Kim And Chloe


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Kim's first day back

 "STOP CALLING ME KENDALL WE BROKE UP FOR A VERY GOOD REASON" (the other side of the call) "what was that very good reason the ?" "The fact you cheated on me with that 60 year old teacher in Boston" I end the call in frustration without letting them speak. I walk out my plane and see my driver waiting there for me "Lucy, hi" "hello miss Kim" she walks toward the car and I follow "anything new in London Lucy?" "Remember your neighbor Nancy?" "Obviously she made the best cookies for when I was sad" "well her hot granddaughter moved in last week and has no friends who are girls" I drift of after that just wondering who she was like. I understood why she needed girl friends because I live with 3 brothers and the rest of our neighbors are men or boys. 

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