Break The Rules


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Miles sat there for a long time just staring at the lousy immature teenagers in the cafeteria. They were all the same. Some of them laughing, flirting, kissing and then on the corner, a group of friends who play tricks on each other because they think they're cool. He imagined the future of these amateurs, some maybe go into a bar, drink and talk to the person next to them and talk about the good ol' times or maybe some girls from the Cheering Squad might get pregnant and won't be able to raise the child or get a job.

He diverted his attention to the table next to his; Zelda and Shawn, the head cheerleader and the quarterback. How cliché. They were looking at each other with lust not love. They were kissing each other hungrily and his left hand cupped her breast. Miles realized the make out session is getting steamy, he looked away. His gaze landed on the girl in front of him, making him jump a little from his chair.

The girl with messy black curls beamed at him, "You should've joined them. Threesome would be great." She winked and sat beside him but a little bit farther.

Miles blinked, he didn't know what to do. The girl who just spoke to him wasn't just any girl. It was Cassandra Shipp. She had a bad reputation; the notorious and troublemaker that everyone talks about. There was a rumor the other day that she made out with Mr. Brown, Miles' English teacher.

"So, I didn't know you were mute." She spoke again, eyes still on him.

"No, I am not." Miles finally said, after a very long awkward silence.

She chuckled, "Good then! I'm Cassie. I'm guessing you already know me." She raised her brow. Miles saw her smile falter

"Yeah, Hi." He smiled shyly

"Wow, it's true then. You really are bad at socializing." she teased which made him more confused.

"Says who?" He questioned

"Everyone." She whispered then winked

His face paled, He knew he was invisible and not a single person even tried to be friends with him.

"Hey, Einstein. I was kidding. I haven't even heard a single rumor about you or even your name." She shrugged and grabbed something from her bag.

"My name's Miles." He replied politely staring at her as she took a big bite from her sandwich

"Who names their child Miles?" She said, mouthful.

He didn't know how to respond on that so he laughed. Eyes closed, head thrown back and laughed like a maniac. When he opened his eyes and recovered, he looked at Cassie, who on the other hand, didn't know what was so funny and just gaped at him.

"My parents were on a trip on the way to California. On the road, my mom gave birth and that's how they got my name." He explained, eyes on her the whole time. There was an awkward silence.

"Your mom let you out of her vagina in the middle of nowhere in a car?" She asked, eyebrows scrunched up in confusion.

"As funny as it sounds, yes." He cringed at the word vagina. 

And as expected, Cassandra laughed, loud enough for everyone in the cafeteria to hear and stared at her in silence and confusion. Miles' face turned red as people start whispering, looking back and forth between him and Cassie. Cassie noticed and stopped laughing. She knew this would happen. She glanced at Miles, seeing his face down and ears red from embarrassment. 

"Ignore them, they're just bored with their lame ass lives." She rolled her eyes and took a bite on her sandwich. 

Miles stared at Cassie as she took bites on her food without taking it off her eyes. He noticed the way she looked at her food without a care in her surrounding, Her eyes were emerald green and she had long curled lashes. It was pretty. Oh and did he mention that she had emerald green eyes? Yeah, it was beautiful. 

"Are you done drooling, Einstein?" She smirked, lifting her left brow. 

He scowled at her defiantly, "There's nothing to drool at, Shipp." 

"Hmm, fiesty. I like that," She winked and took the last bite of her sandwich. Miles grinned proudly, earning a chuckle from Cassie. "Are you Irish?"

Miles deadpanned, "Do I look Irish?" 

"Why don't you just answer the question, shithead." She scoffed, throwing a tissue at his face. 

"I'm not," He said

Before Cassie could ask him, the bell suddenly rang. Miles gathered his stuff and stood up from his table. As he walked towards the door of the cafeteria, he heard Cassie calling his name. He stopped and turn around to see a beaming Cassie running towards him. 

"You walk so fast dammit." She huffed, grasping her chest as she breathes in and out. 

"You have short legs dammit." He retorts, earning a smack on the head. He didn't know she'd chase him. He thought she was just talking to him because she had no one to talk to and nowhere to sit. 

"Let's skip class." She whispered

He blinked. He never skipped class. He heard Cassie always skip class and fuck boys at the girl's restroom or sometimes at the nurse's office, that's what everybody was saying. She was trouble and he doesn't want trouble. He just wants to graduate and get the hell out of this school and go to a good college and find a nice job with high paying salary. 

"Earth to Miles?" Cassie waved a hand over Miles' face. 

Miles blinked, "No, I can't." 

"Why not?" Miles watched as Cassie's reaction turned from excitement into confusion and disappointment

"I don't skip class, Cass." He frowned, he was about to turn and walk away when Cassie grabbed him by the wrist and looked at him. 

"Look, I know you don't. But, please? Just this once and if you don't like it, we can come back and catch up on the next subject," she says, "I promise."

He groaned, "I don't know.." 

"Please?" Cassie pushed, hoping he'd say yes. She was eager to spend time with him. There was just something about him that intimidated her when they sat at lunch a few minutes ago. 

"It won't hurt to miss half the day, right?" He shrugged. Cassie shrieked and hugged him. 

He awkwardly hugged back and patted her on the back. "How long do these hugs last, by the way?" 

When they both parted, Cassie lightly smacked his shoulder and smiled, "Asswipe. You're already 3 minutes late anyway, let's go!" She grabbed his hand and they both ran their way towards the parking lot.

Their running came to a halt in front a red mustang. Of course she has a car. Even though Cassie had a bad reputation, she was rich. Her parents own one of the most successful business in their country. 

"Meet my baby, Colossus." she gestured at her car. 

"You know you could've had any car in the world, why'd you choose a Mustang?" He said as he opened the door.

"Well, let's just say I don't like to do what people expect me to do." She smiled and went inside and buckled her seat belt. Miles was so struck he forgot to get inside. Maybe because he never thought a girl like Cassandra Shipp would say that. 

"You comin' or what?" She chuckled, starting the engine. 

"Y-yeah." He stuttered, scratching his neck and sat on the passenger seat. 

She drove out of the parking lot and made a few turns until she reached the main road. 

"So, what now?" Miles said, enjoying the wind that tickled his ear.

She glanced at him then back at the road, "We, my friend, will break the rules."


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Heinous Bitch

They pulled up at a forest that is an hour away from their school. Miles was the first one to get out of the car and waited for Cassie to tell him what to do next. There were a lot of questions popping on his head but no words came out of his mouth. Why would she hang out with me, anyway? Maybe she'll murder me like how the guys from a band murdered Jennifer from Jennifer's body. She'll get nothing from me though, I'm not a virgin. Ha. 

"Doubtful, Very doubtful." She rolled her eyes and pulled his wrist to walk beside her. 

"Did I say that out loud?" He deadpanned. Can she read my mind? Is she like a psychic?

"Yes, you said it out loud and no, I am not a psychic." She drawled and then offered him a small smile

"Why are you being so nice to me all of the sudden?" Miles can't help but ask. He was curious, though. No one ever tried to talk to him in East Columbus High, except for the teachers. They think he's a mutant, a loser and someone who doesn't belong to any group in high school. 

"I mean, you never tried to talk to me or hang out with me, not even a single glance at my way and now you brought me to God knows where place." He huffed and stopped in his tracks waiting for her to answer.

"I'm sorry, okay? I'm just not the type of person to suddenly hang out with people. People hate me, some are even scared and when I talked to you today, I kind of feel like I don't have to pretend to be someone I'm not for you to like me, get it?" She said

"Fair enough, but you're kind of dramatic though, we didn't even talk that much." He replied and started walking again. He suddenly remembered he doesn't know the place so he waited for Cassie to walk beside him and lead the way. 

"Yeah, but really, that was the longest talk I've had with anyone from school. And it's pure, worthwhile talk, not like guys who only talk to me because they want sex." she winced

Miles' chuckled nervously, "So, where are we going?" He avoided the topic immediately knowing it made her uncomfortable from the face the she made a few seconds ago. She walked faster but Miles was able to catch up. It wasn't a long walk but it took them a good 5 minutes or so when Cassie finally stopped in front of a chained fence gate and a sign at the top right that says 'NO TRESPASSING' 

"This is it," Cassie looked to her right and smiled at Miles. 

Miles stepped forward and realized inside gate was a beach. Why would they put up a gate? 

"So, we're just going to sit here and look at the beach from afar?" Miles chuckled to himself, realizing that it probably sounds dumb. 

"No, idiot. We're going to climb up. I don't have a key." She said as she started to climb up the gate. Miles' eyes widen as he watched Cassie climb up the gate without having trouble. He realized she's probably done it before or she's used to climbing up gates. 

"Is there another way in?" Miles asked, looking around he realized the gates were too wide so he guessed there's no way else but to climb up. When Cassie finally reached the ground, she wiped her hands on the back of her jeans and said, "Come on now, don't be such a pussy." 

"Erm, I think I'll stay here, yeah?" Miles tried to smile but failed miserably. 

"Come on! You'll miss out, it's a great place! I'll help you, don't worry." She assured and waved him over

Miles groaned but climbed the gate nonetheless. He got a lot of scratches from the metals but managed his way down next to Cassie. "How the bloody hell did you get up down here without a single scratch?" He says as he checks his arm to find more scratches.

"I'm a pro," She winked then ran. 

Miles blinked and let everything sink in for a moment before he looked at Cassie sitting on the sand and just staring at the beach. Miles went over and sat beside her and did the same. It was the first time in a lot of years, that he felt safe and free. Watching the waves and the silence just makes him want to disappear and live here. 

"I go here, almost everyday after school." Cassie spoke, breaking the silence that surrounded them

"Good thing no one has caught you yet." Miles laughed but Cassie just chuckled and turned to him, "Why would I get caught? My daddy owns this anyway, I just forgot the key at home." She shrugged and looked away.

Miles nodded slowly, unsure of what to say. "You're pretty lucky, aren't you? You get everything you want, you can have anything and your parents will give it to you right away." 

"I'm not lucky, Miles. Having everything you don't need doesn't make a person lucky. Yes, I do get a lot of things from my parents - heck, expensive things that I don't even care about." She said with a deep frown on her face. Miles can see Cassie forcing herself not to cry in front of him. Cassie never cries. Especially in front of a boy she barely knew. 

"I'm sorry I-" 

"It's fine. People say that to me all the time and I already got used to it." She said with a fake smile spread on her face. Miles shouldn't have asked that and he felt bad because he was so quick to judge her. He felt like everyone else. He's becoming like everyone else. 

"Let's play a game," Miles spoke after a long awkward silence, " I ask you something and then you say if it's a rumor or a fact. " 

"Is that even a game or just your way of knowing me?" Cassie smirked and laughed when Miles tried to explain to her something as he stuttered. "Go ahead, sir." She interrupted.

"Louis Glanders, last year, you punched him?" Miles says trying to control his laughter. 

"Fact, he deserved it though!" Cassie protested and made out a laugh. She was right though, Louis is the type of guy you'd love to hate. He's so conceited, stupid and he thinks he knows everything. He also thought that expressing his opinion in an asshole way would make people think he's smart. 

"Lucas Grayham, Nicholas Love and Cross Peterson at the clinic?" Miles asked. There was a rumor that she had sexual intercourse with them at the school clinic, all in the same day. 

"False. But I did kissed Cross, though." Cassie winced and shook her head, remembering the time of the kiss. He was gross. There were too many saliva and when he said that they should do it again, Cassie just shrugged and left. Maybe that's why Cross spread the rumor that something happened. 

"Why?" Miles scrunched up his nose in disgust as he eyed Cassie. 

"Because, like, he's so hot." She gushed. Miles laughed, "He's not. He's like Louis, though. So full of himself!" Miles rolled his eyes when he mentioned Louis' name. He hated his name. He hated every atom in his fucking body.

"Why do people call you-" Miles was cut off immediately by Cassie. 

"Vapid?" she raised her brow, smiling cheekily. 

"No, I often hear the word heinous bitch from people when they talk about you." Miles chuckled nervously, He was scared that Cassie will punch him because she looked offended. 

"That's amazing! Well, I'm not. They just assume shit, which is good, by the way." She said

"Why is that a good thing?" Miles said with confusion lingering in his voice. He never understood Cassie. Nobody does.

"Because I don't live up to please other people. I don't like to do what they expect me to do, I just don't care what people think, you know?" She said. Miles nodded in response. 

"Do you think I'm a heinous bitch?" Cassie tilted her head, waiting for Miles to answer.

"Not really, I just thought you're at your wretched state." Miles smiled as Cassie shook her head and rolled her eyes. Cassie used to have lots of friends in middle school, she was popular until one day, she just got sick of it and pushed everyone away. She got tired of partying everyday and tired of hearing the same gossip everyday so she avoided her 'friends' and lived her life. 

"How about you? How come you're always alone?" Cassie asked and noticed the way Miles' shoulder tensed. "I don't know honestly, I just don't conform to typical High School norms." Miles shrugged and looked away. 

"My family are the only ones I really trust and they're the reason why I kept going," He chuckled bitterly before continuing, "You see, I almost didn't want to continue to live. I've been bullied from my old school so when I moved here, I thought things would get better and I'd get some friends. It wasn't as bad as before but I was lonelier here because at least there, I had one friend." Miles said and tried to control the tears welling up his eyes. 

"It's okay. At least, you've got your family." Cassie frowned and patted him on the shoulder

"Why, don't you?" 

"I do have them but I don't feel them, you know? It's like they're there but they're not really there. They never had time for me - I mean, I understood that because of work but I've spent almost every Christmas alone. I started every year without friends or my family beside me - I'm an only child. I do get what I want but I was never happy. People assume that I'm a bad person and that I'm scary, it's okay with me though, it's not like it's a big deal. Maybe that's why I rebel." She said as tears escaped her eyes. Miles fell into silence. He had never seen Cassie cried in front of anyone, she was always.. indifferent.

"So, is that the reason why you break school rules? To satisfy yourself?" Miles can't help but ask. 

"No, I break the rules to be happy," Cassie says, "Because I never was."

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Atoms, Molecules and Compounds

It still hasn't sunk in Miles' head that Cassie hung out with him yesterday. The rumors of them spending the time yesterday and skipping classes spread out like wildfire. When he came to school today, everyone was looking and whispering, oh he knew, He knew they were talking about him because it never happened to him. Ever. Even from the start, when he talked to Cassandra, he knew people will take this as a big deal and spread rumors about them.

When he reached his locker to grab some things, he heard whispers a few meters away from where he is.

"I heard they ditched school yesterday and that she gave him a blowjob."

Miles didn't turn around to see who it was, he didn't walk away because he wants to hear what stupid things people talk about. He snickered and shook his head at how ridiculous the gossip sounds. 

"I bet, you know how Cassie is, she's a slut." 

"Why would he date a nerd, though? That is so not Cassandra." 

Miles' clenched his knuckles as the word "nerd" repeated on his head. He knew he should stand up to someone for calling him a nerd and calling Cassie a slut because she was far from being that kind of person. Miles shut his locker and walked towards the girls and gave them a grin. "Don't you girls have better things to do with your time?" 

The blonde girl stood back and let out a small giggle that irritated Miles. "Excuse me? Who the fuck do you think you are?" 

Miles shook his head but remained silent. The blonde girl and the rest of her friends erupted into a fit of laughter and the blonde girl raised her brows. "Right. Freak!" She snorted

Miles was about to walk away when a familiar voice spoke up from behind. "Come on, Chastity. We all know you were a freak before my ex boyfriend dated you. He made you popular." Cassie scowled and had her arms across her chest. 

Silence surrounded them. None of them dared to speak until Chastity huffed and walked away, it was only then Miles really looked at Cassie. She was beautiful without even trying. Her black curls up in a bun and she wore a black skater dress. It took a few minutes for Miles to register in his head that Cassie has asked him if he was okay and he was just staring at her like he has seen a goddess. 

"Y-yeah. Fine." He stuttered and smiled at her. 

"You know it won't hurt to say what you want to say, sometimes. Don't be scared." She nudged his shoulder and they started walking. Miles silently chuckle and nudge her back. She is something. 

"So, what's your first class, Einstein?" 

"Erm, Chemistry then English Lit." He shrugged

Cassie scrunched her nose in disgust, "You have Chemistry?" 

"Yeah, I love learning about atoms, molecules and compounds." He smiled sheepishly, scratching his nape. 

"Oh, I love it when you talk science to me." She smirked. Miles blushed. 

He fucking blushed. Cassie just continued walking and pretended that she didn't see how red Miles' face was. When Miles finally reached his classroom, he waved goodbye at Cassie and told her he'll see her at lunch. 

Miles couldn't focus on what Professor Keller was saying and his mind kept wandering back to the black haired girl who made him blush. For the first time. 

"I'm fucking screwed," Miles muttered and shook his head. 

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Izzy Cole

I loved this! Reminds me a little of Paper Towns, one of my faves. Miles and Cassie are great characters, I really enjoyed reading :)

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Paper Towns is too good for my book, but thank you, though <3. x

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