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Everyone has a story to tell behind closed doors. Even the toughest, well-built hides something nobody knows about. This story gave me a lot to think about, I had to consider every angle and possible emotion every character has. Throughout the story, you'll see the impact of words, how it affects a person's perspective completely. I've been bullied and was a bully, not really an experience to brag about.

To whoever's reading this, whether you're going through something or you're contented and happy with your life, just know that you are loved. It may not seem like that at the moment, but trust me, you'll figure it out on the way. Value yourself enough to walk away from things that no longer makes you happy. 

Happy reading. 

C. Devon

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This story is for my sisters, Irene and Darlene, I know I'm such a pain in the ass but thanks for putting up with my mood swings. I love you both. 

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0.1 Irina

"You're blocking my way, nerd!" A feminine voice from behind snarled. I didn't have to turn around to see who it was. Darcy Griffith. Your typical bitch slash head cheerleader slash monster. I moved out of her way, just for the sake of doing her miserable life a favor. I watched as she and her ignorant followers made their way through the hall. Darcy and her "friends" are much worse than Regina George or any other mean girl you watch from movies. They're the most self-absorbed, hypocrite and repulsive girls on the planet.

Darcy used to be a good person before we became juniors. I would know. She was my best friend. The best friend I've had. We used to have slumber parties, make friendship bracelets, talk about the hottest guys in our grade. Good days. Junior year when she told me she'd join the cheer squad and the following week after that, she avoided me and then after a few months, she started calling me names and she spilled all my secrets. Up to this day, I still don't know why she hates me that much.

"Don't think about it too much, you know how Darbitch is," Jude chuckled and gave me a reassuring smile. Jude was my other best friend, He and Darcy used to be close but it also faded when Darcy left us. Darcy doesn't treat Jude the way she treats me, probably because she knows Jude goes out of his way to fight back and embarrass her.

"Don't call her that." I sighed and put my books in the locker. Even though Darcy and I aren't friends anymore, it doesn't sound right when people make fun of her in front of me.

"Why are you standing up for her? Like as if what happened a few minutes ago didn't happen." Jude rolled his eyes and leaned at the locker that was beside mine.

"She's still our friend," I narrowed my eyes at him and closed my locker. I stared at him, watching as his face tried to mask his emotions. He was hurt too, of course, but he chose not to show it. I took his silence as an answer and put my arm around his shoulder. "We better go, I have to get home." I half-smiled. He lightly nudged me and took my hand dragging me to the exit of the school.

Unlike other houses that look pleasant and welcoming, the house that I live in is screaming something else: agony. I've been thinking about running away from home when Adrian, my mom's boyfriend moved in. He physically and verbally abused her when he lost his job after a few months of living with us. Julia, my mother, didn't do anything about it, I thought she was smart, I guess it's true when they say love makes you do stupid things.

I made my way through the garden, gathering all the strength I have that is left of me to enter my home.

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Irina & her letter

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