Área 51


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The dollies

 Area 51, you think it stores aliens from different planets that the government are keeping from us but maybe not. Maybe there is something different, something human. Well that's what there is, a human, a little girl to be more precise but she is there for a reason. She started seeing them. The dollies. Her father is someone who works in NASA. The girl can see dollies every corner she goes so she cries, cries and cries. Her father tried figuring out what happened for many months until he had no idea of what to do, so he took her to a therapist. When she met the therapist she started crying, some say the dollies where in the room but others say the man was from a nightmare. But whenever she cried she murmured "dollies dollies come to molly or go to hell and play with Mel" the girl is called molly but Mel is her dead twin sister. No one noticed she murmured this until she went to the therapist and he heard her say it. When the girl got angry the room would get dark, it would shake mildly, and the light bulbs would crack. You would be able to hear the screams of molly and mel whenever molly got angry. At one point molly said the dollies told her to play with a knife. So when she went to the therapist the dollies came and at this point she stopped crying because of them. She got the knife one of the dollies passed her and threw it, right between both of his eyes. Dead. The dollies and molly sat around the drop cold man and drew things with the blood, when her father was to come and pick her up he saw her playing with the dollies, luckily he was able to call 911 before time ran out, but his time ran away quickly, molly killed her own father. The one who brought her up and bought her clothes and toys. She threw the knife at his head right threw is brain. He police came and stopped the girl before doing anymore damage. The dollies disappeared but somehow visit her everyday at Area 51. Let's go more in detail on what happened on àrea 51

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