Secrets And Dangers


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I ran as fast as I could not daring to look back. My bare feet slapped against the ground harshly earning deep scars to be engraved into my feet. My hair flies behind me as I run, the cold night wind rushing by me. Everything that had happened since the accident had been brutal. I didn't even know if Ash was safe, or if anyone knew I was gone. I could hear the crack of branches as I snap them in my haste, I can hear the distant howls of wolves. I fear if I never found my way out of this horrid forest would they come for me, would they turn me to food and leave my bones to rot?  No I am not going to die. I had been through worse than this. I was tougher than this. I knew I was going to get out of here no matter what. My footfalls echo loudly in my head and I knew I would be caught because of the loudness.  My heart in my throat, struggling to breathe I came to halt to catch my breath, willing the panic attack that was close away. I looked around to take in my surroundings but it was too dark. Thankfully the light of the moon illuminated a small gap between the trees and the under growth. I move to it quickly not caring about anything that might come near me except my hunter. Once settled I try to calm my breathing and shrink down so my hunter wouldn't see me. Of course I am the one that finds myself in this mess. The stupid puny human. The weak one. The dumb one. The lost cause. I reached in my back pocket for my phone and tried to phone Ashley.

"C'mon please pick up Ashley I need you. Please" I whispered hoping she would answer before he came. She better be okay. If she died as a result of the accident I would rip him into shreds  whether  I was human or not.

"Hello. Hello. Ava? Are you okay??" I don't answer straight away. "Ava answer now you're scaring me." her voice was filled with worry and panic. But I also heard the note of pain in it which wasn't a good sign.  I looked around me checking if it was okay for me to speak. Once satisfied that no one was here I answered in a hushed tone.

"Ashley its Ava I need help he's trying to kill me and you need to get me help okay. Just now I'm hiding but he's getting close to me. I'm in the-" the phone was painfully and suddenly kicked out my hand.

"WOODS. HELP HE'S HERE!!!" I shouted hoping she had heard me but if the phone had broken during the fall then I was as good as dead. I was yanked up and pushed into the rough bark of the tree. I yelped in pain. I looked up to face my attacker, and looked into his eyes and froze. His eyes were as cold as ice and as dark as the night surrounding us.

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Chapter 1

I jump upright in my bed covered in a cold sweat. My throat sore as if I had been screaming repeatedly in terror. I feel tears swell in my eyes as I think about the dream. My room had turned into a disaster, pillows and covers thrown in every direction. It was just a nightmare, just another nightmare, I try to convince myself. But if felt so real, so much more than a nightmare it shook me to my core. I had tried to stop sleeping, staying up with caffeine but eventually it just screwed with my mind and I started dreaming while I was still awake. It wouldn't leave me alone it continued to haunt me constantly. The nightmare had been happening for weeks on end with no break/

"Ava! Hurry you're going to be late!" my mum shouted from up the stairs.

Shit, it was the first day of school, I groan just wanting to go far away but I had to stay. Great. Quickly I move to the bathroom and take a quick shower, once done and dry I towel dry my hair furiously and move back to my room. I pick out jeans and a t-shirt that had a dream catcher on it and ran down the stairs. I grab my bag and jacket and move to the kitchen grabbing a bottle of water.

"Mum, that's me away, I'll see you after." I call to my mum as I head to the front door.

"Bye! Have a good day love you." she shouts back from up the stairs, presumably her office she was in there constantly.

"Thanks you too, love you too," I close the front door behind me gently and spot Ashley's red Volvo parked by my garden I smile and wave and she beeps the horn back. I jog to the car and open the door. The sound of Kings Of Leon hits me full blast as I get in the passenger seat she turns the music down low as soon as I am seated.

"Girl, you need to start sleeping, insomnia is good for no one, it screws with your mind and makes you look like a druggie," she starts on her usual rant.

"I did sleep, that's the problem, now lets go before we're late." I say. If I had to go to the first day of school I'd rather not be late. She starts the engine and starts driving. "Did you see Lucas coming out of the house?" I ask her recalling that I hadn't seen him at all last night.

"Yeah he came in for his bag. Was he staying at hers?"

"I hope not."

"Welcome back to Lukeston High. We are glad you all made it back safe and sound, hope you all had an eventful summer and are ready to get back to working hard.." Mr Morby was making his back to school speech just like he did every year. He was a good teacher just some of his speeches were a bit boring. We were lined up outside, organised in our years awaiting for our classes to be announced, My mind retreats to the nightmare. I had tried to change the ending in every way but no matter how much I try I always end up staring into his cold dark fathomless eyes. Someone shook me and I looked up surprised. I looked around me and found everyone moving to class, I look back to Lucas as he stares down at me his brown eyes filled with worry.

"You okay sis?" he asks and I can hear the worry reflected in his voice as well.

"Yeah," I smile trying to reassure him "Did you hear what class I was in?"

"Yeah you are in with Ash Kyle and I."

"Thank God," I breathe a sigh of relief. "Where were you last night?" I ask as we start walking up to the top floor to registration.

"Just at Kyle's, why?"

"Just wondering." I say as I enter the classroom and take my seat next to Ash and Lucas sits at the desk behind me next to Kyle. Noise fills the classroom, loud and never ending, I was surprised Mr Hane never looked up from his computer then again he should be used to it, he's had a few years to get used to it. But even over all this noise I could hear her heels clicking against the ground and stalk there way over to Lucas. I turn to face the Lucas and Kyle. I saw that I was right and blondie was making her way over here, caked in make up as usual I shook my head in disgust. Her long blonde curly hair bounced as she stalked her way over to us with a fake sweet smile plastered on her face. She was Lucas' girlfriend. She was head of the cheer team, blonde skinny pretty and fake. I wonder why Lucas couldn't see through that. She didn't love him, she used him.

"Hey, babe," she smiles and winks at Lucas, "Do you wanna go see a movie tonight."

"Yeah sure what do you have in mind?" he smiles.

"I don't know we'll see when we get there. Pick me up at ten." and with that she walks back to her seat simply.

"Seriously?" I raise my eyebrows and he shrugs his shoulders. I roll my eyes. I thought my brother would at least have a little amount of brains. Suddenly the room quietened and I looked around to find the source of the noise killer. I saw two boys standing in the doorway. One leaning against the door rather than standing. The first boy, tall with black hair and brown eyes. The second was tall but not as tall as the first , brown hair, soft blue eyes and soft lips. He was slightly muscled not to much. The second one my type to a tee. Great this shall be eventful. Mr Hane looked at the teens in the doorway.

"Ah you must be the new pupils, I will be  your registration teacher for the year. I'm Mr Hane and you are?"

"I'm Jason and this is my brother Keeran." The first boy- Jason said.

"Well take your seats, I will hand out your timetables in two minutes."  Both boys moved from the doorway as told. Jason took a seat next to the popular girls much to their satisfaction and Keeran moved to the back alone. I had the urge to go and join him but I dismissed it instantly not wanting to seem too.. er abrupt if that was even the right word. I was guessing Ash had the same idea as she rose from her seat and moved to the back to join Keeran.

"Guess Ash finally has a new love interest," Lucas laughed and Kyle instantly looked to where Ash had moved to. I raise my eyebrows.

"I guess I win the bet about Kyle, you owe me $10," I laugh.

"What bet about me?" Kyle snapped. And both Lucas and I laugh in return.

"Oh, a bit defensive are we," Lucas joked, "Ava bet that you had a thing for Ash, I being your friend of course took your side and saying no of course he doesn't but she proved me wrong and now cause of you lover boy I owe my sister money, damn." he elbows Kyle jokingly.

"Shup, I don't have a thing for Ash." he attempts to lie but we both see through it.

"Sure," I laugh.

"Okay people," Mr Hane claps his hands together. "Your timetables are at present on my desk," he taps the pile of red papers that sat on his desk , "If you all keep quiet I will hand them out to you, if not you can sit here for the rest of the day up to you." the class remains quiet all knowing he was deadly serious. "Good." he picks up the pile of papers and starts placing them on the desks of those they belonged to, he circulated around the room until finally he was done. I looked down at mine. It was decent and I got al the classes I chose so its better than the alternative. The bell signalled the start of first period, I grabbed my bag threw it over my shoulder and walked out the class room quickly not wanting to get caught in the rush of populars.

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Chapter 2

Currently lunch has just begun and so far the first and went fine thankfully. I sit at my normal table with Kyle and Lucas, lunch tray I hand. I sat opposite of Kyle and Lucas. Both were eating away but didn't look to happy.

"How have your two classes been?" they both drew their eyes of me in response and I guessed the answer was along the lines of not so good. "Have you guys seen Ash?" I switch the subject trying to get a response but I was also worried, I hadn't seen her since registration.

"Probably with the new boys all the girls love so much", Lucas snapped, Kyle nodded in agreement and I knew they were thinking about Brittany and Ash. I decided to keep quiet and think about something different while I continued to pick at my lunch. When I got home I had to think about what I had to do for my History assignment that was due next week. First day and I  already had an assignment. Super. Once finished I start to head outside, the cold air hitting me instantly  making me shiver. I spot my usual tree that stands near the stairs. I sit under it and close my eyes. School had drained me of my energy and all I wanted to do was sleep but then I knew what I would dream. Without my consent my eyes begin to drift shut. Before I drifted into dream land though someone jumped down next to me, I looked to my left to see Ash smiling at me.

"Well hey stranger, where have you been?" I ask and return her smile.

"Well same place as you in this prison we call Lukeston High." she tilts her head back and shuts her eyes.

"Yeah well life sucks." I close my eyes and sigh deeply. "So who's Keeran exactly?" I raise my eyebrows. "Possible lover?" Ash snorts in response.

"For you maybe, your more his type and please he ain't my type honey, he's more friend type." she rambles.

"Is Kyle your boyfriend type?" I raise my eyebrow.

"No!" she exclaims shocked. I laugh.

"Come on I know you had a thing for him at one point."

"Yeah at one point, not any more." she says

"Why not?" I inquire perplexed.

"He never liked me, I told him how I felt he never followed up on it or told me he liked me not even as a friend so I moved on simple." she answered simply.

"Because he didn't have the guts to tell you he felt the same way, not everyone is as brave as you you know," I comment.

"How would you know?"

"Cause I know Kyle and I know you, I know he likes you like really likes you." I say sincerely and turn to face her.

"Yeah well he doesn't and I've moved on." she says flatly

"To who?" I sit up abruptly throwing Ash off guard as she whips her eyes open and sits upright.

"Don't do that!" she gasps shocked.

"Sorry!" I put my hands up and start laughing. "You're jumpy today"

"A bit yeah." she laughs.

"A bit is a understatement," someone says. I look up and see Keeran standing before us.

"How long have you been there for?" Ash asks him casually.

"Long enough," he shrugs and sits in front of both Ash and I. "Hey, I'm Keeran" he puts out his hand and smiles kindly.

"Ava," I smile back and shake his hand. For a minute he just looks at me. His soft blue eyes stay focused on me and I cant tell if I should laugh blush or feel creeped out. And of course out of all three I blush, like bright red cheeks probably, he smiles in response biting back a laugh.

"Well okay love birds, this is supposed to be PG when you're with company. Not supposed to make your friend want to boke as you undress each other with your eyes." Ash laughs.

"We were not" I say defensively and start to laugh.

"Yeah, yeah, sure. Do you guys wanna grab coffee after school?" Ash suggests.

"Yeah sounds great, What about you Ava, you coming?" Keeran asks me.

"Me? Eh yeah sure why not," I stutter. Oh great going genius stutter why don't you. I shake my head . He laughs.

"Good then." the bell goes signalling the end of lunch. Where was that two minutes ago when I was busy embarrassing myself looking like a moron? I sigh and head up to class.




"So how do you like Lukeston high so far?" I ask him switching the subject. I sit sideways I my chair facing him. We were having a ten minute break between the switch of period since Math was a double period currently.

"Yeah, it's getting better," he smiles.

"Good then, how do you know Ash?" I inquire and he laughs.

"Er, in the shortest way to put our dads are really old friends like they've literally know each other since they were babies." he laughs.

"Oh really I didn't know,weird," I laugh.

"I didn't expect you to, now my turn for questions," he smiles.

"Oh really now, and who said you could ask me questions," I joke

"I did, did you not hear me there the now," he laughs "Now, favourite band, a music taste is definitely the most important." I nod in agreement.

"Definitely, er hard to choose there's so many. Fallout Boy, Kings of Leon, Train, Nickelback, The All American Rejects, there's just so many, what about you?"

"No remember my turn for questions, and thank god a girl with good taste. Okay favourite colour?"

"Red black or blue, it ranges, and I'm assuming I can't ask you that?" I laugh

"Nope not today," he smiles sweetly, that heart melting smile that could send any girl falling for him, I dismissed the thought. I had only know him for a day, not even that. "Okay plans for this weekend?"

"Er, nothing actually music is involved of course but other than that nothing," I admit.

"Good, do you want to meet up and show me around or vice versa and I'll show you my favourite places around this town." he asks catching me off guard.

"Er yeah sounds fun, which day?" I ask trying to avoid stuttering nervously.

"Hmm which suits?"

"Any you choose"

"How about Saturday?"

"Yeah sounds good to me," I smile "Was that why you wanted to ask the questions?"

"Well yeah, basically," he admits and ducks his head and I laugh.

"So am I allowed to ask questions yet?" I raise my eyebrow.

"Nope not a chance still my day," he grins. "Have you decided what you're gonna do your history assignment on?"

"Nope, how about you?" I sigh.

"It, I ask the questions, but no. Wanna do a joined one? It would probably be easier on both of us and make it so much funner for me and a lot less boring."

"On the contour it would be even more boring," I laugh.

"Ouch now your hurting my feelings, calling me boring, you are one mean girl," he laughs.

"No I never meant your boring I meant me," I laugh at his fake pained reaction.

"You're not boring as much as I hate to admit you're actually more fun than I thought you would be," he says, sincerely but I shook my head.

"I think you're mistaking me for Ash," I smile.

"No you're completely different from Ash." he says, there was something in his eyes and I couldn't quite define it.

"Uniqueness and weirdness are my best and only and defining qualities after all," I laughing.

"Good I wouldn't have it any other way, I like weird, and not your only or defining qualities." he looks at me. His eyes fixed on my eyes and all I can see is him, his soft blue eyes the focus in my line of vision. He didn't attempt to look away so neither did I, it was like a staring contest, I bite my lip to keep myself from laughing.

"Okay break is over, please continue with the textbook in silence you can confer with your partners if necessary." the maths teacher calls signalling the end of Keeran's questioning.

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