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Tips For Writing Your Admission Essay

Many educational institutions and organizations require applicants to write an admission essay during the selection process. These essays need to reflect the character of the candidate and they need to convey the goals and aspirations of the candidate to the college or university.


The following tips will help you to write a strong admission essay and increase your chances of being admitted.


An admission essay lets you put your visions, thoughts and opinions into your own words, giving the reader a good idea about the kind of person you are. In addition, it gives an insight into your thought process and, to some extent, your aptitude.

The admission authorities use these essays to learn more about you. In some cases, it may be used as the deciding factor when it comes to selecting or rejecting an applicant. Topics that are frequently used are:


* How have you grown and developed over the years? 

* How is a degree essential for the realization of your goals? * What are your dreams for the future and how do you plan to achieve them? 

* Describe your most rewarding experience. 

* What are your career aspirations?


The above are just some of the topics that could be asked in an admission essay. There are many others and sometimes the college or university may ask you just to write about yourself and your goals.


Whatever the topic, there are a few pointers to writing an admission essay that will stand you in good stead. Most essays are of a 500-word count, so make sure that your essay has four paragraphs at a minimum. Once you choose the topic, take some time to gather your thoughts so that you can structure how you are going to write about it argumentative essay help.


Start your essay with an introduction to your chosen topic and make sure your introduction is crisp, clear and lets the reader know exactly what to expect as they read through your essay. Keep your admission essay focussed, while engaging the reader and making them want to read the rest of your essay.


After the first paragraph, move on to the body of the essay. Keep in mind that the paragraphs in the body have to relate to the introduction. You can and should use real life examples here to give more detail on the topic you have chosen.


In the final paragraph you should round off your admission essay with a concluding statement that will remind the reader of the essay topic and ensure that they understand how you have dealt with the question that was asked. 


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