pants, button up shirt and a thai themed tie had swooped her into a slow dance. Viva and the gentleman she had been with drifted away like the rest of the crew. Soft goodnights were uttered in quiet tones and when the husky voice and haunting melody ended Bonnie found herself alone with x. Silence was every where. Even the small town street was quiet. No crickets. No traffic. Then a soft breeze broke the silence and the chimes answerd wiht a soft tinkling.

She had given herself to the momment and looked up at him. The wall she hadn't realized he had placed vanished from him and he bent his head and softly kissed her. The sound of a motor and tires on the street broke them apart. He held her hand and walked into the cafe. The teens had heaped all the dirty dishes on the counter. All the chairs had been pushed in. He dropped her hand and took a tray. Once again it was past midnight when they were done. She started to head back to the cafe but the man clad in an apron stopped her with a hand on her arm.

Then she found herself swept against a damp apron front and throughly kissed. No california college boys kissed like this and he senced her inexperience and soten his ardure.


Saying goodbbye and leaving to start school was hard. She cried on her mother's shoulder and told her that she was right. That eccentric artist are very dangerous. They don't even know when a person falls inlove with them. My mother hugged and kissed and strocked my hair. My father had come home laughing with a friend and we had spent a wonderful evening together. Then the next morning I waved them goodbye and went to set up my class room. The principal had come down two hours after I had started putting cat and the Hat art on the board and informed me that my parents were in the hospital, victums of a multiple car pile up on the high way. Somehow I made it through that year. I sold the house, even though I now have to pay my parents mmorgage. Luckily it wasn't much after the house was sold. Money I had saved was nill. Life was a blurr. Went through the motions and even now. Pain fills my chest cavity when I think of them.

My friends were the ones who got me out of California. Since I was watching k dramas with all my free time they showed me pictures of Araashi Island's theatres with the various idol stars. And being the emotional hormanal human I got on a plane, found a job and moved. A new start.


Lion Brotherhood.


Moving baricades are the bovines.

Lion brothers learning to hunt.

Green lands with permit water

Buffaloes are large and black

With a curl of horn.

Lion brothers learned to watch and wait.

Lions are ten times less in weight.

Than the buffaloe that wonders into the area

A walking dinner date.

A father lion is has a scent marking job.

While the females bring down the beef.

What am I doing. Thought Bonnie. After I end up on media and watching youtube where I end up watching lions killing antelopes, zebras and buffaloes. I wonder when I will watch the lion eat a baboon.

Impalas are swift and a grraceful lot.

Living in Africa

Where it is dry and hot.

Except in rain season

When there is a monsoon.

Lions are calm

Lion are studious

Lions can find a weakness

Lionesses and cubs working together can kill

How about women and children.

Can wifes expect this from thier offspring.

A brothers bond is diferent.

Now it seems that bonds for humans are different.

Humans fight ans scream. Unwanted things have they needed.

Rotten meat for lions is no such thing.

Scavaging can be done.

If was me'I would never last

Rotten meat is ust like wheat to me.

I am so glad I found Glutin Free Cafe

Why do I think that once again that man

Is distracting me.

Three year old male lions play like cubs

With developing blond manes.

They like to play

In the African rain.

Brother males with tawny and chocolate manes

Hungry lions will take a chance to meet

A female who likes to hunt buffaloe meat.

Oops. She feels that she is impala.

Nothing was coming to her. And she stopped writing and resoted to picking up her phone and hoping her friends were on to chat.


Now there were three young men living next door. One called himself Jung Kook and said he was from the group BTS. He liked to wear black and white. The young Asain was cute, Bonnie didn't denie it. Today he wore a white hat and two tea shirts. The black outer shirt was statigically wripped to show the white tea shirt undre neath. He was wearing black jeans without holes but tighter than Bonnie would ever where. She had no clue how he could even walk up the stairs. X caught her watching the boy and his friends go up the stairs. He wore a slight frown from his place in the door to the cafe. Her face wore a look of puzzlement. Glaning down at the shoes ung Kook and the two other boys had placed she found them matching the outfits the group wore. Strategically tattered black and white sneakers with sparkling shoe laces.

She wandered over to x.

"Is that the style nowdays?"

"No, but it looks good on them." He placed a glass of water on the stool and she sat and looked at him while he rolled out glutin free dough. Dress shirt and pants. He was wearing a vest underneath his apron. She tried to imagine him earing a single hoop earing like Jung Kook. Or combing his waving hair flat over his forhead and covering his eyes. But she couldn't see him doing that. Yeah. Everyone should wear what looks good on them whether it is in style or not she thought.

X- What have you learned so far in your quest for Hessian boots?


Shirt sleeves. Eccentric I it touched the main stream



Sometimes tie. Sometimes not.

Noveber is best to see the fest of atlers decorating the wall.

When I hear the atlers crashing together I grab my rifle and go

Out to hunt.I' try to shoot a big buck.I aim for the heart so it will drop when I

Swece the triger.When rifle seson is over I grab the crossbow and go

Pratice in till I am ready to hunt.

When a big buck times come arowed I met, aim and shoot.

Edgar Ramirez Short Wavy Formal Hairstyle - Dark Brunette |

X was being fussy with his hair. His chin and cheeks were scruffy like norman but instead of his normal fedora his hair was short and tidy. His dark brunette hair was smooted at the sides with a hint of silver. The top was styled up for shape and height. A health shine must have come from product because she knew that there was no way those waves would hold.

Ten wasted minuetes for this fancy place where I can not wear a hat.

Viva laughed and linked her arm with him.

You are such a baby.

You know I am only doing this for you

Viva- Yes and the fact that there are going to be other intellectuals discussing the benefits of Jazz and how important it is to swing and our culture.


Hessian (boot) - Wikipedia

My name is Bonnie

I have a undescible quest.

I am in search of an original Hessian Boot.

Low of heel.

High on calf.

A slight point on toe.

What is that decoration do I see?

A boot that reaches to the knee,

With a tassel.

'Hessian' Boot | Museum Of Leathercraft

Pretty high boots with a yellow ribbon on top.

In the v at the front

Hangs a lovely yellow tassel

Why am I searching for this find?

I don't know

I think I have lost my mind.

I rather think of searcing for an celtic ring.

But no I am a crazy lady following a sign.

ONe that says search for the Hessian boot.


Traced back to a battle. Varion disaster.

Europe was divided. The romantic and the germantic.

Does that mean now is the Clintantic and the Trumptanic times?

Searching for the Hessian Boots

Flying to the Tudador Forest would be great. The hero walks from behind the counter and places her supper before her.

"The Tudar Forest is a unique place. I went there once or twice." He placed his food from the the the hand crafted tray and sat down. Unlike their normal meals for the customers of Glutin Free Cafe, they were eating out of hand crafted wooden bowls. A remberance of Jack SHelley from Perkasie, he would say.

X-A Roman slaughtering ground was in Tudar Forest. In 9 A.d. someone was beheaded.

Bonnie- Really? Gross.

X- it was so cool to watch it on my computer screen. Germanic tribes wiped out a lot of roman.

Fragments of bones of people and horses. Scattered about. It was interesting to learn about the heads stuck to trees and bodies being hung upside down.

Bonnie puts down her spoon. And props her hand on her chin with an eye roll and watches her boss continue to eat spoonful after spoonful of his rudabega cheddar soup. "Is there more to this story? Such as don't get a German mad?"

X- "Oh yes" And X continues with his fascinating tale of the Varion disaster. At least it was for the lanky kitten who hopped up on the windowcill to swat at the dangling spider plant babies. She seemed to enjoy batting the vegitation as if the puntuate the gruesomeness of the situation.

X- six years after the battle Romans came to barry thier defeat. Two thousand years later they discovered what brought Augustus to his knees. He took the disaster as a deep moarning. Augustus brought peace and did very much to extend the empire. Can you imagine trying to concur Iron Age Germanny? Rome took over other empires with taxes and obdience. But Germanic tribes were not like this. Contracts were used. I had to laugh when I heard the BBC comentary compare it to U.S.'s Policy makers. Some tribes were given money for attacking other tribes and some were not. Isn't that funny?" After glancing up at her, before he started on the frittita made with potatoe crust," Why aren't you eating?" He snagged one of her blue chips and held it up to her lips.

Bonnie- Normaly I don't like to eat when people talk about corpses being beheaded. It's just a quirk I have."

Then she leaned forward and took the chip from his hand with her lips. She glanced up at him but his eyes only held amusement. She felt a pang of disapointment. All her k-dramas told her that by feeding someone the person is interested in another person and that the look that passed between them would be a heated passionate look. Or at least one of interested. As he went back to discribing differences in Germanic tribes she wundered if she had a severed head or possibly a missing retna with a twig shoved in her eye would he be interested. She picked up her spoon and gave the rutabega cheddar soup another try.

Varus was a Roman Lowyer who married a great neice. He was not a general. He was going to try to make the germanic area into a provinace. Something to get taxes, man power. Those types of things. Once he headed into the german interior during the 9 a.d. Romans tried to only fight during the summer. What I like about the Romans is that they look for roads, civilization type things."

Bonnie- Did he treat the Germanic tribes as equals?

X- Oh no. He must have thought them to be slaves or whatever.

Bonnie- Whatever?

Just then from the back room Viva entered carring her own bowl of soup.

Mind if I join you?

Bonnie - If you don't mind guts and gore of Germanic troops unihilating Romans.

Viva- Oh splended X is talking history again.

Bonnie glanced at her and when the glistening black woman touched X's arm in greeting a stab of ealously filled her.

X- Viva, dear I was ust tlaking about Varus the lawyer.

Viva- and being a lawyer I should enjoy talking about other lawyers? Go on you walking encyclopedia.

Bonnie- Your a Lawyer? He introduced you as the Clarinet player of the local Jazz Band.

Viva whispered back to her- And as you can see what importance he places on the arts.

X- Girls are you wanting me to get into the history of Jazz and how important it is to have Viva in the local Jazz group because JJazz is a black music and must be kept with some of its origin.

Viva- does that mean to say that all jjazz, ragtime, and swing bands ahould have a member in the group that is black of color?

Bonnie- scared where this conversation was going to lean them. This Rutabegga Cheddar soup is great

Viva- Should it be made a policy that we have to do things based on the color of our skins?

Before X could retort. Bonnie shoved a bluechip in his open mouth and then gentle placed one on Viva's plate.

PLease This conversation is uncomfortable for me. Can we go back to watching Claudia swat the spider plant every time x says the words, skull, blood, headless, guts, spewing, bonnes."

Viva- Verbal fights are my bread and butter and I would love teach this bogot a thing or two.

Bonnie- This time it was a handful of chips in the man's mouth. "Please" she wasn't ashamed to beg. Her evening had been going so well. She was starting to hate Viva and she didn't want to be a hater.

Viva had some redeaming quantities and at that moment she flashed her pearly grin and looked at the kitten sprawed on the windowcill nearly blended into the darkened outside of the cafe. A passerby caused the motion sensor to flash on and the ambulance of the outside metal works took on a more ghastly apearance rather than the classic articstic art form that emerbed when the sun was in the sky.

Viva- Fine. We will do it the cowards way, enjoy the soup while listening to varus's demise.

X grabbed the rest of blue chips off of Bonnie's plate. - Viva we will let the child eat in peace. I think your going to love hearing about the Varion Disaster in the Tudar Forest. Aren't your parents veternarions?

Viva- LOL one is a large animal and the other is a small animal. Mama loves horses and daddy loves dogs. Mama hates snakes and Dad can't stand cows. They compare castration techniques at the dinner table all the time.

Bonnie couldn't help the thought that a few months ago she sat with her two friends debating if Love Girl by CNBLUE was better than Growl by EXO.

While X caught her up on the Roman interest in the Germanic tribes Bonnie went and retreved the container with the rest of the soup. Bringing it back she placed it on the woven hot pad she was pretty sure X had done and removed the paper rose that had been placed in the center of the table. Paper roses had been placed at all the tables. She couldn't expect that he had done it to set a romantic mood. It was even made of green and white paper, not red. She spooned more into the others dishes and then her own before seating. He frowned and pushed the soap container farther over, away from Viva and Bonnie. "I can't see you with this in the way. If I am sitting with people I want to see them."

Now that we are all caught up to Varus setting out in spring to look for more people to tax and how to build roads to collect these taxes. Greedy and cruel this governer had no military insite and this was his weakness. German's were biting thier tongues and hiding weapons. Varus felt safe because of his troops around him. ONe thing about Roman is that if you are a slave you can become roman. Twenty years of defeat German felt. One warrior who was a roman soldier but not quite a citizen was upset with Varus. He used the term ignoramous.

Viva- I think you perfer the term also.

X- yes it seems to have more class than the word moron. Anyways on the way back from summer campaigns with 6 legions.

Bonnie- what is a legion?" Once again she felt as if she was the little girl in search for answers. She wanted to cry out, I am an adult. I have voted in every election that I have been able to. I graduated college. I student taught in a public school and have a job waiting for me in the spring of this coming year at that same school. I am an intelligent entity of sociaty.

Viva- Google it. X continue please, and may I say this soup is great?

The German land that this group was traveling. Forest and Bog made communication difficult. The rebel potted and planned. Arminious was his name. He tricked the roman army and followers into the Tudar Forest.

Viva- ignoramous.

The Germanic tribes cut down everything that breathed. It seems that by marching in a row the attackers waited and watched the leaders pass by and cut down the followers from behind.

Outside the cafe the weather changed and the sound of rain started to pound on the cement pavement on the ground. The lights flickered as the thunder and the lightening created a new background.

"One tenth of Roman's military strength was destroyed. 6 years laster Romans came and buried everything. Arminus became a figure of freedom and nationalism. "

Bonnie finished her meal. She had not the apetite any more." Rhine was the territory marker wasn't it."

Viva- Bodies of water have been the physical boundries. Said with a slight impacience.

A British tank comander had found the modern day site. Found some coins. When it was found out that these were like one that had been found a hundred years ago around the same site. Then there was a coin marked by Varus himself.

Walking around farm land that use to be forest the historians started to pay more attention when the British Commander found three roman sling shot bullets.

Bonnie slipt the green rose from the table into her lap. A momentum of a lost night. The cafe shook when the storm once again announced it's presence. Claudia streaked from her spot, down to the floor across the room and away. A second rumble brought her back and into Bonnie's lap. A third rumble did nothing but cause her to stretch. X laughed, stood up and reached across the table to rub the silly kitten's belly. His hand glanced against the paper rose that Bonnie had hidden there. He withdrew to grab the empty bowls and carry them to the kitchen. Bonnie rose to follow but Viva had darted off after him. Her beautiful long legs and curves humbling Bonnie. She finished placed the kitten to the floor and gathered her now battery dead phone, poerty notebook and bag. The kitten frisked around her legs as she headed twords the apartment stairs. Up the stairs she walked with the paper rose clutched in her hand. Outside the wind blew the back yard tree limb against the window at the end of the hall. Turning to her room she keyed in her code and entered her tiny apartment. Pretty much the same as a college dorm. Sitting in her little living room she glanced around. The photo of her and her three friends. A paper framed picture of a Hessian Soldier with his boots cicrcled with a red marker. A signed poster of CNBLUE's fourth album, and books and ournals lay scattered around. Picking up the blanket she had bought when she first got to town she sat down on the second hand couch and pulled it around her. The kitten had done her territory search and finding nothing that bothered her she jumped onto the back up the sofa and refused to let Bonnie touch her. Bonnie raised the paper flower in her hand and slowly moved it around. Sloftly she talked to the cat who now had flipped onto her back.

He is so skilled with his hands. He cooks Glutin Free food, he is a small landlord who feeds his tenants while trying to become a weaver. He makes baskets, rugs and when he is not doing this he writing poetry books. Atleast I have that in common with him. Although he never let's me see what he writes. And his voice. It is powerful enough to allow me to get through a torture of roman gore while eating. "

And with that there was a knock on her door.


The kitten stood up and stretched her body on the back of the sofa given Bonnie a view of her hind end with a tail that curled with the stretch.

Bonnie rolled her eyes and grabbed a thinner wrap as she felt cold. Peeking revealed x and Viva waiting at her door. Claudia jumped down and ran up to her. She bent down and picked the kitten up, holding her in her arms the kitten snuggled her head against Bonnie's chin. This was how she looked when she opened the door. Young and innocent, hair a little wild with sadness tinging her eye shadow of a purple and brown eyelid. Dusky eye lids. Long natural lashes with traces of maskara mostly worn off.

"Yes?" and even though she had been trying for a matural almost husky tone, it came out more squueky than she wished.

Viva chuckled as if to show Bonnie what a woman's real voice sounded like. Then Bonnie knew she was just being catty to herself. Viva was the nicest woman. A lawyer who fought in court for the every day people. Who lived in an apartment with people of lower income, and eating with them and treating everyone as equals. That person would be nice. Bonnie was just over reacting.

She blinnked twice at the flashlight that appeared as if by magic in her view.

X laughed at her blank expression.

Just in case the electricity goes off. Would you like to gather with the rest of us up in Viva's appartment?

Rest of us? She repeated. She finally noticed that others were coming out of their rooms. Some caring mugs, others were in sweatshirts and slippers with thier choice of electronics. One was holding a little dog who apon catching sight of claudia started to growl. Cluadia flattened her ears. Hissed and showed her teeth but nevver once opened her claws.

Bonnie ened up back in her room, holding an silver metal flash light from the 70's and a tail whipping cat. She remembered mubbling a no tank you.

Putting the twitching tailed kitten down she laid down on the floor with her feet on the sofa. Wrapped in a blanket she stared up at the ceiling imagining the a fire place with X seated in a wooden chair with a dress shirt and vest. His jacket and hat that looked like uncle bob's, I think it is called a newboys, on a wooden chest behind him. Viva was dressed in a sultry black lace dress. She was holding wine glass expecting him to pour for her.

Bonnie glanced down at her own dress but found that she was wearing just jeans and a puma polo. Viva looked at Bonnie over the edge of her glass. Beautifully manicured nailed tipped fingers reached out and touched X's wavy hair.

Viva's voice reached out. Pour me another X. But mind the dress.

Looking over at Bonnie, after X slid the back into the ice beside him, she settled onto his lap, stretching her jazz playing hands on his broad shoulders. Looking at Bonnie she said. "Wear red. Heart disease and stroke is the No. One killer of women with black women two times more at risk than whites."

With that she took the wine up to her lips took a sip and bent to whisper into x's ear, even pausing to nibble a bit.

Then Bonnie awoke to the kitten nuzzling at her ear. She found all the lights off and so she got up, turned on the flash light and took the kitten and went to bed.


I am seated here. My last full day before having to travel. Here I am seated. Blue chips with a unique glutin free dip. A small up of long carrot sticks and cut up fresh fruit that I can randomly snag with my toothpick. This Journey has been unique.

I might even call it romantically sweet. I have come to repeat to myself that even if you wear a suit you can have two left feet. Or not. I bet x dances wonderfully. Groan. I groan. Because this trip is not about the matters of the heart. I have discovered that I have relatives out here in Pa. I have gone to see them just the other day. The girl of the farmer is not around. It seems that she is out working on an island called midway. I bet I passed her in the air. We both swapped places for the summer.

I learned that some of her family was of German descent. That came during the revolutionary war. There are only letters that were written and a story of a britsh man getting thrown into the fire while his wife watched and later the two became husband and wife. Or soemthing of that sort. I have researched back to the roman times.

X has told me that a few things I didn't know and I looked them up and this is how it goes.

I should draw a time line and include it in my notes.

Germanic Wars - Wikipedia

Germanic Wars took place between onehundred and thirteen B.C. and 596 A.D.

This was Rome gainst some tribes

Who had each a seperate Germanic pride.

Non were the same and so each were delt with

By Rome with four types of control.

Military, Gift, Trade and Plunder.

No I am not talking Vikings. It was really so.

As I have been listening to the various documentaries I feel that the Romans undereestimated the Germanic tribes too much.

Sure in comparision with the Roman culture I too would have called them barbarinas Uncooth and wild.

Side note: also learned that by aligning myself with predjudice against my heritage because of ww I and II I have missed out on the special aatriputes the Germanic tribes and people have brought to my country and how it has lead up to me. How I SHOULD respect myself and by doing so I will be respected in kind. And how I have fought with myself with knowing that I am wild and head strong most of the time but am attraccted to systems and clean cut directions.

Germanic Tribes. I did find out that Germanic Preistess were revered and these woman were listened too. Things lost in time. That should be restored. BUt not the hair style. I sent the video clip to my friends around the beginning of the month.

German women were in charge of house, home and feilds. Ooh the best thing I learned that Germanic people wore ordinate woven cloth. Natural wools mixed and some are dyed. Textile research is so interesting. Snail pigments are something I would like to try. Coarse and rough clothes.


LIKE JESUS taking the 5 loaves and fishes ? I need to take fifty words and two paragraphs and turn them into five thousand words. Can this be done.? Can I learn to find my inner writer and follow the words of my creative heart?

Based on the fabrication of metal works in the webs of simple malgnomious vocabularly. The vulumptioous vampire paraded with sophisticated ruminification befoouse at one time she had been a cow.

Oh Gosh. Just kill me now.

Sappy fool that I am.

THis title should be called Moving on. For the chapter title. I like to write things in goups of three.

Listening to the sound of of his voice from a random lion clips she had pressed on the internet. As soon as she heard his voice she stopped.

It was a combination of prose and poetry. She had never heard his reading voice and was so glad that she hadn't. She knew that the tempataion to yeild to lust in her and now that she was here in Arashi island she knew she was safe. She felt lucky. Others around her were not as lucky. Here on Arashi, the island of pop music and movie stars, were the norm. Beautiful people are tempting. Bonnie had found herself as a young Christian in a small group, called virgins in Christ. They made a pacct to remain sexually free until married. Coming into the group is a past strip club worker, a trucker, a divorcee, and some true virgins. Bonnie had calmly stated when she introduced herself to th group tat she was a california collegge student and that was all she was going to say on the subect. She figured that she had an advantage and so she told the group so.

She reveiled that she had meet an older guy during the year before her first teaching jjob. He was ecentric but she had to laugh about that being what drew her to him. Finally she admitted that she doubted that she would want to get married because there were no other mn out there like him and then she talked about not wanting to marry him now for he was not a born again christian. And her friends took her in their arms and they all hugged.

She listened again to the lions in africa documentary and thought that the jazz music she was listening to so very appropriate for the subject. Blood edge of grey and gold dott the savanna in a life and death struggle. Do you belong to the hungary belly. Nomades become a pride and then prides become killing machines and the circle of life continues.

She hears his voice and realizes that she hears his voice in an animation movie that came out during her senior year in high school. She rolls her eyes. She remarked to one of the sex free group that she must have been open to him and love because she had heard his voice and trusted it beccause of the film.

Weird hild. She was called didn't he play the bad guy?


So wouldn't that mean you wouldn't trust him?


She was patted on the shoulder and her confidont left

The Most Extreme Predators - Animals National Geographic Wild - YouTube

Here on Arashi I find that I am teaching English and working on costumes. It has been a fascinating journey. I have started working with a woman with a Rose Tatoo. She is here working with a band. I have also picked up a part time job writing poems on wild life. The next island craves animal stories. One of the bnd members likes to joke that it is because they are animals at heart.

Right now I am working on Grizzlies and wolves.

Bears like to take what they want.

Bears like to eat frozen free bees.

He buried the snack.

The wolves had taken down.

The grroup of 9 did not like the bear around.

Ravens will poke at either bear or wolf.

Bison is the pray of both.

Calves can not swim as well as moms.

If they make it across the stream

Cold snow is on the other side.

And the calf exhausted and wet

Tries to find his mother.

Bears can hear his call.

Wolves can too.

And depending on how little

Down the stream he's swept.

He can soon make it to his mother's side.

A grizzle follows behind the buffalo herd.

Yellowstone with the olcanico mount.

Is home with wildlife running about.

And the grizzle wants a calf in his mouth.

Thirty miles an hour

the bear ran down a bison calf.

While the mother milled around.

Meanwhile, during this time

The wolves are trying to chase an elk down.

The elk doesn't want her baby to be found.

Luckily she messes with two black wolves.

A whole pack would drag her down.

Motherhood is a test of character.

No matter the species.

Elk, bear, wolf or bison.

Character, not where you come from.

No matter your walk of life

Sand hills, bahama beaches, midway island

Tas ma hal, anywhere. Motherhood is a test of character.

Then after I write my silly poem I send it off to a red headed artist who lives with her small son.

She has a korean child. He's the cutest little boy. She doesn't talk about the father but has joined our little sex free group. She is hhaving troubles now because of a certain emotionally wounded man. She claimmes that he is a swan prince. We laugh and she tries. Someone pointed out that swans mate for life. I hope this letter finds you well. I discovered another piece of weaving by X. It is off Germanic tribe inspired. I learned that at that time you could see the celtic designs inspired when Celtic people went into German's dark forests and bogs. A friend of mine wonders if their are dinosour fossiles. She would like to go and look around. WANT TO tell her that cuiousity will bring her more than she bargains for.

Sunrise here is different. It has a certain charm. I was on the Draco island and was watching the wild primative life. Once you get up the cliff there is various terrains but I can find a wonderful moutain side. I have watched a bear climb a tree. Break of the top point ust to get the nits. These trees are young in comparision to some of Oregon's. Snow is not uncommon. The bears and wolves have claim to each others territories. I am supprised that I do not see more fights but infact I have seen a 600 lb grizzley tagging along with a wolf pack. I am shocked at the mastery of the pack when they take down an elk. Once the wolves have taken the kill I have seen this bear then take the elk carrcouse away from the fourteen strong bear. He then will leave them something to eat and wonder off to scavage other foods to eat. Pine seeds was his dessert. I got to watch this from an observation tower with a friend. She said that I needed to get away from Arashi's glitter and take a break with the wild things.

This friend is funny. She tells me how One Christmas after a big show she had escapped here and watched a grizzely who should have been hibronating laying on a carcouse. He was pulling long grass up on his body in a casual happy nature. He also had covered the caracous with the grass. A very happy go lucky bear. She had named him Lucky.Sir Lucky.

I shiver. Someparts of this island towards the north and pointing to Siberia get some very bitter snow. Some of the animals thrive there, but she said that she has never seen the bear there. Only in this one spacific place.

He doesn't seam to like to dig for roots or grass underneath thick snow. For a bear his happy go lucky, smallish and thin. Almost a pemant yearling.

Another friedn laughed and called him a dog bear. And then told the story o the hog bear and dog bear.

Once there was a lovely maiden of the wood. She had climbed to the top of her small island off the coast of a vast land with many strange creatures. She was silent and hid in the tall grass but one day she was spotted by two bears. One was long in leg and trotted through the trails on the other side of the water as a dog would have done. The other sat on his hunches and looked thoughtful while he ate grubs from a rotten log. She watched in fear when both staked thier eyes upon her. Then they noticed each other. A confrontation inshued and she ran away to hide in her forrest. HIding in her forest glade she whiled and shook at the felocity these bears displayed. She in her head she called them hog bear for he was shorter and wider and was a digger of grubs. Dog bear was a runner who would chase down his prey. She knew that both would kill a fawn where it lay. One would ambouch and the other would run down and both would slay. The forest maiden who's name was fawn did not want to have anything to do with either. She voweled to never go nea them. And she tried to keep the promise, but then the day came.....

Into town one day they came. Two men. One was a miner with an egineering degree. Another was a logger with a physical therapy degree. INto two they came causing such a rukus. They were cousins and liked to fight for law and ustice.

Fawn was working at the store. A part time ob she held. She was able to swtich off with some cousins who weren't as seasonal as she. She was graceful and pleasant and men's eyes doth loved to feast. Unlike some of the town she was conservative and modest. The two men vistiting her told her their names and from there the game began. They both wanted her as a mate.

Wildlife: The Rare and Exotic Animals of Russia - Documentary TV (Official) - YouTube

One strange creature on this island is the musk deer. The crazy person who inhabited the man made island released a lot of zoo animals. One is the kangaroo faced deer who timidly walks through snow to eat likens.

P.s. I have stopped trying to write pages of book reviews. Goodreads is enought for me.

The musk deer has teeth like a vampire. Males grow fangs as display. Perfume makers use the musk. Making the population low.

This is a conversation that happens. Cud chewers thy call the musk doe that name. She rolls her eyes the shifter female ignores the bears until she had enough and then she called one Hog and the other Dog. Her friend a Raven started to pick on them. Adult Ravvens lack natual enemies other than themselves. The shifter town was know for being peaceful. But these bears were trouble.

The two bears settled down and noticed how many carribou were in town. The bears settled down as sherrif and deputy of the town. Duing the season of change one brother was a bear and they switched. They would hunt down carribou to keep the herd size down.

She came upon Hog sharing a peice of fresh killed carabou with the bear outside the toungue of a certain carribou that had the season before shot up the town and had been drunk driving around town.

She got mad and yelled that they souldn't eat other shifting beast. The dog bear grunted in disgusting and got up and trotted away. Suprising everyone. He just had given up on making Fawn his mate. He didn't have the patience he grunted. Hog didn't move much and ust let her spew but soon the tyroid is done. He removes the meat and throws it out for the other beasts to eat.

And so Fawn and HOg beccome mates and live life in the little winter town. And that is the silly story of the hog bear and dog bear.

So I was trying to research fabric of the celtics and ended up seeing that there is a club in London that is called Fabric. Who knows if it is still around. But it discribes the naughty side of Arashi. There is a club like it here on the island. It is a sound feast. People dancing, lights flashing. Claudia the kitten would have hated the club. I miss the cat. I hope X is taking care of her. On Arashi there is no old buildings like Rome or Israel. The prefab walls are imported from Japan. At one time they tried to get them from Ancorage Alaska, Honaullulu Hawii, or Oregan United States but it wasn't working. Unis

Unisex toilets are every where here in the clubs. I am scared at what we have lurking in the shadows. There is a bed dance room. The sound systems are run through the floors like one would heating systems.

Fabric - the making of a modern superclub - YouTube

RiP fabric nightclub - YouTube

The air that runs through the club, is filtered in and out. They make special precoshions to keep sterilzation when the club is closed. They give the crowds what they want. Different dance floors allow different age groups and evvents have helped. Infact the bands that play there also the DJ's have gone to LA, Seul,New York, Paris, simply all around the world. Bonnie went once and that was enough. She didn't like the preveltent drugs that had been snuck in. And the alcohol that flurished turned her stomache. She had gone to see Rose's friend Band perform. The music was good but it was too much. Too many people packed the floor. In different rooms there were different music.

I have decided to buy a guinea pig. I can not get myself to get another cat. I like to watch her eat. I call her Cindy. She is black, white and brown. One eye has brown around it the oter is white. She sitts chewing her food as I am typing to you. I see that her water is down and so I am going to go and fill that up. Enough Fabric research, I have papers to grade and a class to teach today. Bye my friend talk to you soon.

P.s. My hair has grown out now. I am using a special Korean Idol hair product. It smellsmusky. In fact it is called Musky Lemon. Normally guys use it and it drives the women crazy. I have read that it comes from Siberia but I think it actually comes from the zoo animals on the island next to Arashi. Draco Island is the weirdest place on earth.

I was watching another lion video and discovered a lionness trying to take down a hippo that nigt I dreamt of hippoes in tutos riding around on huge yellow and black mained lions. The most beautiful of all was a pure black lion who walked out with his mate of snowy white followed by his pride. On thier backs very small hippes in pink and blue lavender dresses cavorted about. The smallest clung to the midnight black's mane and waved a steeler's banner. I think this is what I get for trying to use sports to teach English. I wish we had something like k-dramas.

Thanks for responding to my email. Yes. Hallmark shows are wonderful also. Glad you were able to help me with it. I died laughing at the responses of the folks in my classes. They keep asking if the america film's are under budget. Actors are flabby and not tough like them. I just shake my head. Tonight I will listen to Jazz and Cohen. That should make me not have weird dreams.

Yeah so then this happens instead.

Coolest Luggage You Can Ride - YouTube

One of my students was writting an english paper on his luggage. It has a scale, security alarms and can send reports to your cell phone. He wanted a scooter one but thought he could get a motor bag. But learned they did not come with a parachute. It was the funniest thing ever. He has a hard time speaking English but his reading and writing skills are above and beyond the rest of the class. I have to admit he has moved my heart a teeny bit and when he smiles I can see why he is called an Idol. I am planning on going out to Draco Island this weekend. I have many cobwebs to bow away.

Today my friend was making a web film. She had a hide. Carribu. She said her friend Fawn's Husband's friend had one lying around and so I spent the day watching her take the hide and smoke it. Flipping the hide over she traced a shirt pattern and then took a flint stone to cut it. A long legged deputy walked over to our little camp to see what we were doing. He offered his knife. She would have nothing to do with that. I helped tack the skin so she could stitch with raw hide. It was a simple vest she made. I was cold and miserable. The deputy let me sit in his truck to warm up. He helped her put the shirt on. I watched as he stole a kiss. I think that she is not long to be in our no sex before marriage group. He grabbed that carribou vest hind quarted chest flaps and yanked her too him. That man bent her hanlf way over. I think that I am going to go to Midway to meet my distant relative and warm up. This cold country is making my heart hurt too much.

With that being said I end up seeing my cousin on Mid Way island and that wasn;t the only person I saw there. I am not to the point where I need to get medication but I was reading way too much dark poetry. Poetry written by American rights activist. Poems about slavery and what had happened to them. Life that I can never comprehend. When my thirst was cclentched for retched lives I turned to Poe. A personal favoite of mine. I had written many an article of this desolue perfectionist man. I was wearing a shirt the class had bought me as a farwell gift.

It is a gray tea shirrt with a raven on it with an ink well and pen with the words nevermore making up the branches of a tree the raven was sitting on. As I gladly take the sound blocking devices for her for my ears I wonder if all these birds that live on Midway island ever thought about flying north to Arashi and then up to Draco. The M.A.D. islands are favorite places for tourists. The birds and battle ground of midway is studied for the world war II battle. Usually Midway is included into two types of packagages. Midway War package that includes traveling to Pearl Harbor that package is a U.S.A. run tourist attraction.

Then there is the M.A.D. Island tour. Japan has partial claim to Arashi island. A man made island that was given to people of Japan who lost their homes in the terrible tsunamies that killed thousands. Japan treats Arashi as it does Okinowa and the U.S.A. has moved a military base onto that island. Japan, China, and South Korea also have bases on the island. These are for the idols that come here for training. They study and put in their two years of manitory service. Unlike most bases out side of each one is a water proof durable instrument. One base has a piano. One student I had inclass said they do this to torture the musicians. As in everything some people like the training others do not.

I wear my Nevermore shirt, my hair long now, almost to my elbow. I have died it black and didnt realize that it matches the raven. My dark blue cut off Jeans are out of place here in the land of Kawki researchers. I meet a Japanese Doctor who seems inteerested in my distant cousin. Now that is a weird match. As I am walking the sandy shore a great commotion comes over the birds. A large group of them take off and I pear through the flying feathers and feacl matter to see dress shorts and a dress shirt short sleeves with a straw fedora shapped hat walking to me.


Is it really him?

X comes over to me and says hello. I am not sure I am recognized. He sounds hesitant.

I say his name and offer my hand and then he says Bonnie? I say yes and then we are off. Both talking at once. How have you been? What have you been up to? Why have you never emailed. We both found out that neither of us have been emailing each other. Somewhere in the internet sea our emails were going to the wrong people who never responded.

Crazy exclamation point.

My cousin spewed her weird drink all over the doctor's electronic tablet. He seemed amused as she took her shirt front and dabbed at hte keys. From his perspective he must have gotten a nice view. For I could see a blush covereing his cheeks. My naive cousin who doesn't think brashly grabs me and hustles me out of hte tent and into her sleeping quarters. That is so crazy she says.

You two were emailing and both of your meesed up the emails by adding an extra e. Crazy.

I can't help but agree. We are bound by this crazy dream of Hessian boots. I tell her that I have visions of wearing a vibrant yellow dress with black Hesiian boots with tassles that smatch. She asked if it was realy sunshine yellow. No I tell her it is more of a Golden rod clored feathered dress. Edgy type with one shoulder bare. Oh she said I was wearing a yellow rose dress, more menonite type in pastels and under it I too wore Hessian Boots but my boot decoration was the knob style. I wonder what that means both of us thought.

Did you have earings I asked?

Yeah, she said. Small diamonds that matcched my necklace. What about you?

Since the edging on my dream dress was leather with celtic symbols in gold I realized that from my ears dangled gold hoops. I have never wore hoops in my life.

My distant cousin howled. She rolled on the ground of her tent. She pointed at me you are an 80's girl. Yeah well you are crazy and procedded to tickle her.

Later I was getting back on the tour boat with my group and I saw x walking to me. He collected all my information. And we laughing double checked it. He sent me an email and we laughed as I got imediatly on my phone. He was headed back to honalylu. I waved goodbye to him.

Later I got an email. With questions that asked me. Why did you quit teaching. To this I responded, that I had entered into the teaching proffesion because I knew it was a reliable job. I was sure that I would be able to teach elementary children and was so excited that I would havve children excited to learn. After a year of being cursed at by fourth graders in an school district where there should have been better behavior I knew that I wasn't going to hack it in that world. Those kids didnt want to learn. They saw no reason for it. There was no goals. They were just told they had to do it and there was no better outcome for it. This is a shoking thing right? Anyways I met up with some fabric tetile friends and ended up on Arashi. I help sew costumes for bands and idols and trainies and teach English at the schools in the area. I have Just inquired at a Butler university if they would need a full time adunct. But have not heard back.

What is the name of the school he sent back.

I sent him a link to the school's home page.

The next day I heard back from him. It wasn't on the internet but by phone. He called to see if I would pick him up at Arashi Island's terminal. He was flying out of L.A.X. in three days. I checked and saw that my calender could be re arranged. I was on pins and needles until that day. I didn't know that I was glowing till my students made remarks. They were very curious on if it was a boyfriend and who was coming to visist. I told them that technically they would win thier bet if he would date me beccause he was an idol in his own right. At this they scoffed.

I showed them apicture from his weaving website. Him in his suite and fedora with a apron on infront of the Glutin Free Cafe with me in my apron. I could see Claudia the cat in the window. I wondered how big she was.

They shook thier head. They had a bet going that I would fall in love with an Idol. It seems every teacher that comes here does. I shake my head. I tell them that he was a voice character for an animation film around the time they were ten an that he has done voice narations for documentaries, one being the lion and africa poetry documentary but a few historical documentaries. They laugh at me when I say that his voice could be scientifically perfect like Alan Rickman and Jermey Irons. They laugh at me again. And once again I shake my head and move on. The day of his arrovong is soon to be here.


I AM surprised to be greated with a hug and loud mewwing from the cat carrior he had. I bring you a gift he said. Bonnie and Clyde need to be renited. I took him and my precious cat home. We say in my small room, and watched the cat play. I got him too eat my small glutin free meal and then I couldn't help but wonder at him. I would have been dead tired. Then I noticed a yawn he hid.

I put the cat who was trying to eat my guinea Pig Cindy away in her cage. I left the two near each other. Then I took him to the hotel where he was going to stay.

Will you see me tomorrow?

I can't I replied. I have other obligations.

This was a little white lie. I could have made time for him. But I had to protect my heart the best I could.

Then I will call you after my meeting in two days and ask you to go with me to Draco for one of the tours.

Two days came. Two days went.

I am waiting.

I am scared.

I am fearful

I am truthful.

I will strive.

I will sing.

I will dance.

I will be.

I have love.

I have strength.

I have wonderment.

I have a lust for a Germanic tribes man incarante.

Groan I lay my head on the table where I am writing. I am trying to be rational. He has to go back and be with his father. Here on the island the popluation is of a younger kind. We actually have more veternarians than doctors. Elderly are rarely seen here.

My red headed artist friend called me up and I went to her house to see some paintings she did. I took x with me. An adorable black kitten on a celtic woven rug with the background of seasalt glitter and sponge touched shadows greated me. I showed the picture to x. He laughed. That's Claudia as a kitten all right.

I looked at a few other paints she did.

I was all worried about what to pay her. She laughed, only for the ones you want to use in your book the others will be bought by one of my sponsers. They usually take the fantasy cat paintings but this time I have a request for kitten pictures for a nursery. Not a big deal.

Her son entered the room dancing about. A crazy idea hit me and touched x's arm. Could you read the boy a story? He sat down and took a children's book from one of the shelves in the art room and the child pulled a chair forward. I pretended to rethink the black and grey picture of a kitten with a top hat. It really wouldn't work but I could pretend. This allowed me to listen to his voice. My red headed friend rubbed her head till it fuzzed and then started to work on a different canvas. She looked up at him every now and then with the boy. From her sketch marks I could see a very interesting picture form. The man took on charteristics of a bear. Those long lender fingers turned to black paws on the woman's canvas. His short sleeve dress shirt became a leather tunic. His dress pants as if from leather and fur. A dark brown upon the skin of black. How could she make his face with fur? I thought she had ruined it. He was a beautiful man and I didn't think she did him ustice. Then she started on her son, but instead of a little black bear she made a large panther like cat/kitten. Intent on listening. The kitten boy was watching the bears face.

When that story was done she asked him to read another to her son but this time she asked the boy to lay down on the woven rug she brought out.

I saw her sketch the chair into a rocker, then a reliner, then bacck to a wooden lashed came bottom type. She drew a boy cat laying on the rug. Tail twithing.

After a few different poses. She had enough. Well the boy had had enough and away he ran.

The man who I could listen to hi voice for hours walked over and looked over her shoulder.

I heard him say "No wonder they call you the red headed Norman Rockwell."

I have to do some changes and see if your mate will try to write some words.

I walked over.

I didn't know you are australian.

She looked at me puzzled.

Mate. You know the crocodile movies back in the 80's with the actor who used the word mate all the time.

X gave her a wink and turned me around and pushed me out the door. I swear I heard her laughing.

I am hungry he said and we have to get over to Draco island soon.

I stretched. Lately I have been feeling weird, soon I will be 5 and I don't know what I am going to do with myself. I have been scratching like crazy. I think that my fibromyalgia has returned and along with it is allergies. How else do you explain weird pains, aches and sneezes. My nose is the worse. Maybe it is the dye I used on my hair. Which I should be having to dye it. It has been a month since he came here. Troubled by my thougts I looked into my phone camera. He took it from me and we took a selfy toether. I noticed that I was wearing my Nevermore teashirt. He was wearing his usual dress clothes.

I thought we looked like an odd couple. It ust have shown for the older woman around fortyfive laughed at me/ Your fine dear. That shirt with those boots and black skirt is perfect. It lightens the seriousness he brings. YOur fine.

I looked at my feet. I was wearing boots. I didn't remeber putting a skirt on this morning I thougt I had put eans and this tea shirt and sandals. I really need to go see a doctor about this fibro stuff. I heard of brain fog but this was crazy.

She laughed at my astonished look adn then launched into a story on how she got here. Her husband was arifle man and got a magazine and it ofered the M.A.D. island tours on one page and there were three article pieces on the other, i was so expecting that he was looking at this page and had left it open because he wanted me to read it and buy tickets for our anniversary but nooooo he didn't want to come ont he M.A.D. island tours he wanted me to buy him the gun safe that was being discussed in one of the articles. Grizzle bear proof gun safe.

As if. She gave x a wink.

He winked back.

I rolled my eyes. What more can I say ever sincce he got here people around him have been acting this way.

How long have you been dating? The woman changed the subject and I blushed a crimson red.

Right now we are jjust friends he said.

Yes, I thought and uncontiously sighed. The woman;s husband returned. A grumpy man who seemed slightly younger than his wife.


A siberian white crane. Breeding pairs have a hard time finding each other. Therefore we are working on a chance to choose your species. At the age oftwentyfive on this island you can trade out your species if you haven;t gpne into it.

Musk deer like Fawn are suppose to find mates who want to at age twentyfive change into musk deer. HOwever Fawn mated with Hog bear.

Cashmire musk deer only have fangs in males.

That is a really sad story. So the musk deer female shifter chose love over her species.

Yeah that happens. But once in a while you can get lucky and find someone you can love who can become your species.

Yeah but siblings will have to mate to create more of the species and that is gross.

An Atlas Bear is interesting dont you think?

She looked at him with questioning eyes? An atlas bear? Yes he said. They were thought to be hunted to extinction by the roman empire who captured them and used them for sport or venatio.

Ven- a- tio?

Execution of bad guys by beasts.

She shuddered then paused to catch her breath on the hike.

One of my students wrote something about that.

They did?

Yeah it was so weird. After I had shown them a picture of you and I infront of the Glutin Free Cafe they have started to write weird english papers. One was writing about beasts hunting at night. There are a few night clubs that seem to have been in the news for animal attacks. The different military troops are in charge of different sections of the capital city. Alhough I have discovered there is a whole section that is govered by the city itself and this is part of the article the idol had quoted that is mostly involved in these venatios that the local authorities seem to allow it. The one guy is a gifted writer of english and can read it but his speach is not on par yet. He was the one who suggested the group by me this gift as a going away present. The class ended and some of them went into the manditory military training and others went back to full time idol work.

If you could be any animal what would you be?

Hmmm. She walked with him some more heading for the tallest spot on the trail was alot of work.

I would like to be able to play with Claudia and Cindy. But if I could be a shifter like in books. I know I don't want to be a wolf. And no vampires. Not even one of those Musk deer you tell me.

I suppose I would be a raven, or a black kitten, or possibly a blue sperm whale. What about you.? I bet you would be something Germanic or Celtic.

I hmm. A black bear would be fun. So would a grizzly. Polar bear would be possible. Not sure about a cat. I like different foods too much. Cats have such fussy diets. True carnivors they are.

They had reached the top. It is funny. I picture you as an african lion. Feirce and black.

Do you have dreams he asked?

Oh crazy white and black lion dreams. Totally wild. Hippos wear tutus while waving flags crazy things.

You picture me as a lion? He laughed and impulsedly hugged her.

What? What did I say.

On top of that mountain on the island of Draco he gave me a chance to become an extinct animal. But instead of that I was left alone. He let me be the Raven that I was meant to be. And He became a tawny lion with black and gold mane. Just once. That was it. Atleast that was what my dream told me. I woke back at the hotel we were staying at. I donn't know how I ended up in his room. The clothes I was wearing seemed to be different somehow and my body ached all over.

What happened? Did you slip me a drug or something. I am so sore.

He was holding me close to his chest and I could see how worried he was.

I reached up and touched his goetee, It's ok did I faint.

His releif was palatable. Are you fine? Do you have any questions for me?

Yeah? What's to eat. I feel like my body was run through a mill or a k-pop audition training week. And so hunagry.

He ordered glutain free items from the menu along with steeak. Huge steak. I watched him eat his large servings of meat while I enjoyed way too much food. And the dessert. Chocolate cake with nuts and fruit. Devine.

Later he walked me to my room where I feel instantly asleep.

The next morning we went back to Arashi. My friends who were a little different and winked alot ot x stopped doing that and life went back to normal.

We went back to my red headed friend and as I was helping the boy with a snack in the kitchen I heard her say to x if he regreted it.

His answer was weird but he is exentric and I love that about him. I heard him say that he had spent enough time on earth. He was ready to meet his maker and taht because of my new found faith he knew that it was my time too. Don't you think you are too old for her? Asked my friend.

Never. She is agorgous wonderful woman and no matter what I want to be with her till the end. Even if I have to hide in the shadows and protect her life a waif.

I blushed and started to chop the watermellon into biite size peices as loud as I could. His deep chuckle sent tingles up and down me. I felt. What did I feel. I felt claimed. I felt that evens though no words had passed we were boyfriend girl friend or even mates. The word bounced around my head. With a shake I made a mental note to stop reading shifter books and maybe read a few poe poetry to get me down off this high.

I went to English class the next day and one of few male students I the group groaned.

The girls started to laugh. One student wrote a poem for her assignment.

My teacher is glowing,

So in love.

My teacher is silent,

To the class boy raven love.

My teacher is marked

With aprkling eyes

Though no brand has touched her hide.

A tear is shed from unlucky male.

A sigh of regret though the teacher

Is in the pale.

My teacher is glowing.

So in love.

My teacher is silent

About her raven chosen love.

I wonder when, if at all he will tell

Her lion of a man,

This God given love changing spell.

Little does she know

Little will she care

And as it is I can only envy.

Her sparkling eyes

And her unmarked hide.

Maybe I should comfort the raven lost.

Maybe I should try to help the class boy.

So a rhyme,

A poem have I written.

And just as I am to hand it in. Echoes through the town

A lion's roar doth sound

And so I know that the raven love

Has to die as humans do when their life is though. And as I look apon the boy

In the class

All forlorn.

All I can think is of my teachers's shirt

The raven that cries. Nevermore.

Of course I graded her not as well as she would have liked. Look your lines seemed forced. Your rhymes not tight. The subject is weirdly about me. And once again I would suggest that you stop reading those shifter romances before comeing to class. Read them afterwords. Shakespeare before class and shifter works after.

I suppose I am getting used to eye rolling. Why does everyone seem to know more than I do even though I am a teacher. I complained this to x when he came to pick me up. He had something to show me today he said. Great I was wondering what wonderful interesting things and he drove me to the edge of Butler Town. We call it such because it has one of the best Bitler schools in the world. Japanse section of the island. Near the school he drove to a building that was being built onto.

He helped me out of his recently purchased car. I have bought this apartment and am turning it into Glutin Free CAfe.

What about your father? Does that mean you are going to stay?

He smiled and took my hand. In the back of the cafe was his weaving room but the rooms he lead me into were by far so big that even he coudln't fill them up by himself. Suddenly my heart started to beat faster and my hand that he grasped felt slick with sweat. He took me to the far part of the building. And into a sunny green plant filled kitchen. Windows made up an entire wall. It opened into a greenhouse with beautiful flower beds. Turning to the wall hung one of his tapestries. Celtic warror woman holding a Raven while riding a Lion. It's gorgous I stuttered.

He got down on his knee. And opened a little box. Dear Bonnie. Will you marry me?

I placed my hand over my mouth and started to bawl. Can this be true? Do you really love me?

Yes, he said. Yes I do and with that. I stood on my tip toes and kissed his mouth. He kissed me back and then lead me about the house and asked my opinion.


Bonnie sat with a coffee, her hair held back by a thick wide head band, her legs were crossed at their denium knees and periodically she would take a sip, and a drip would run around the rim and drop onto her apron. She knew she should go back inside but the conversation that was happening across the way was ust too uicy and wild. She couldn't make "hide or hair of it". That was how those folks talked. She was a high power excutive type and he was a management agent star.

The yellowing and flying obects continued. This was better than a tv show.

You need to be home more often.

I am but you are working at those times.

I want babies

I want you to have babie so you will leave me alone

Which circles back to you need to be home more.

I thought you wanted to go to trips around the world and to invest in vinyards.

I want babies

Let's have sex

I need you more.

Then come here.

WHy do I hate you.

I hate you more. Flying objects.

When a shirt came flying out the open window. X stuck his head out of the cafe and then vanished. A moment later blues blared from the outside speakers. Almost too loud. Bonnie sighed. You ruined my entertainment. He grabbed her hips and pulled him to her and they started to dance. Then customers apeared and the two started to work again. She happily went back to serving and he to the counter. Rich and warm scents escaped onto the street and Bonnie couldn't help glance over her shoulder and looked at him. Then she turned back to the group she was chatting with.

This group just happened to be the no sex support group. They looked at her with knowing eyes. One couldn't hold her gigle. Which she hid in her freshly delivered tea and dessert. A friend of the group who was a former member and known to be the religion keeper looked concerned.

I havn't seen him at bible study with you. Does he attend else where?

Dinah, " several of the group chidded her at once.

The woman was slightly hurt, didn't say another word in the conversation but her eyes remained seriously on Bonnie the entire time. She however did not approacch Bonnie again other than to ask her for a take home dessert for her husband and children.

Bonnie returned with the glutin free items and heard the group discussing Dinah's husband's new band.

They included Bonnie into the converesation immediatly.

Diinah's husband use to belong to this amazing Idol band but then the group went to manditory militairy and switched out members and then Dinah's husband left the group to form a christian band.

Dinah blushed.

It was not his plans. He is very consise and will tell you each step of meeting the goals. He is much older, I mean mature, most people in his group. Yet he tore those figrutive plans up and threw them away after I married him and we got married. He became a born again Christian and wanted to work in the christian music industry. I had nothing to do with it.

When did he become a Christian?

"He became more active as a Christian after he met, no during, well the story is long but here is the short of it. I expressed what I wanted from a married man after circumstances threw us together and if he wanted to keep me then sharing the same faith was important. I had to remain diligent in my walk with God and because I was able to do that and he wanted me so he changed."

Bonnie thought about it. What does it mean to unequally yoked? How can we do these things to ourselves? Will it matter later on? Then she got distracted when X called her name and pulled her into his work room to nuzzle her neck and ask if they could get married this week.


Unlikely Juxtapositions of Seemingly Opposites.

Defs: nearness of objects with little or no delimiter. Contrasting sounds or colors

Homeless veterans in front of Trump Towers.

Anti- Trump Protesters seven thirty at night walked along a street in historical Tampa neighborhood. in Nov. Tenth.

Marine Cor Birth. One hundred marines were on unofficail pub tour. Twohundred and forty first birthday. Irish pub.

Over one hundred Anti-Trump Protesters and about one hundred marines outside an Irish Pub.

Black Woman named Tree Of Logic is wanted by the German Police because she made a you tube video that Says Make Germany Great Again. Millions of views on Facebook and because this . Last straw for them was the video that she did fifteen question and answers and she volunteered information about the police preventing men from being men. These were not Nazi's. She has seen clansmen who have put the fear in here. She knows what they look like. She said that the police will stop men from protecting the woman. She kept saying I am an American and I am protecting my right to free speech. Now she can not go back to Germany. She was talking about the muslim imigrants on east side of Berlin. She made a video on teaching German women self defence.

Black Woman who is Anti-Black lives matter and pro law enfourcement.

November eightteenth twenty- sixteen- was a day where it was so warm that people mowed their grass.

So wet that they wore their boots

So snowy that they shoveled their walks.


What do you Mean, "I Believe in God?"

What do you mean?

Is not what I do and say the same?

How does it seem?

I speak of creation and avoid the word evolve.

I ignore numbers because science can't prove it all.

Most people question but I just Believe.

I Believe in God and it is as simple as can be.

Because I am naughty and write almost porn

Does that mean my cuvante with God is torn?

No because he loves me and I think I am allowed

To be slightly naughty with in the Christian permiters.

That some fundamentalist have heaped on our heads.

I have seen too many animals births.

I have seen too many deaths.

Not to know that God does exist.

Sometimes we ponder and sometimes we sing.

In side our hearts is where we do the most questioning.

If Aliens came to take our race

It wouldn't suprise me and would make me think.

How much more awesome He is.


Intense Apathy

Doesn't this fall under the juxtaposition conversation?

Oh no, you writer feinds

(notice not friends, you lovable teases)

You make me look up words

More than I pleases.

Apathy is made more weird with your intenseity.

Shouldn't we talk about childrhood obesity.

But no I have to make an Oxymoron list

On apathy which is a depression sign.

Extreme anxiety.

Apathy can be caused when your emotions get into a bog.

Fatigued emotions equal apathy.

Low serotonin can be a cause of emotional fog.

Hormonless hormones equal apathy.

Apathy can be caused when happiness has fallen off a log.

Loss of Love equal apathy.

Fun of life is snuffed out when fun turns into a captians log.

Not enough fun equals apathy.

Working with your intensity this web site says.

Spend time with friends (take less tests?)

Keep a busy schedule (this I need to assess)

Exercise (My fibromyalgia doesn't seem to like neurotransmitters but they say this is best.)

And of course on this web site where I learned about anxiety because I looked up intense apathhy.

(My Pearl Street Writer Friends who I should call Fiends.)

The educations of the minds. There is also a test of which this writter will know me best.

All free. I just need to take the test.

All free my rump.

Because you have to sign in.

They need to know my email name.

Lovely stuff.

Must be causing me anxity.

Which I put the blame under not enough fun equals intense apathy.


Burial, Cremation, or what?

I want a party on that day.

I want to have people dance and play.

Grieve all you want before my funeral day.

Burial, creamtion, which ever the family has less to pay.

But I demand there be a party on my funeral day.

The hymns of Spiritals I want sang.

I want the East Point Church filled till the rafters ring.

Laughter and love just like a jazz or creole funneral march.

I want a party on my funeral day.

Cry all you want.

Let those emotions go

But just to let you know.

On that day you better be prepared.

To sing, and dance I would hire a band if I could.

Put me in the earth, casket or urn.

What ever costs less

Then my dear family and freiends it is time to spend.

Hire a band and let the Square Dance Begin.

People better laugh. People better sing.

It wouldn't hurt if the dancers would swing.

Jive and Jump.

Love and Hug.

Just don't debate about Hillary or Trump.

Hunting Stories is ok.

Just no Politics on my funeral day.

Jive and Jump and Swing.

A funeral or celebration.

I don't care which.

I will be in heaven with my King.

And with Jesus I will sing.

And it wouldn't hurt if the angels would swing.

Jive and Jump.

Love and Hug.

Just let your emotions go.

Burial, creamtion, which ever the family has less to pay.

But I demand there be a party on my funeral day.

Greif is common, laughter is few

But not on my funeral day.

I will have it no other way.


What would I change about my writing and what do I like about it?

It seems, to me Bonnie muttered that he is trying to make me crazy.Or reach into my soul or to get me to stop rhyming about daiseiess.

Daisy a day

Is a great song. Somthing that my great aunt would use to play about an old man would give his daisy. At her grave.

Because I am morbid that way.

What would I change about my writing? I would like to keep reading and expand my vocabulary. I would also be better at fact changing I mean finding. I would also not like to write books such a the boy who farted and blew up his house. Rhymes are great but I need to rhymn better than day. Play, say and slay.

What I like about it. Is that I have fun.

Writing can be fun.

Writing can weigh a ton

When it is not fun.

No money will I earn

But to writing I will remain firm.

Writing can be fun.

So can sitting in the sun.

So can be sitting in the sun.


Christmas Present for the Year. A story of the Six princes and one sister. I will change it and make it modern and change it up. How about the four princesses and the prince? Hee hee I want to see the boys in dresses. Yawn. Because I am tired and should not be listening to my children reading outloud of a doeby doeby moo children's book.

Alright. First thing is first. We have an orgaami animal kit book. From this book we are going to take the instructions for swan origanami and we are going to fold swans. While we listen to the audio book about the wild swans.

Bonnie wants to watch the Danish movie of this story.

For Christmas we will do a story. Three children that are cursed by the evil farm queen and become swans. The older sister is kept as a slave. She ran away from her father and evil farm queen.

Soon she came to a great forest and she was determined to seek her siblings. So she laid herself down on the snow. Soon dreams came upon her she dreamt of her siblings. And they told her how to break the curse.

She had to gather nettles and weave shirts. She spent a year not talking. Meeting a new friend and breaking thee curse against the evil farm mom, who is banished to the barn to clean stalls and the family lives happily ever after.

Pictures :

Children being naughty.

Mother getting mad

Children turning into swans.

Oldest kept to do all the work.

Swans are sad they do not listen.

Oldest runs away.

She learns how she can break the spell.

Mother has to wash dishes all by her self.

All the children work around the house.

And the family lives happily ever after.

What types of clothes will they wear?

How shall we do thier hair?

I guess it will be what it will.

I think I am ccrazy but what is new.

I ust hope the children will do what they are told to do.

I don't have much time for this proect to be. Such is life and such will it be.

Organami swans for the one story that I will make. This year I won't print two hundred stories. There is not enough money. But I know I can do an Oragamni swan or two. Then for gift exchange I can have a homemade book of the story along with a few home made items or two. Always wanted to do paper.

























Easy going






Adjectives Starting with E to Describe a Person












Bull headed




Ostentatious dresser



Bonnie and X sitting in a tree.


First comes Hessian Boots

Second comes Glutin Free Cafe

Third comes teaching on an island far away.

X needs a name because we are almost half way.

Not even sure the color of is skin

Or if is hair has a wave

Actually I do. In my head he has Jermedy Iron's voice and looks like Cohan the writer of Leonard Cohan. Jermey


Jeremy Irons and Leonard Cohan


Jeremy Leonards is his name.

Cohan Irons is also interesting.

Jeremy Leonard is a man who has the skill to weave the stars into a blanket.

He listens to Jazz and sings in bass

And he has a goatee on his face.

Bonnie is from California

Near the shore

Hoped on a plane and wishing for more.

Found that during this flight to PA

She saw a weaving of a fish at play.

She asked the person of the blanket who owned

From where did she get it and this is what she say.

Jemermy Leonards the gifted man.

The Weaver who is a Cafe owner by trade.

He works with his hands making Glutin Free Food.

Also weaving a blanket or basket or carving wood.

He is also known for having a voice of a saint.

The voice so deep and full of velvet.

When Bonnie did meet him she understood.

Why the woman looked swooney

And how ust saying his name lightened the mood.

Jermey Lenonards will be shortened to J.L. because I have a hard time spelling his name. I find that writing about the lion shows I watched helped in the selection. Leonard as a last name is kind of neat. But when I googled I was full of defeat. I thought it was Old German. A name very strong wich is true but instead of German being the popular spot the U.S.A. with Great Britain right behind with Leonard as a surname.

Which me makes me wonder what is Bonnie's name. Barabara Sudan? I don't know I should go back and read and find out what it should be.

Lion, strong and lion hearted is the name.

This is a game I can play.

Spellings can be




And de leonard

And this is great to know when a shifter book is written.

Oh Look Bonnie her friend shreiked in glea. Another story about the shifter world of Dee Leonard. She is a writter who is famous. Is she related to J.L.?

Bonnie looked at him who was cooking once again. He smiled

:Don't the writers write under aliases? And is any of that stuff true?

Well it could be like the twelve days of christmas. The song had secret meanings for the pursicuted church people and maybe that is what these stories are.

Or maybe they are stories to reach out and spark peoples inner beast.

Bonnie did not hear the last part of the conversation she was busy with getting the cat to come out of hiding.

Oh I have read all of her books. I think she is fun and harmless. I wonder if she is my friend that I some times meet on the island of Draco. Is sounds just like she speaks. Yet it does, she said to the cat who didn;t want to cuddle and whiggled her eyes glued to the floor under the old corner cubport THe scallops of the wood hid the cat's play thing. She got down on her knees and tried to fish for it.

There are alot of different things in this world and I am content to be who I am. Bonnie the lover of Claudia, a beautiful feline cat who has a tendinonsy to desert me for the male in our life. Long life the lion hearted cat.

Isnt that cat getting fat.

Well she might have had kittens

But J.L. got her fixed

Therefore, yes.

Claudia is a fat cat.

Bonnie smiled at her friends and let them be. As she passed by her man she gavve him his own special smile. How does he do that return smile so great. Melted like bacon fat on very hot sizzling pan. Melting her heart so that her legs can hardly stand. What is there no to like about her man. Other than the fact to church he will not go. How can he do this diabolial plan? This is something I can not understand. He came all this way to live with her. It shows how much he think of her and about her but yet he does not dare to go into gosd's holy land?

Her friedn was watching and whispered to her mate, I really thought he was a bear. I saw one rolling in the snow on draco and I could tell he knew this woman.

Do you know how many vampires and shifters are around this land?

It could have been someone she knew from school or hanging with the idol bands.

This is true something I forgot.

Dang that man is sure hot.

Bonnie returned at the last remark.

Who's hot?

Why your man of course.

And on they went throug the night arguing who had the hotter man by right.

I am surprised that you noticed I thought that the idols grabbed your attention with the photo poses.

Did you know that there is a group who all wore yellow tasseled Hessian Boots?

No they didn't

Oh yes they did.

What are there names and where do they live?

Yellow tassled Hessian Boot wearers wore yellow gardianias in their hair.


Tough love

Ever now and then tough love should begin. Willing to risk it all. Can you understand the story that I am going to tell about a worrier of the Germanic tribe so long ago? Can you trace your lines of heritage so very far back and here is what prejudice will attack. Some people will say that the nazi party is alive and well. More so in the USA.


What do I like about writing and what can I improve.

Writing can be a chance to meet others who are ust like me but different. So ver different. Meeting at places where we don't agree but celbrating spontanious ness.

Spontanious is fun.

But when you do namawriting month is moronic.

Should be prepared with a list. So that ou writee ou can go farther like this.

Wherer id I put my poetry book. The one that has rhymes so I can use better vocabularly.

To be confident. To be cerative. A lack of respct for the art when we not do it Trry babb says. Of we don't write we are not respecting the dad poets and writers who came before? Nah that ust rhymes. Can a guidd mediation? Or should I wear a hat.

How about four seven eight.


Breath in peace breath out a soft smile.

Acceptance of who I am.

There for who am I?

Who am I is allways changing.





Of characters. A truth is revealed when there is conflict between the four.

You will find hat there are others in the group who lack confidence like you do.

The curly q's of cursive creativity- Melissa Bravo

Juxaposition of Desire - Terry Babb

Tea Party. Mad Hatters' Tea

December thirteenth. Of this year we are going to have a mad Hatter's tea.


X's cafe is a special treat.

Soup sampler for thee day was a pumpkin soup and a chicken tortilla and apple pumpkin. X being Jermey Leonard.

So here it goes a Juxtaposition of Desire.

Juxtaposition of Desire?

Is that something the kuma sulatra contains?

Or a chapter in the 50 shades?

Or is it something that brings snow.

What can it be?

I think it is more an Eddie Murphy romance based in the artic sea.



Some people have shells and so it was as I walked out of my friend's house where we had ust met to talk I noticed laying in the sprawl of some sort of weed, artfully laying was a single shell, a artifact of when she travels to beaches and some of the things she brings back. A single whitee shell and here I am thinking that it was the skull of a mouse. No it was bigger and with that shape was it a weasel and upon looking closer there it was. A shell. Making me think. Most people collect shells but I. I collect skulls. I am Z.

Gothic chick well ok, maybe I am the pink and black girl.

I like to listen to Give me Chocolate by this rock group.


What will our children be like, bonnie asked as fingered the color of his jacket. As they snuggled together. Watching the wind pick up snow and twirl it around like the hwhirl on a guinea pig forhead, waves of the sea, mini whilrligigs of snow. Behind the observation glass they sit. On a hard bench but the comfort of each other makes it forgotten.

Our children J.L. said and looked out and watched the slowly as out onto the snow danced a little fox. The wind whirled her fur as she tip toed along. Often stopping and looking right and left.

I guess they will twins. Two with tawny yellow hair. Or

I guess they will be suspicios, short tempered and cunninng..

They will not be born good but will need raised to be good. We will need to understand how to mold thier will but not break it.

YOu are talking circles around me again. I suppose. They watch the fox finally leaves at a lope. I think I need to hear a Draco story.

Well, as long as you give me a sip of soup I will tell you about the lions of Africa who were banished here to this island of many climates.

In Africa as is here, there was a volcanoe with a dormancy. Once there was a lioness who was moving her ubs one night and a buffaloe herd stampeded and killed all the cubs. She walked the savanna grass calling deep throaty calls. Nothing answered her. She was heart sick. SHe blamed the males of the pride for not protecting her and her cubs. SHe left. Wanting to be nomadic and die at the hands of a buffalo bull. And then humans came and darted her. They want to sell her for her hide but instead she was sent to this island of Draco where she watched month after month. Somehow along this time she had become pregant and she bore a cub. A son. Slowly she adjusticed to this land of snow,, and cold. The lioness finally past away leaving a four year old male lion.


I think we have to go to the hospital.What?

Yes I have a cut.

What are you talking about?

Can't we just get a vet friend to patch you up?

Get going. I am dying here.

Entering the emergency room Bonnie realized why her friend wanted to come to this hospital. All the nurses in the emergency room where men. Tall, fair, dark, short, but all young and handsome.

What is this? Bonnie whispered grasping the uninjured side of her friend

What is what?

Why are there only men in blue nurse uniforms?

This is the hospital that has a connection to the butler school. These nurses are butlers in training. Working here they get medical training and fulfill thier community service.

No way

Oh yes. And then the various doctors came in. Most were connected to the military of the different countries and were in their military uniform. The main doctor was a female of the spunk age group. Bonnie helped her friend to a chair. The waiting room was hopping. Bonnie felt releived when she got there because there were actually female nurses.

Her friend waited patiently to be treated. The nurse who came up shamelessly flirted with her.

She was smiling so very happy when she left.

Your endodorphines are in over drive.

I know. Isn't he the dreamest butler you have ever seen?

He was a nurse.

Yeah but he is a nurse and a butler.

That is going to be one expesive band aide you have there.

Yes, and with a dreamy sigh she looked else wheres.


The spectators of batttles.

Roman's with the gladiators


Framing a picture with a dark brown stem and small bright green. More and one did this. A ribbon of antique lace bordered the pictuer. She didn't want to dwell on the slightly fuzzy pictures in the back of the lace, and plant. It is hard for my heart to take the torture of love his hands were showing. Hugging her. His fedorea back on his head, her hands wrapped up to his shoulders.

Don't you think this is too much PDA? She asked with a blush

It is my favorite picture of us.

You mean it is your favorite picture of your best suit and fedorea

Ah yes and these hands. He picked up her hands from the table and brought them to his lips and galently kissed them.

She took another lace framed picture, this one was of her in a yellow floral dress, well it was more antique whitee than yellow. The wind was whiping her dress and He was shoe less in white pants, a woven belt with gold, open button up shirt at the neck with a fedora with a matching woven band. They both were looking down at their feet, walking into the wind. She had a straw hat with a weaving that matched his but her one hand with the wrist coursage was holding it from blowing. His one arm was around her protectively. She couldnt see thier eyes but the shadows on thier facces were scattered because of the happiness they showed.

OH J.L. I love you.

He put down the pictures and scooted his chair over beside hers.

Whoa, are you becoming emotional on me? Do I need to start talking about the Germanic tribes and how it was the church that brought the tribes together.?

You know I love you. She buried her head in his shirt. He pushed up his hat, his curly black, blond hair fell across his forhead.

With a shrug he held onto her and rocked her. A smile on close cur gotee face.

"I love you too." His husky voice soothed her. And they enjoyed the peace of being together before her gaggle of friends came to hurry the wedding plans along. They had a soothing love..

Which she corrected his thoughts by lifting her lips to his and his arms changed from comforting to possive and when he lifted his head, both were breathing intesly.

I have been so wrong.

What do you mean?

I have been calling our relationship a soothing campanial sould mate match.

Soul mate , yes and?

Sizzle honey. You just made me sizzle.

And then he diped his head again and claimed her once more and that is how the friends found the eccentric artist and his Bonnie.

The End

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