Life After Death


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Equation of life.

 Life after death is life but is life after death after life, death? Confusing right? Well here’s the confusing bit, life after death isn’t life, it’s birth. And life after death after birth isn’t death, it’s nothing. Pure nothingness. Death equals life and life equals death. We both experience life, we both experience death. Death is life, life is death. Simple right? No. We don’t get taught the logic of the world or the equation it gives us: life+death+birth=nothingness. Now divide it by life. Add death. Subtract birth. This all equals nothing. Nothing isn’t real. Reality is real. So take your equation, add reality and see what it gives you. Unfortunately your calculators won’t be at use here. Done? Good. If you add reality to your equation your answer won’t be nothingness anymore, it will be the world. The world is where life, death, reality and birth is all experienced. Nothingness can’t be experienced because if you are experiencing nothingness, you will be experiencing something, that something is nothingness, so nothingness doesn’t exist anymore. Therefore you are always experiencing something, life, death, reality or birth. It’s as simple as that. Now tell your math teacher to read this and ask him/her for his opinion, I’m sure he will be confused. And before you leave. You’re life. You’re death. You’re reality. You’re birth.

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