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 My name is Cheyenne Azalea and yes my mother is Iggy Azalea and Im a racer, drummer, singer, guitarist and the perfect chef but most of all I'm a dare devil, never backing it of a dare or a bet but that leads to where I am today I am the bad boys pet, my name is Cheyenne and this is my story.

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New day

 'Cheyenne get your ass down here before I bring the iced water!' I sprint out the bed and throw on my school uniform and run down stairs not wanting to anger mom any further 'I'm here I'm here' 'good because our new neighbors are arriving today and you are taking their son to school' 'what, why, when and How did I get put up with this just send the girl across the road' 'she goes to school early live with it' 'ugh fine but I'm going on my bike and I don't give a fuck 'bout what he thinks' 'atta girl he is outside now go take him to hell' 'ok BYE' I wave as I walk out the door and I see a tall handsome boy, no doubt that he is a player why did I get stuck with him? 'Um are you Cheyenne?' 'It's pronounced -SHEY-EEN- not -CHAIN- and yes I guess that is me now come on' I chuck him a worn out blue helmet while I stick to my dark helmet and signal him to sit behind me 'grip on tight to my waist and when I swerve to a corner you swerve with me got it?' 'Duh I'm not a dumbassed freak' I roll my eyes and start up the motorbike and I go on a high speed enjoying the wind in my hair and the extreme stupidity of doing this every morning and afternoon. I park my motorbike where I normally do and do what I do everyday, take of my helmet and secure the bike to the railings and walk away still with my leather jacket tied around waist since I wasn't bothered to get changed and I was wearing a skirt so I had to stop the wind from making my skirt fly everywhere. As I walk into class I see the boy setting in my seat so I make my way over there to tell him off. 'That's my seat'. 'Does it look like I care?' 'Awww little baby's grown confidence how sweet now get out'. Another girl whispers to him 'listen to her and get off her seat she can beat you up or worse get you expelled' then I say 'listen to little bitches minion she is one you can trust'. He walks away to the front to tell the teacher but here's the thing, my teacher is also my moms best friend so she is always on my side no matter what. After the boy telling the teacher miss issy gives me a thumbs up which is our signal to when the headteacher is coming , who is also my auntie, so I can be ready to give her, her present. I run up to her in the corridor and put my hands over her eyes and I tell her to open her hand and she does as I say. I place a small box in her hands, she opens it already knowing what it is. I'm guessing you need an explanation? Ok so my and my aunt have a thing that at TOTALLY random times we give each other special charms that we can put on our matching bracelets, we do this with my mom and her best friend,my teacher, so to be honest we can surprise each other at random times.

At lunch time the group of boys came up to me and said 'I have a bet for you' 'I'm listening'  'this is the bet you have to not swear for a whole week if you do you become my slave in a way' 'JOSH' I shout at him 'fine' I reluctantly accepted 

This is where he real story starts

Full of the real drama

Real excitement 

Real love 


Real lies

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Bet 101

 I agreed to the stupid bet cos you know me I agree to everything dumb and stupid, let's just hope I loose my voice this week so it's easier for, like way easier. So josh is the bad boy and I'm the bad girl, people think we're destined for each other but no we're not. We are enemy's like the deep deep hatred type anyway no swearing for a whole week, I'm dead.

Authors note: sorry for the short chapter but I wanted to publish since I published the last two chapters at 2 am and I published this at 5 pm so sorry but next few chapters will be crazy fun! BYE

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