Royal Love


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Chapter 1

 Royal love chapter 1


I didn't like it. Not one bit. Though here I am wrapped in the finest of silk, with about fifty men infront of me that want to fuck my brains out of my head. And steal all my money. Then have my babies. And then kill me and my babies, take over the kingdom, and start a never ending war. 

Yep. Hell. 

"Oh your highness, please may you give me your hand in marriage" I stared down at a prince about 20, his face gave the look of a stuck up butler, and he was the last person I would dream of letting kiss my hand, let alone marry me. 

What I wanted to say was. 'Get a fucking life' but my dad would spank me over the Royal throne if I ever spoke those words. So I rather keep my pride. Not that I have any.

"No..." The prince stared at me shocked, before he gawked standing up. I heard a growl come from the back of his throat, he looked like he was going to strangle me, but he wouldn't dare. I gave him a smile, as if to say go-ahead. But he wanted to keep his head sadly.

The next prince just stared at me, kissed my hand and left. I think he saw what happened to the last prince, and got turned off. Why am I happy? Oh right, because I don't wanna be married off at 17. That's right. I am only 17 and my mum wants me pushing babies out at 20. 

I sighed standing up and pressing a hand to my forehead,shaking my head I smiled, and clapped my hands together, all the princes smiling there most charming smiles, that they probably spent days practicing. 

"I am sorry to say that I am not feeling thy best" I heard whispers and growls from the princes but they quickly bowed and left. As they had left, I made my way to the kitchen. Grabbing a tart and escaping to my room. 

I picked up my note book. Checking off another day. 3 days intill the Royal ball. I had that long to find a husband, or my parents will ship me off to some kingdom and have me marry some prince over there. Knowing them he would be some evil guy that has a magic wond or something weird like that. I sighed, clapping the book shut and throwing it on my bed, before shuffling my papers that sat on my desk around. 

Just the other week I had been sent a letter by bird from my friend over in a kingdom not that far away. She said that her brother had a super cute guy friend, that was also looking for married. And she said that I should pack my bags and straight after the ball I need to leave on the next train to get to her kingdom. So I could of course meet him. Now I am never one to sneak out. But if it's about who I will spend the rest of my life with. I guess my mother and father will understand. Right? 


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We leave tonight young missy.


 It's the night of the run away. And so far I am scared out of my mind. The guards are all over the place tonight, and people are coming in for the ball. I quickly shoved all my stuff into a packing bag, and removed my clothes. If I walked out in this they would know who I was straight away. I need to  be sneaky. I am always sneaky so this shouldn't be hard.

I swung the bag over my shoulder, yawning and jumping out the window. Yep I jump out the window. It's not that big of a fall. I quickly jumped into some bushs, wanting for the guard to pass by. Once he did, I ran into the forest toawrds the ships. 

It's been 10 minutes and I feel like something is watching me. I can't see anything but I can feel it on my back. I yawned sitting down for a second to catch my breath. I could see the ships pulling in now, so I needed to get going. I stood up again, look around once more, before taking off toawrds to harbour. 

The harbour smelt like fish, and there was lots of shouting and screaming. I giggled as two kids ran passed me, fighting each other with sticks. The smell of salt was strong. I pulled out my bag, pulling a smaller bag of money from it. 

"Excuse me miss, where do I pay to get on this ship?" The lady looked at me, before giving me a wide toothless smile, and guiding me toawrds a young man about 23. His face was handsome but you knew not to mess with it. The man looked down at my hand before look at me raising a eyebrow staring at me.

"What's a pretty gem like you doing wanting to go to sea" he said, walking past me to a barrel of fish, he took a fish clawing it's eye out, before he chucked it over board for a lady to catch. The lady glared at me, before walking away with the fish. 

"A-ah, I am running away to see a future husband" he stopped before staring at me again, before he smirk, and signalled to his men on the ship.

"We leave tonight young missy" I smiled happily, before leaning up and kissing his cheek. He was taken back by the action, but the other girls on dock, yelled and screamed. But they were to late, they undid the ropes, letting us free onto the water. 

Then it hit me. 

Was I doing the right thing? 


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