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Nanowrimo 2015 story -

Sanctuary is a novel set in the year 3010. Virtual technology has advanced so much that humans can play online games by entering the internet with a head set and become fully immersed in a game.

Darius is 26 year old and has the perfect job; he is a game creater. He gets paid to create these awesome virtual video games and as a plus he gets to test his own creations. He has created a new game called Sanctuary and now all he has to do is test it. He has decided to make his beta version available to other players and invites 500 beta testers to try it.

He has sent out the invite using a special hidden code so only specially qualified players who notice the invite will be chosen. He has set the deadline to be until the 15th October and is now currently waiting for the remaining 10 players left to join. Even if 10 players do not join he will still go ahead and start the beta version.

Sanctuary is a game where you can pick to be a hero or a villain. The world in which you experience changes depending on how many heroes and villains there are at the start of the game. There is always a chance to switch sides but it's up to you to decide.

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Darius pulled the sword from its sheath and held it confidently in his left hand. The other player backed away from him unsure what to do.

"What are you doing?" Darius doesn't reply, he only advances towards him.

"Stop! I'm sorry! I...I didn't mean it! Please!" he's backed up against the wall now with nowhere to go. He looks frantically left and right looking for something to shield himself or for a weapon that he can use against him.

Darius raises the sword high into the air, the metal gleaming under the kitchen light.

"This is what you deserve!" He cries out as he swings the sword down in an arc.

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Chapter 1

October 11th 3010

Darius clicked the "Accept" button for the 490th player and leant back in his chair. He yawned and stretched his arms above his head. He wiggled his fingers to try and get the blood to start circulating through them. He glanced at the time on his computer screen it showed 2:10am. He had been working for three straight hours without a break trying to put the finishing touches to his new game Sanctuary.

When he had first started the game a year and a half ago he had planned to have his beta version ready by the 15th October. It had seemed so far away at the time and now it was only four days away.  He couldn't believe how quickly time had gone by and he remembered all the nights he had spent working until dawn to finish bits of coding.

He rubbed his tired brown eyes and looked at his small single bed in the left corner of the room. It was calling out to him now. He shut down his computer and crawled under the sheets and fell asleep as soon as his eyes closed.

Tomorrow was another day and he was nearly done...nearly...done...

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