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Chapter 2; Confusion

Chapter 2

The rest of school had went fine. I had became friends with Alice, Tony and Mason. I had sat with them at lunch and they had spoke of their crazy summer adventures. We had quite a few classes together. So far I only had Maths, English, Art and RE with Michael. So I was glad. Today I had Drama, Art, Math, PE, English and Modern Studies. Which were all fine classes so I wasn't bothered much. I sat on the bus with Alice, Tony and Mason. Mason next to me and Alice and Tony in front turned around and talking.

"Oh she is just so fake. Have you seen the way she touches him in class it makes me want to puke. And she does everything and I mean everything with him." Alice complained disgusted.

"Who?" I asked confused. Did she mean little miss perfect and Michael?

"Oh yeah, sorry I keep forgetting your new. See in art class yesterday the guy right before you in roll call?" I nodded. "His name's Michael and the girl next to him is Casey, his little own slut. They do everything together. It gives me the hives." she shuddered. So it was  Michael and little miss perfect. Oh and to make it more complicated there were only few wolves in this school so far I knew of me, Michael, little miss perfect, and a few older and younger ones. Not a lot.

"Yuck, what are you guys in first any ways?" I asked wanting to get off the subject of him and what he and his girlfriend do before I ended up puking or snarling in anger. Either way was bad.

"Hmm music." Alice said.

"PE" Mason told me.

"Drama what about you?" Tony asked.

"Drama, at least I wont be nigeled."

"Nigeled?" all three asked simultaneously, with three pairs of eyes staring at me confused.

"Myself- alone." I explained laughing.

"Oh okay." Alice laughed. Alice was a really nice girl. She had bright blue eyes every girl desired, long soft blonde hair, average height and skinny. Her boyfriend tall, brown eyes, black hair and built. Mason tall, shaggy brown hair, grey eyes, tanned and skinny. All three were quite smart at all different subjects. Alice in English, Mason in Maths and Tony in Chemistry. Whereas I'm only okay in my subjects not really stand out good. I was never particularly good in creative subjects so I could tell I was going to have a not so good period in drama. The bus stuttered to a stop and just like yesterday the sparks continued. Wait I wasn't nervous? I looked around the bus and saw him looking at me. The sparks and heartbeat elevation were by him, it was the mate bond. Cursing I rose from my seat along with my trio of friends and headed off the bus. It was quite warm and I was glad I had only put on a pair of legans, flats and a black t-shirt that said Jerk right across it in white. I sighed. The warm autumn air felt nice. It was a perfect day. The bell rang. We moved our way to first period. Tony and I headed through the corridors, avoiding being crushed and walked into the drama classroom. It was quite big compared to the other classrooms. It was carpeted and spacious. With huge red curtains and a red carpet to match. The curtains were open showing an area that could be used as a backstage for a performance. Chairs set out in groups across the classroom. There was a smart board at the front of the class. The teachers desk sat at the front the opposite side of the door. Behind the desk sat a woman. She had a small figure, with short red hair down to her shoulders and a small face. She rose as the class filled. She wore a casual red dress with boots and a black cardiga.

"I have prepared groups for the opening drama performance. Don't worry you wont be marked, it's just for a back to school revision. There are four groups of four so listen carefully and no trying to go to another group." she laughed. " Okay first group consists of; Lauryn, Gary, Ben and Bethany. All consists of two boys and two girls so it's fair. Second; Olivia. Nicholas, Kevin and Grace. Third; Tina, Caleb, Courtney and Toby." I looked around frantically. Please God no. I wanted to scream. "And last but not least the fourth group consists of ; Lucy, Tony, Casey and Michael." Tony huffed and I wanted to rip my hair out. They stalked their way over. Casey's eyes almost bulged out her head as she took in my scent. She nudged Michael and he only nodded. There was a period of silence as they sat down on the chairs across from us.

"So any suggestions on what we could do our play on?" I asked as the teacher passed us.

"We could do it about a murder. Say someone was out partying one night and had their throat slit and we could be the police trying to crack down on it but the head of police is the one who done it and he gets away." Tony suggested. I nodded in agreement it sounded like we could fit enough in it.

"What do you guys say?" I asked Michael and Casey sternly. This was the most fudged up period. Thank god it was Tony here instead of some guy I didn't no otherwise I would rip my hair out.

"Yeah sounds good." Michael said. Why did he have to have a voice like that. I mean honestly why couldn't he just have a normal voice. Oh wait he does, it's just this stupid mate bond that just makes everything about him more lovable or attractive. I frowned, why does he have to be my mate but.

"Okay so who wants to be who. Tony you get first pick." I asked tearing my gaze from him.

"I'll just be one of the police officers."

"I'll be the one who gets their throat slit." Casey grinned.

"I'll guess I'll be the killer slash head of police." Michael said.

"And I'll just be a police officer."

"Wait did she tell us what day we are preforming?" Casey asked and we all shook our heads. "Crap I'll be back in two secs"she said laying a kiss on Michaels cheek and I almost growled.

"I'll go check what she's asking." Tony said and I almost killed him. He had left me alone with him.

"Why did you move here." Michael asked annoyed surprising me.

"Because this was another school my mum picked." I replied coldly. "And don't worry I'll be gone in a month or two anyway."

"Why?" he asked momentary confused.

"Because that's what always happens." I replied simply.

"But why?" he repeated.

"I don't know." I sighed.

"Well good." he said his voice returned cold and I winced.

"Yeah good." I could feel him stare at me.

"Do you mind, it's just as easy to stare at the floor." I snapped annoyed. What was his deal. He continued to stare at me and I glared back. Then footsteps came close and he dropped his gaze and I moved mine to my shoes. Tony and Casey sat down. I heard Casey sigh and saw her flip her hair from the corner of my eyes. I rolled my eyes and saw Michael stifle a laugh.

"Lauryn you need to play the girl who gets her throat slashed and a police officer I wont be here. I'll be on holiday to Paris for two weeks." Casey sighed.

"Lucy." Michael corrected.

"What?" Casey asked confused.

"You said Lauryn , her name's Lucy." Michael answered. I frowned, confused much. Why correct her it was pointless she would forget my name in two seconds anyway. I looked at Michael a look of annoyance in his eyes which just made me even more confused.

"Oh sorry. Should we try the first part?" Casey suggested. Great Michael killing me how jolly. I rose from my seat and so did he. "Okay Lauryn you position yourself as if your behind the curtain then you stumble out and take your phone out as if you are about to phone a taxi. Michael you'll be in the corner in front of the curtain and you'll lurk behind her and slit her throat." Casey ordered. We both got in our starting positions. I stumbled out and pulled out and imaginary phone from my makeshift pocket. I could hear him coming closer to me. Then he stopped. His arm encircles my waist. Sparks are instantly sparked where he touches me and I can't breath. I know he can feel it because I hear his intake of breath. He pulls me right up against him and sparks light up my back right down to the back of my feet. His hand raises and makes a slashing motion across my neck which starts even more sparks. I still can't breath. Remembering that we are supposed to be acting, I close my eyes, lean into him and sag my neck to the right so it looks as if I am dead in his arms. Claps sound in front of me I open my eyes to see Tony, Casey and a few other people form close by groups clapping which attracts the teachers gaze. I break away from Michael reluctantly and the sparks dissipate. The teacher makes her way towards us and I gulp. Did we do something wrong?

"From the sound of some of your classmates you done something right or funny. Would you mind showing me?" we both shook our heads simultaneously and got in our starting positions. We done the exact same thing again and the sparks created a fire in me that I had to diminish quickly. We got a round of applause from the students watching and the teacher we quickly separated before the sparks were too much to bear.

"Okay that was really well done, keep it up." the teacher commented then went around the class to watch other groups.

"You didn't tell me you were good at acting in drama. You two together made it look so .. real. And you both done it so slowly to add in more tension. It was brilliant." Tony grinned.

"I'm not good at drama. I sucked at it in my old schools." I laughed, I could feel the blood rush to my cheeks.

"Well your great at Drama in this school." he said as the bell rang. We grabbed our bags and headed to Art with Michael and Casey tailing us.

"Are you sure you can't come with us after school?" Tony asked sadly.

"Yeah I'm sorry but I will ask my mum for tomorrow. She just gets so jumpy when I'm away from her." I laughed.


"I don't know. I think it has something to do with.." I trailed off. I was going to sat 'with my sister' but why bring that up?

"With what?" Tony asked curiously.

"Nothing." I dismissed laughing. We entered the art classroom that wasn't as big as the drama classroom but still big none the less. I sat at the back and saw Michael hesitate. He nudged Casey. I could hear his whispered words thanks to the stupid super hearing.

"I'm gonna sit with Lucy today." I saw Casey frown.


"To ask her some questions."

"Oh okay." she smiled looking relieved.

He made his way towards me. I huffed. Why? I mean honestly text the questions but he wont get my number. And I'm not allowed any social media sites like Facebook or Twitter so he'd be screwed for that. He sat beside me.

"Ask some questions?" I raised my eyebrows but he just shrugged and took a notebook out of his bag.

'Why do you move every month or two?' he scrawled neatly on the notebook. He pushed the notebook towards me and waited patiently for an answer.

Because my mum and dad do and I stay with them so I move to.

He looked at the answer and scribbled

Yeah but why?

Because I do?

Why aren't you allowed out after school? Why would your mum go jumpy.

You heard that?

Yeah, the same way you heard me talking to Casey.

He saw me flinch and quickly scribbled

Sorry. And you never answered. What were you going to say to Tony?

I hesitated. Should I say. What difference was it going to make?

My sister.

Does she come to this school.


Did she come here with you.

No. I don't know who she is or where she is. I've never met her.

Crap sorry. I'm really not good as this am I ?

I laughed attracting a few stares, one in particular was Casey's and I shut up.

No. I think you should go sit next to your girlfriend she looks a bit nigeled.


Does no one know what that means. It means left alone, their selves.

Oh and she'll be fine.

You give her so much thought don't you. Look at her. She looks alone and worried. I may not particularly like her but I wouldn't want to be in her place just now.

Why don't you like her?

I don't know her enough to like her. And she doesn't seem like the type of girl I would like or befriend.

Okay. Where are you from?

Lots of places.

Very specific. Have you ever belonged in a pack?

No never stayed anywhere long enough to be part of a pack.

Does it not suck. I mean you need to leave your friends and every home you make.

To tell you the truth I don't make much friends, I gave it up after the first few moves because I just saw it as pointless.

So you've never had a boyfriend?

No. If I don't make friends then the guys aren't interested and I don't really notice them. It seems pointless having one if your going to move like two weeks after you start going out with them.

That seems sad. No friend, no boyfriend and no proper home.

Yeah well you get used to it, think of it as a morning routine except it's a life routine instead of morning.

"Am I interrupting something Lucy and Michael?" the teacher asked sternly. She didn't look in a good mood as she had yesterday. The class turned to us and I sank in my seat whereas Michael looked impassive.

"No miss, she was asking how it was she got to class next."

"Is that true Lucy?" I nodded. "Well sorry, there is maps available in the office if you need one."

"Thank you that would be helpful." I said and she turned back to the class.

Seriously, it's that easy for you? He shrugged. Guess that was the end of the questions.

"Okay class get out your pencil cases." they teacher ordered. I reached down for my bag which was in the middle of Michael and me next to his bag. We both reached for our bags at the same time and our hands touched sending sparks across my hand. I froze and so did he, the sparks continuing. I raised my eyes to meet his and I saw confusion and wonder in his eyes. I quickly pulled my hand away.

"Sorry." I muttered dazed. I pulled my pencil case out my bag and looked at Michael. He was still in the same position and looked dazed. "Michael" I whispered. "Pencil case." he shook his head. I saw Casey staring and felt bad.

Sorry. I scribbled on the notebook and he just shrugged. I really had to be careful not to touch him it isn't good on either of us. I kept peaking out of the corner of my eyes at him. He stared blankly at the teacher not looking in my direction and followed the orders of the teachers obediently and quietly. Finally the bell rang. It was break. I almost jogged out the class room and down the stairs. I could feel his gaze burning wholes in my back. Finally outside I quickly texted my mum and my trio of friends sat beside me on the steps as I picked at a packet of crisps, the same as yesterday.

"What was that about in Art?"

"Why did Michael sit next to you in Art?"

"Did you know him before you moved to this school?"

"Why didn't he sit next to Casey?"

"What was up with the notebook?"

I was bombarded with questions and disapproving looks from my three friends. I sighed.

"He was asking what we could do to develop the scenes and it was Casey who told him to ask me because she wouldn't be here. And no I didn't no him before I moved here." I answered tiredly.

"Oh good. We thought you and him had hooked up before you moved here and that would've been so awkward." Alice laughed and I quickly joined in, dismissing their guess.

"Why would you think that?"

"I don't know. But he stared at you whenever you had your back turned."

"Yeah I sort of threatened him. So I guess he was worried in case I pulled a knife out or something." I made up quickly and almost slapped myself for how stupid I had been.

"Oh god." they laughed. And I laughed with them, glad they had believed my stupid lie.

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Chapter 1;Friends Hates and mates

First days suck. Especially in a new school. I'll be the new kid this year. The weirdo. Just like I have been in my last dozen "new" schools. I hated this. I always had to stay hidden. But I never knew why. My mum just told me that I was in danger. So every month or two we moved. My name is Lucy. I am 16 years old. I have long brown curly hair and wide brown eyes. My face pale and I wasn't tall or small I was average height. The odd friends I had made here and there always said I had a nice figure but I always thought I looked like crap. People wondered why I always dressed in black. And always carried this small weird teddy in my bag. It was a small black wolf. It signified strength and power to me. But others saw it as a weird stupid ugly teddy for a child. But Izzy was one of my most reliable secret holders. I told her my deepest thoughts when I was alone as I wouldn't risk telling any person who was alive. Whenever I had free time and needed someone to talk to when Izzy wasn't enough- sorry Izzy- I would go to the graveyard and talk to my old best friend. She had died in a horrible car crash that I had escaped from somehow unscathed and yet she died. Everyone wondered why I couldn't have died and she lived. And to be fair I agreed with them. Anna had been one of the best people ever. It had broke everyone's hearts when she had died. She was confident, smart, pretty, skinny, funny, talkative, hard working and trustful. I had trusted her with everything and now I still did even when she couldn’t hear me. I had told her about me being a werewolf- oh right I forgot to tell you, well there you go a big conversation stopper let me save you the wonder. Being a werewolf sucks. You can never feel like you fit in, never trust anyone, need to shift, need to wait for your mate to find you and so much more crap. Underline I hate it. I want to be normal. Human. But I couldn't. Like Lady Gaga says “ I was born this way”. I shoved my converse on my feet and grabbed my bag and headed down stairs. My mum sat in the kitchen with a newspaper and coffee in hand. She was in her late 30s, had long full brown hair and green eyes the colour of emeralds and a pale face. She always said I looked like my sister. But I had never met her I never knew why but I didn't dare to bring her up. My dad thumped down the stairs. He wore his glasses. He was tall and had the same wide brown eyes I had, his short brown hair falling into his eyes.

“You know the drill, phone us or text us at break, lunch and after school straight away. And come straight home no stalling.” my mum warned. Here we go. She said this every morning before I left for school or even a corner shop.

“Yeah, yeah. See you guys later. Love ya's.” I called as I walked out the front door. The bus stop was only a ten minute walk from my house so I had enough time to take in my surroundings as I went by. It was awfully green here. I loved green but and I loved the woods, so I didn't mind. I hummed a Fallout Boy song as I walked to the bus stop. Then I noticed that the bus was at the bus stop. Crap! I sprinted to the bus and when it was about to leave I got there. The doors opened and I got in panting. Some boys at the front snickered and the girls whispered. There was an empty seat up the back so I headed down the isle and sat. I could feel eyes staring at me as I transfixed my gaze outside the window. Then I remembered I had to text my mum. Quickly I grabbed my phone.

I'm on the bus on route to school.

Okay enjoy. Be safe. Come straight home and remember to text me at break and interval and as soon as you get out of school. Love you- mum.

I know goodbye love you

Hastily I put my phone away in my bag. Then I felt something. It seemed like a simple spark and my heartbeat elevated slightly. I ignored it maybe it was nerves. I put my earphones in and blasted a new song I had heard called runnin by Adam Lambert.

Steel to my trembling lips. How did the night ever get like this? One shot and the whiskey goes down, down, down. Bottom of the bottle hits,waking up my mind as I throw a fit. The breaking is taking me down, down, down.

My hearts beating faster, I know what I'm after. I've been standing here my whole life. Everything I've seen twice, now it's time I realised it's spinning back around now. On this road I'm crawlin save me cause I'm falling now. I can't seem to breathe right cause I keep runnin, runnin,runnin, runnin, runnin, runnin,runnin, runnin, runnin from my heart.

Round and around I go. Addicted to the numb living in the cold. The higher, the lower, the down, down, down. Sick of being tired and sick and ready for another kind of fix. The damage is damning me down, down, down. My heart beats faster, I know what I'm after.

The bus came to a stop and I turned off my music and put my phone away. The feeling that I thought was nervousness didn't stop the whole bus ride and as the bus emptied the feeling dissipated. I sighed in relief then the feeling of fear crept over me and filled me. I was so screwe- fudged. I laughed at myself and in return received stares from passer-bys. Yeah definitely fudged. I made my way to the office and a small receptionist gestured for me to come inside. Suddenly that feeling was back. Why can't I stop being so nervous!

“Hello ma'am. I'm the new student.” I smiled at the blonde haired blue eyed woman. Her rosy cheeks rose in a kind smile.

“What's your name again.”

“Lucy Pines.” I answered. The sparks intensified. You will be fine. No reason to be nervous.

“Okay here is your time table. Enjoy.” I smiled and said goodbye. She seemed nice so this school should be fine. At least I hopped.

I made my way to my first class which was art. Thank god. I couldn't draw but I loved it. The sparks kept on prickling at me as if it was about to light a huge fire. I dismissed it. Art shouldn't be nerve racking, it should be easy going so cam down Lucy. I came into the classroom. I took a seat at the back, hoping to go unnoticed. No one looked at me as the class filled thank god. I sighed in relief. The teacher entered. She was tall, blonde, young and looked considerably happy.

“Okay class, we will get the register done then just draw for the period as it's only first day back. I have cartoon characters at front or flowers for you to draw. And before you ask drawing not tracing.” she laughed and some of the class sighed. She started roll call.


“Here” a girl nearer the front answered. She had long blonde hair and when I say long I mean long like down to her but long.


“Here.” a boy next to her answered they were holding hands under the table and playing footsie quietly trying not to interrupt the teacher. Their probably boyfriend and girlfriend.


“Here” a boy a row across me answered his voice was quite low and his shaggy hair covered one of his grey eyes.


“Here” I didn't dare look I could tell he was hot by just hearing his voice. It was rough but soft at the same time. It sounded velvety.

“Lucy.” the teacher looked around the classroom frowning noticing the unfamiliar name.

“Here.” I spoke. I cowered in my seat as everyone stared.

“I wasn't aware there was a new girl. Sorry about that dear.” she said laughing. Eyes continued to stare at me as my face flushed red. I gave a small smile then stared at my desk until I was sure most eyes had looked away but I could feel his eyes on me. I looked at him and something deep inside me shifted. Mate. One simple word. With a hell of a lot of attachments. And I could smell it. He was a werewolf. He knew I was his mate. He had that brown hair that looked so soft you could ran your hands through it a million times and it would feel like silk. His soft blue eyes gaze at me. His eyes were the kind you dreamed up of for your absolutely perfect but imaginative impossible boyfriend. A girl next to him shook him. Her hands on his legs a too little close to a certain area. She was tall blonde, skinny, pretty, long eyelashes, long legs, perfect hair and had a perfect figure. No way was I able to compete with that. Silently, casting a glance to Michael every now and again I drew Mickey mouse handing Minnie the biggest bouquet flowers. I started shading then the bell went. Heading to Maths I found out that Michael and his bitc- fudgy fudge was in the same class as me so I sat quietly until the bell rang. Glad to get away from little miss perfect and Michael I grabbed my bag and headed outside into the school grounds. Pulling out my phone and a packet of crisps I sat on the steps, plugging in my music and texted my mum. I skipped the song to fallout boy's song 'Just one Yesterday' and started picking at the packet of crisps. A group of people sat next to me. I recognised them all from my art class. The couple that were playing footsie and the guy with the shaggy hair. I think their names were Alice, Tony and Mason. They smiled at me.

“I'm Alice and you must be Lucy.” she beamed brightly. “ This is Tony” she gestured towards her boyfriend “And Mason” gesturing towards the other boy.

“Hey.” I said awkwardly.

“We were wondering if you'd like to come with us after school and we'd show you around.”

“I'm so sorry but I need to go home and finish unpacking.” I told them and it was the truth my new room was filled with unopened boxes.

“Hey that's okay. Are you liking the school.” Alice asked. She's going to be the talkative one then.

“Yeah the people seem really nice.” I grinned.

“Good. I hope you didn't get too embarrassed in art.” she laughed and I joined in on the laughter.

“No not too much.”

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Chapter 3; Rumours

The rest of that week had went fine mind you it was only Friday, Saturday and Sunday since we had started school on a Wednesday. Today was Monday and you'll never guess what mostly all my classes had Michael in it. I groaned at the thought. We didn't see each other on Friday thankfully after the little incident in Art class on the Thursday. Oh and guess what? I convinced my mum to let Alice, Tony and Mason come over today after school. I know it might sound lame to everyone else but to me it was a miracle. And I was totally excited. It was the first time I was allowed people over ever. And believe me it took forever to convince  her to agree. I had to convince her that they were human a million times before she had agreed. I couldn't wait to tell them. I walked slowly to the bus stop like the first day , but I left five minutes earlier this morning so I should be fine. I wore a pair of black skinny jeans, a black jumper and a pair of black converse. It was quite chilly this morning so I was thankful I did wear a jumper. I'm in Drama today and Art I remembered. I groaned. Why? I still had to break the news to my mum. Should I text her? Maybe I should. I've never kept a secret from her about something to do with werewolves before. I took out my phone. Here goes nothing. No going back. I sighed.


What's happened? Is something wrong????

No but I need to tell you something.

What????? You almost gave me a heart attack.

Sorry mum. But, What would you do if

I hesitated.


Was I sure I wanted to tell her? It was a bit late to change my mind now. May as well get it over with. Sighing I quickly texted it to her before I could change my mind.

If I found my mate.

I was at the bus stop. I waited. She took a while to answer. But my phone finally beeped and vibrated.

Have you found him?


Is he human.


What is he?????


Is he a danger??


Are you sure??


Are you two official.

No we only talk now and then.

Okay. Remember to text me at break. We'll talk about this when your friends leave. Love you.

Bye. Love you too.

I sighed. That wasn't as bad as I thought. I don't know what I had expected. The bus came to a stop in front of me. I got on and headed to my usual seat up the back. The bus was emptier today. Why? Thankfully my trio was still in. And so was Michael. I could tell because as soon as I got on the bus the sparks had ignited. I only cast him a glance and my breath was taken from me again. He was wearing a plain grey t-shirt and blue jeans and a pair of Nike trainers. But I didn't see Casey. Wait she was on holiday wasn't she?

“Guess what?” I grinned as I sat down.

“What?” Alice frowned.

“My mum is letting me bring you guys over after school.” I grinned. And so did they.

“Oh my God! Great. Thank god I wont be stuck in the house.” Alice squealed almost bursting my eardrums. I covered my ears.

I lowered my hands. “Okay a bit loud.” I laughed. “Hey why is the bus so empty?”

“People are either on a Geography trip or dogging it so classes will be quite empty today.” Tony rolled his eyes. “Hey we are in Drama the day right? And Art?”

“Yeah, Why?”

“They are gonna get us to work in groups in art then since half the class will be missing and the only one off in Drama for our group is Casey.”

“So we have no director?” I grinned. In Drama she always told us everything to do and never let anyone input their own ideas. Tony nodded happily. I was guessing he never liked her either. You couldn't blame him though could you, she was just one of those people you just could never like or even put up with. And it didn't help her that she was something to do was Michael in the case of me liking her.

“In Art how many are there of us?” I looked around the bus.

“Us, Michael and Grace .” Alice said. “So that's what.. six of us. We'll all be in a group.” I sighed. Why. I had been saying that a lot actually. I really had to cut down on it. The bus came to a stop. I rose and so did Michael. Our eyes caught one another's, and we stayed like that for a moment but then he looked away and I shook my head. We made our way off the bus and headed for first class which was modern studies. I groaned again. Michael was in this class and sat behind me. It's going to be brutal. Moving through the corridor I could feel him behind me. I stopped outside the classroom causing him him to bump into me, I moved forward before the sparks could ignite but I was too late.

“Sorry.” I said quickly as I turned to face him. Conversation? Ask something already? “Eh do you know what we are in next?” I asked looking into his eyes.

“Yeah, I think we're in Art then break and Drama.”

“Oh cool.” I tried to think about something to say. “So what did you do at the weekend?” a ghost of a smile appeared.

“Nothing much. How about you?”

“Nothing really just in the house.”

“Yeah, I know. What you up to tonight?”

“I don't know yet. How about you?” I beamed as I thought of finally being allowed to have people over.

“Alice, Tony and Mason are coming over.”

“Oh okay.” I hummed another Fallout boy nervously then went to humming poison and wine by the civil wars. Finally the teacher appeared and gestured for us to come into the classroom. He was a tall man, skinny, greying hair and wore a small pair of glasses that fell to the middle of his nose. We entered class. I hated it when I was in such close proximity to him. The sparks went crazy like a wild fire that couldn't be tamed or put out. He must go crazy. I mean he feels the sparks too doesn't he? Yeah, I'm pretty sure he did. I mean in Drama last week I was sure he felt them. But we were so close and I could've just imagined it. I sighed in frustration and started singing Over My Head by The Fray in my head. I wish it was the end of the school day. All I wanted to do was tell him how I fell and hope he would feel the same but no I was too much of a wuss. And he had feelings for Casey and couldn’t wait till I left and went to my next school. Why did I have to be me? Why did he have to be my mate? Why couldn't I be human? Why do I need to be a werewolf?

“Lucy?” his voice. Slowly I turned. “I think the teacher is getting annoyed at your humming.” he whispered and he was right when I looked at the teacher he was glaring in my direction. I really need to stop humming or at least realise when I'm humming.

“Sorry.” I squeaked embarrassed. I turned back to Michael. “Thank you.” I whispered. He smiled at me revealing straight white teeth. He really should smile more, it made me feel dazed. We stared at each other for a while, then I felt other gazes on us, so I reluctantly tore my gaze away but I kept sitting sideways so I glance at Michael through the corner of my eye. He listened carefully to the teacher keeping his eyes on him. The bell went and we rose simultaneously again. I grabbed my bag and headed to Art. Michael walked beside me.

“So why do you hum?”

“I don't know I just do it when I'm nervous but I don't always notice, like in class there.” I laughed.

“So why were you nervous?”

“What? I wasn't nervous.”

“You just said you do it when you're nervous and you were humming. Actually you hum a lot.” he laughed. Oh crap. I shouldn't have said that.

“Oh right.” I laughed nervously.

“So how are you?” he asked.

“Yeah I'm good , what about you.”

“Yeah good. Do you know what time the Geography trip finishes at?”

“No I thought it went on all day. Why?”

“No reason” he grinned and my heart elevated again. How can one person have so much effect on you? It was so annoying.

“Hopefully we're just doing something fun in Art.” Michael said.

“Yeah, Alice told me we'll probably be in groups.”

“Yeah so I might get stuck with you.” he laughed and I joined in. We arrived at class laughing. I got stares off of my friends. I headed to my seat at the back of the class and heard someone sit beside me. I looked and saw Michael. My heart went crazy and my thoughts everywhere. The sparks intensifying. I tried to slow my breathing. Looking out the corner of my eyes I saw him fiddling about with his bag. Noticing I was humming I shut up and saw him laughing. The laugh was like a beautiful melody, rich and gentle. I wanted to hear it again and again.

“Are you okay?” Michael whispered softly. I realised I had started humming again only louder. I laughed nervously.

“Yeah sorry.”

“Don't be, it's nice.” Wait what did he say? “I mean funny.” he added quickly and I laughed again. I saw Alice staring and immediately focused on the desk. Michael saw who I had looked at and frowned.

“Does she not like me?” he asked quietly making sure no one would hear him.

“No she's just confused. And it's you and Casey she's heard stuff about, well the whole year has.” I explained.

“She shouldn't believe things she hears then unless she knows it to be the truth.” he replied sternly and I frowned confused.

“Okay.” I said still confused.

The teacher entered and looked around the classroom disappointedly. “This all, I knew there was a trip but I only have ten names that should be off and I know Casey's on holiday but there should still be another thirteen pupils.” she said shaking her head. “Okay you'll be doing pair work, so Grace sit next to Mason. I want you to discuss about yourself then once the other person is done you are going to do a drawing of their mind and fill it with information about them.” Great. “Okay start.” I turned to face Michael.

“Do you want to go first.” I offered. He nodded.

“Okay, em I was born here I have a younger brother and older sister. My birthday is July 20th, favourite singers Eminem and The Fray. Favourite subject Drama, Art and PE. Eh I love music and football and my favourite colour is green.” he finished. “Your go.”

“Okay eh I was born 25th October, I move a lot, I have an older sister. I love music. A lot are The Fray, Fall out boy and millions of more singers, one of my most favourite songs are Runnin by Adam Lambert, Times by tenth north avenue, Poison Wine by The Civil Wars, Over my head and a lot of Fallout Boy songs. I like Art and PE and my favourite colour is green, my favourite place would be the woods.”

“Cool. What do you do in your spare time?” he asked. Well I do nothing I'm in the house all the time so I could only think of two things.

“Read and listen to music, I guess.”

“What about internet? Social networking sites?”

“No, I don't have anything like that.” he stared at me shocked and I laughed.

“Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? Skype? Nothing?” he asked.

“Nope.” I say still laughing.

“How about a phone?”

“Yeah of course.” He looked relieved like that.

“At least your definitely not an alien.” he said laughing. An alien was he crazy?

“And if I was? Got a problem.” I try to quieten my laughter but I can't.

“Oh believe me you'll find away around it.” I frowned and he shook his head laughing even harder.

“Excuse me have you started filling in yet?” the teacher asked glaring and I turned read as four pairs of eyes not including the teacher stared at us. Thank God the class was basically empty. We started filling in the sheet of paper quietly. Every now and again I peeked out the corner of my to find him doing the same. I blushed furiously and he grinned. Finally I finished filling in his 'mind'. I sat silently peeking at his paper. He was a great drawer. He had filled in my features perfectly and surrounded it by flowers leading to a different bubble. I looked at mine, I had used just curvy lines and filled in his features like a ten year old would. I put my arms over the drawing so he wouldn't see it. But he done something I never expected. Once he was done I saw his arm inch in my direction and I immediately froze, my breath caught in my throat. What the hell was he doing? His hand grasped my wrists gently and the sparks intensified where he had touched, he moved my arm towards him. What the hell?

“What are you doing??” I hissed and he laughed quietly, why did his laugh have to sound so good.

“Moving your arm to see your picture.” he whispered back and I almost slapped myself.

“Oh.” Then I remembered how crap my picture was. “I really can't draw by the way it looks like a ten year olds.” I complained.

“And?” he asked . I had to laugh. We stared at each other but then I noticed the teacher standing behind him and I raised my eyebrows nodding my head in the direction of the teacher to let Michael know someone's behind him.

“Are you two finished?” we nodded. The bell went and the teacher dismissed us and we walked out the classroom laughing. I stopped outside the door to wait on Alice, Mason and Tony.

“You coming?” he turned and asked me.

“I'm waiting on them.” a look of remembrance and disappointment crossed his face.

“Oh, I'll see you in Drama then.” he said sadly and went to turn around. Before I could stop my self I spoke.

“Hey wait.” he turned back around. “I could introduce you guys and they can get a second opinion on you. Well if you want.” I offered. I saw confliction of whether to stay or go in his gorgeous eyes.

“Yeah sure. If it's okay with them.” I beamed. He said yes. I had expected him to shake his head and leave but he didn't. Alice came out the door followed by Mason and Tony. We all headed outside to the steps with Alice frowning at me the whole way. When we had been seated Alice started speaking.

“So Michael how is Casey?” Alice asked and I saw him wince at her tone. I nudged her and she shrugged her shoulders.

“Yeah I guess she's fine.”

“You guess. I thought you guys were all so close but.” she continued. And I could easily guess what she was implying.

“You know you shouldn't believe what you hear kicking about it causes you to judge someone completely different than what they are. I knew this was a bad idea, sorry Lucy.” he said sadly and went to get up.

“Wait.” I said and he paused with his back turned to me. “Please sit.” after a minute he obeyed.

“What?” he asked his voice rough.

“Explain to Alice.”

“About what?” he frowned, his forehead wrinkling.

“Why she shouldn't believe what she hears.” I suggested after a moment of thought.

“She just says we do.... stuff to her friends. So she can get more respect from them and so she can keep up appearances.” he said slowly, choosing his words carefully. Alice searched his face for some sign that he was kidding or laughing.

“What about in classes when she has her hand eh close to a um certain area.” she said choosing her words carefully.

“For appearances like I said. I hate her doing it but she continues to.” he spoke quietly looking at his trainers.

“Oh okay. So what are you getting up to tonight?” Alice asked changing the subject.

“Nothing really.” he answered still looking at his shoes.

“Why don't you join us then. We're going Lucy's house after school.” Mason suggested and I stared at him confused.

“I don't want to be a hassle.” he laughed.

“No it'll be good. Just come.” I inputed smiling. He looked up at me surprised and bit the corner of his lips. After a period of silence he answered.

“Yeah sure why not. Wait will your parents be okay with it?” he asked turning back to me.

“Yeah of course I'll text her just now and tell her.” getting out my phone.

Hey can I ask you a small favour?

Yes I think. Depends on what it is??

Remember how it was just three people coming over?

Yes why?

I was wondering if it's okay if another person comes over as well.

Yeah who?

My mate.

Yeah sure your dad wanted to talk to him any way.


I don't know, I'm a werewolf not a mind reader.

I laughed. “Yeah your allowed.”

“Okay.” he smiled.

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