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'This is the pilot speaking, we are near landing so Please can you all buckle up and enjoy the ride down'

My name is julía and I am originally from brasil but right now I am on my way to America. It's been my dream to visit new places and try new things but being apart of the favela makes it harder to travel since plane tickets are really expensive but after I left school I got three jobs so I can pay for my ticket to America. It was hard finding jobs because people don't like to hire people from the favela. I was a waitress, a bartender and a shop assistant. My highest pay job must have been bartender since people always tip you and you can keep all money you get. Unfortunately waitress was the hardest job, I bet your thinking no way it seems so easy, well it should be but my boss was an OCD type of person so he would get angry at us because of a tiny detail missing. I'm about to land now.

I cants stop staring at the beautiful view. We are nearly landing and I can see New York, my next stop. I feel my stomach hurl slightly while we land but afterwards it feels perfectly fine. I unbuckle my seatbelt and take the suitcase from the shelf above and wheel it towards the doors and lift it slightly while I carefully walk down the deep stairs. I take a deep breath and think to myself, new country, new city, new me. I walk towards the airport doors and show them my passport and walk to security, I place my bag on the scanner and there is no beep so they nod and let me walk by. I see a lot of foreign people speaking many languages looking for people, I'm not looking for someone. I practically know no one here so I'm in for a bumpy ride.i search up the address of my new flat and sigh, it's quite far from here so I will need to shout for a taxi. I walk out side and wave my hand to passer by taxis hoping one will come for me but then I see someone near my shout taxi, taxi while waving there arm and a taxi stops for them. I decide why not try to do that too, so I wave my arm and shout taxi taxi hoping for a taxi to come. Fortunately a taxi comes right away and I give them £7.50 while telling them the adress, they tell me to be careful in those parts of town which leaves me puzzled, other than that I try to make small talk with him but he just won't crack. We stop outside a ruffled up house which looks good enough to live in but not to good to have people over. I say thank you and place the keys in the rusty key lock turning both ways not knowing which way to actually turn but eventually it unlocks and I open the door and I walk into a pretty decent place. I place my suitcase down and decide to check out the place in person since I have only viewed this place online. The bedrooms  look nice and the kitchen is cleaner than I expected, there is a bit of furniture already there like a bed and a sofa. I sit down on the sofa and groan looking at the huge suitcase I have to unpack, packing is fun and easy but when it comes to unpacking my spirit drops to the floor. I hear a knock on the door and I sit up and walk to the door opening it slightly to see who it was.

'Excuse me but who are you?'

'I am...'

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