Prized Slave


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I was born a slave.

"Born a slave, live as a slave, die as a slave."

I am not meant to be happy, I'm meant to serve and be used. If I'm lucky, I'll sleep tonight and wake up tomorrow. 

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Chapter 1


People die. My parents and my siblings perished. Unfortunately it was not because of natural causes but because they were weak. Weak, stupid, and rebellious. That is never good, especially when you're a slave. Slaves are expendable. One disobeys and bam they're dead. Just like that.
I knew from the start what I had to do and how I had to act in order to avoid... well death. My family thought I was the Devil's son just because I wanted to live. Well those words don't matter anymore. They're dead.
"Keep walking like a good pet." My owner, at least for now, tugs at the chain connected to my collar. I obediently continue to walk close behind him.
Never and I mean never walk in front or beside your owner. It's seen as disrespect and it'll get you punished. Punishment really depends on the owner that's giving it. Even so, punishment is punishment, it's never anything good.
Thankfully I've never been punished, well badly anyways. I am known as a prize slave to the people who sell and buy me. I'm known as such for the very reason that I never show disobedience. I am also very good at what they make me do. It's like breathing, you need to breath to live, I need to obey to live.
A slut, a whore, hell the epitome of waste is what I am, I was told that every single day growing up. Those... higher beings drilled discipline into my head. These thoughts I have everyday are reminders. 
I was born into this life, I was born a slave and I will die a slave. I know that therefore, I won't fight it. Not like my parents did.
I've been used, loved, cared for, sold and the list goes on. Normally my owners sell me because I don't express my emotions like they would like me to. I can't afford to do that. Something bad might happen if I do.
"Sit on the floor and massage my feet." He commands as he sits down in his chair next to the fireplace. I take my place on the floor and I begin to do my job.
I make sure he seems pleased as I continue. Even if my hands begin to ach I don't stop unless he tells me to. Never stop doing what you're told or else they'll burn your hands on the stove. At least that was what my owner did to his previous slave. It may as well be a petty rumor but I don't care. Rumor or not, I am only here to do one thing. I am not here to gossip or play around.
"Yes like that. Amazing." I look at his feet, trying to find something interesting about them to not look up. It serves as a distraction. 
Never look at your owner. He'll rip your eyes from your head. A slave is the lowest form of humanity. They aren't above anyone therefore, they can't make eye contact unless your owner allows it. Even so don't look. He's most likely just testing you.
"Now, pet, give me pleasure."
"How would you like it, Master?" I ask softly. After a few days here I have realized he enjoys shy and silent replies. 
"You should know how I like it." He grabs a fistful of my hair and pulls. I hold back a hiss. I don't understand why they have to be so rough. I'll do what they say regardless. 
I unzip his jeans and I jerk them down taking his briefs off with.
I climb up his body until I reach his waist. I straddle him and grind expertly against his hard shaft. Our cocks touch and graze. Hearing my owner groan makes me smiles a tiny bit.
"Touch me more, pet."
I do as he says by kissing and sucking at his throat. His tanned skin begins to glissin with sweat.
I let out an unexpected moan as he suddenly digs his fingers into my entrance.
"I haven't heard you moan like that. Did I catch you off guard?" He huskily whispers in my ear. I feel him bite down and I hold in yet another indecent sound. I always prepare myself mentally so my moans come out as heavy breaths. This action is second nature to me so how could it have crumbled in one moment of surprise?
My eyes water as he scrapes the most sensitive area on my body. "Moan some more." He gets aggressive with his movements.
I stop myself before saying no. I'll get punished if I say no.
"Why don't you ever look me in the eyes?"
"You know why." I manage breathlessly.
I need to stop talking. This is more than what a slave should say.
I take his fingers out of my stretched entrance and I guide his impressibly large cock into me. I breath out hard as it glides in.
"You stopped moaning? That won't due." He grips my hips and slams into me.
"Nh!" I hold it back by biting the inside of my mouth. He's using so much force in each thrust. My muscle sting but blinding pleasure consumes the pain. How long will it be until he finishes?
Hold it in. I can feel his release building up. I can cum right after so for now just hold it in.
"Do you want to cum?"
I don't respond.
"Answer me slave, and tell the truth."
"Then cum, what are you waiting for?"
He's testing me. He knows we can't cum before our masters. It's against policy.
I bite at his jaw and nibble his earlobe. I then move my hips down to meet his thrusts.
He grunts and releases his hot seed inside me. I sigh in content I cum right after.
"Clean me up."
I nod and slide off him slowly. I use my tongue to clean my cum off his stomach and his semi-erect cock that has some cum still on it. I distract myself by thinking about anything that isn't this so the taste can be somewhat bearable. I have never gotten used to it and I don't think I ever will.
"I'll be going out, fetch Richard to accompany me." He nonchalantly scoots me aside and stands.
I nod and stand right after. The sudden movement has me on the floor with my knees supporting me. I hear him laugh. I don't feel embarrassment, I feel fear. I getup quickly so I don't get punished.
I walk to the kitchen where I'm sure Richard is lounging about. He's master's other slave. One who has been with him the longest. I'm surprised he fucked me and not Richard. He's only done that once before. Richard is supposedly his favorite, does this fact matter to me? The answer is no. It actually makes me a tad bit relieved. If master has one he cares about, he won't use me as much. That's how it always is. I have yet to meet one that isn't like that. 
I walk through the lengthy hall and turn when I come across the second to last room. As a slave you need to memorize every room, door, window, and even the cracks on the walls. If you don't you're screwed because no one with help you find your way. Then when you get lost and you make your master wait that is punishment.
I walk into the kitchen and I automatically see Richard sitting by the kitchen island looking towards the outside. A garden with an array of flowers is located there. Master never goes anywhere near there so I really don't know why he even has something like that. 
"The master will be going out and you'll be accompanying him." Richard smirks.
"Alright." He gets up from his seat and I walk him to where master is.
As we approach master I keep my gaze down. "Richard is here." I announce the obvious.
"Perfect." By the sound of his voice, I can tell he's gotten happy.
Richard walks up to master and kisses him freely. "How was your morning Ruben?"
I almost physically cringe. How does he permit a mere slave to call him by his name? That goes against policy.
"Good. Very refreshing." I feel his gaze on me as he said those words. "Find something useful meanwhile we're gone. We'll be back in 3 hours."
I nod.
They leave and the second I hear the front door close I mentally and physically relax. At last I can take a shower. His seed is still uncomfortably stuck in my ass.
My owner isn't an old man, unfortunately. Older men tend to not use us for pleasure. My owner, Ruben is a young billionaire with too much time on his hands. He is tall, muscular, beautifully masculine. The definition of perfection. The first in my list of owners but the same terms of service apply. I don't care who my master is. I have one job and that's following my masters orders. I treat every owner the same. I feel for none emotionally. To be honest, I never want to feel that way. It's frightening somehow, and troublesome.
I head to my room right next to Richard's located a hall away from the kitchen.
I strip off my clothes and I turn on the water. I step in and bask in the icy cold falling liquid. I never shower with warm or hot water. It's always been cold. Maybe I was used to the cold but either way I couldn't stand the warmth of anything. Same with sleep. I have never slept on a bed unless my owner wanted me to sleep with them in their beds. I've always enjoyed the comfort of the floor. It's safer in my opinion.
I turn my back to the water and I dig my fingers into my hole. I make sure most of the seed is out and then I thoroughly wash every place on my body. As a slave you have to be as clean as can be because you never know when your owner would want something from you.
I finish up and walk out into my bedroom naked. I'm the only one here so no need to be cautious. I walk to my drawer and I side on my overly large shirt. That's all I'm allowed to wear. Slaves like Richard can wear good clothes and have privileges. It's fine by me though. I'm nothing so wearing something that is nothing is suitable for me. I wouldn't want to be a slave like Richard. We aren't meant to act the way he acts and we aren't meant to be the way he is. He looks into his owners eyes and he even hugs and talks to our owner without his permission. It's wrong.
Our owner seems to be in his early 30s so he must know the rules.
After drowning in music, was given to me by Richard as a welcome gift, I almost miss the noise Richard and my master make saying they've come back. I get up from the floor and I quickly turn off the music.
There's a knock on the door and a Lena opens it. She helps in the kitchen.
"Master has informed me to tell you that you will be making the dinner today."
"Did he say what he wanted?"
I stand up and we walk to the kitchen. How am I going to making something my master enjoys if he didn't specifically tell me what he wants?
For once Richard isn't in the kitchen so he must still be with Ruben.
Finding all the ingredients will be hard since I've never cooked in this kitchen before.
"Will you want my help?"
"No I'm fine."
Servants don't ask slaves if they want help. Ruben probably put her up to it. Owners always test their slaves on a daily bases.
I look into a cabinet and find all the pots. I bring out a large hollow one and a wide small one. I manage to find spaghetti, tomato sauce, and meat.
Took me an hour but I made everything. Spaghetti, pico de gallo; a Mexican food I learned, and garlic bread. Lena brings everything to the dinning table meanwhile, I go inform Ruben that the food is ready.
I knock on his bedroom door and he tells me to come in.
"Speak pet."
"The food is ready."
"About time." Richards voice rings in my ears. He walks past me and I wait for Ruben to tell me I can go.
"You will be eating with us." My head whips up but in that second I remember 'never look your owner in the eyes.' I avert my gaze somewhere else.
"You seem to have a problem with that. Do you?"
I shake my head signifying no. Of course I have a problem though. Servants and slaves eat in a corner in the kitchen. Not with their owners. That's against the rules. Also no owners want slaves to eat with them. That's like having a dirty rat around your food.
"Then you may go."
I nod and leave the room.
I've never eaten with my owners before.
Richard has already started eating. He seems to enjoy the food. I look towards Ruben and he's also started to eat. I guess he likes it too.
"This is amazing. What'd you use to make it taste so good?" Richard asks.
"Speak pet."
"I just added seasoning to the meat." I shrug.
"Eat before the food gets cold." I look down at my food. I can't eat while my owner is eating. I pick up my fork.
"Sorry but I cannot eat while you are eating."
"And why is that."
"It goes against slave policy."
"Not complying with your master's orders also goes against slave policy."
I hesitate but begin to eat because he's right.
Mostly Richard talked throughout the dinner. He talks too much. 
When everyone finishes, including myself, Lena picks everything up.
"Pet, you come with me." I nod and follow Ruben. 
We walk to the master bedroom.
"Take off your clothes and lay on the bed with your legs spread." I obey.
Truth be told this is actually the first time my owner asks me to do this. Normally they just grab me, fuck me, then tell me to leave.
"I've heard so much about you. Prized Slave. You cost me a fortune but it was worth it. A beautiful, obedient, and experienced slave. Everything any slave owner would ask for. My question is why a slave such as yourself would be sold over and over again. Would you like to answer that question?"
"Would I, master?"
He smiles, "Answer the question pet."
"I don't express the emotions my owners would have liked me to express. They would get bored."
"That's right. Tonight I will see them. Those emotions you hide. Don't think I don't know about you making your moans into heavy breaths. That's quite the talent you've got there by the way." He smirks.
I can't help but smile a tiny bit. Maybe the end of my lip twitched upward but whatever. Years of doing this won't break in a single night. Before was a fluke.
"Firstly. Look at me in the eyes."
"Against policy?" He laughs. "I don't want my slaves to act anything but human." Is that why Richard acts and talks freely? Because he allows it?
He climbs onto the bed and grabs my thighs, bringing me close to him. My skin touching his, sending tingles through my body.
"I can't do that."
"And why not?"
"I don't break rules. Born a slave, live as a slave, die a slave. We're expendable. I do everything I can to not get killed. I want to live as long as possible."
"Then look at me and I won't kill you."
I've never looked at my masters in the eyes before. I hesitantly turn my gaze to meet his green dark shinning eyes.
He caresses my cheek and leans in for a kiss. It's not rough or wild. It's soft, romantic in a way. His tongue licks my bottom lip as if asking for entrance. I grant it.
My body spasms and I jerk my head to the side as he suddenly plunges into me with no warning. The thing that surprises me the most is the loud moan that left my throat.
He doesn't stop. Every thrust is rough but pleasurable. There was no need for preparation because of our recent activity.
"Wait-" my eyes widen at the realization. What did I just say?
"Sor-" he doesn't let me finish because he hits my spot good and hard making me moan like there's no tomorrow.
This isn't me. I'm not like this. I feel my release building up.
"Please don't make me cum first." I manage through gasps and moans. Tears begin to roll down my cheeks.
"Tonight it's about you."
"Never about me." I manage.
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