Demons, aliens and furries mixed together across time and space. It's fantasy, it's sci-fi, it's horror, it's erotica! What more could you want? This is the seven deadly vices like you have never seen them before. Updates every week!


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Wander hasn't seen a normal person in months. She hasn't seen a good person in years. She doesn't know much about the old world. What she does know is that there are four kinds of infected: Screamers, Sobbers, Fighters and Smilers. She knows that, somewhere, there's a town called Sanctuary, and her journey there will push her to her...

The Bloody Unicorn

Nitz Taescrill, a violent-tempered deposed pixie empress, looks to gain revenge on her sister, Empress Janai, by hiring the elusive assassin the Pale Rat of Schetzera to kill her. But she needs coin and information first, rarities in the world of Splatter-Elf. Together she joins with shapeshifting, gender-bending warlock Wormwheel to...

Angels Deserve To Die

Twenty-six year old Daniela Rosales didn't think her life could get any harder. Not when the Army Officers showed up on her door to deliver the news that her 10 year old son, Alex's, father had been killed in action in Iraq. Not when she had to throw down her pride and move in with his brother Marcus, a drug dealer and gang banger. Not...

Dead Skull

The Lupi School is a school for Lupi. Lupi are more commonly called 'vampires' but bear no resemblance to them. In this school there are 4 houses, one of which is Dead Skull. In order to enter a house, you have to pass the induction test.