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Charlotte in the world of wonder

 How I ever managed to escape the hurricane of Julian Albans, I'll never know. He swept everyone up and made it a huge commotion. It all started when Auggur Pullman joined the school. Then it escalated when Jack ditched Julian for Auggie! He somehow managed to upset every person in the entire school!! How he did this was clear! Bullying! Bullying his way through the school! Like a hurricane. The hurricane of Julian Albans!

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Ellen the Jew

 I had always been proud of my religion, never minded that I was Jewish! But that night was different. That night I felt regret of being a Jew and longed to be a different religion. One that wasn't tormented or mistreated.      As I lay in my bed, I heard the door click open and the aggressive and powerful voices of the soldiers in the living room. My surname was mentioned several times and each time I flinched in my bed. Then the heavy footsteps came marching quickly up the stairs and a current of fear and terror filled my body and I wanted to leave the room into a dream where no one was searching for me. I ripped my necklace off my neck and scrunched it into my hand. It was the Jewish star which would blow my cover immediately. They grabbed my hair and pulled me around as if I was a doll being played with. I was who they were looking for, Ellen the Jew.

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