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Meeting him

Have you read The Devils Daughter 

If so it has the same plot twists but in different ways, I recommend reading that one first alongside with some of the other stories I have written, Thank you and ENJOY READING.




 Meeting him changed my life. Now I kill for him. Live for him. I'd do anything to impress him. He feeds of these dead souls that I kill along with other people who he chose, who he thought had potential. My name is Cecilia and this is how my story started.


I was around 16 maybe 17 when I met him, me and my so called friends went camping to the local forest. My So called friends ran when we heard him, he was rustling through the autumn burnt leaves and he caught up to me, he said my name, he had who knows how many arms or legs. He was wearing a black suit and he was a pale white, I'm not sure if he had a face at the time but he does now at least. I swore at him for a while when he picked me up and he put a finger after a while and I instantly fell asleep. I woke up in a well made bedroom with a kingside bed which I was laying on and some blue walls that matched the curtains. He came in with a tray with orange juice and some chocolate. I remember the words he said to me 'eat this it will make you feel better' he placed the tray on my lap and I hesitated he gave me a look of reassurance and I gave in. I took a small bite of chocolate and a swing of the orange juice, I wasn't a big fan of chocolate but I ended up eating it. Slender cleaned up my tray and placed it on the desk by the side and while he did so I thought whatever he will want with me I should just nod and agree because I had heard stories about him, scary ones at that and boy was I wrong, he can be sweet as candy and as cold hearted as the devil himself if he gets put in the situation. He said calmly that he just wanted to be friends for now and later when I trusted him enough to start buisness and I agreed. We became friends quite quickly, for the first few days I stayed in my room asking myself if I did the right thing but eventually I gave up and went out my room to explore and I got lost, very lost. I ended up into this moody girls room who seemed on her period or something. I left the room before that girl could lash out on my and ran into a room and shuts the door, I faced the door and put my hands on it sighing in relief. slender said 'are you okay' I turned around in extreme shock, I forgot I ran into an unknown room, for all I know it could be a room full of rapists and perverts. I nodded trying to get my breath back from the running and finally said 'yes' he brought me over to the end of his bed and he motioned me to sit so I did he went into what I think was a kitchen and grabbed a glass of cold water and he passed it to me and I shook my head as I was already feeling better but then the stitches in my stomach came and I said 'actually I might need that' and he gave it to me and I drank half the cup in one gulp and placed the now half empty or half full cup on the side table next to me. We started talking about many things, about how I was abused and how he used to run away from everything. It seemed that we had a lot in common and now it was time for lunch so slender offered to bring it to my room and he wouldn't take no for an answer so I had to say yes. He brought a cottage pie with creamy mash potatoes and sausages along with a cup of orange juice and a small bowl of strawberries and oranges dipped in dark chocolate. I said thank you and offered him to eat with me and he nodded. I found out that there were guns under my bed for protection along with a knife under one of the floorboards. Slender gave me my phone back that day but he said I could only give it back if I promise not to tell anyone where I am and what happened, I would be able to go back to school when the holidays end and I had to make sure no one would follow me back here, I would be able to take guns to school if they stayed hidden. I also found out that slender was doing good by only killing bad people but he would 'kidnap' people that he thought could help and 75% of the time he was right. By the time we finished eating slender had to go back to a meeting with other bad people who do good, that's what he told me.


This is NOT the end of the story BUT I do have quite a few stories I'm working on at the time so it may take a while to upload so while you are waiting I recommend you to read The Devils Daughter, Love Lies, Suicidal Girl, Failed Suicide and Suicide Note.

Overall this is my favourite story I'm writing so far so I have a feeling I'll upload more here but still do check them out, it will mean a lot xD. ENJOY READING 

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The girl

 I spent probably 3 hours doing nothing, absolutely nothing. That's 3 hours of my life wasted. Since I had no friends here, I guess apart from slender, I did nothing. But what I did do is read a bunch of Chelsea Rabello-Calhaus stories on  Tablo and wow Demi Gods is my favourite story so far. I dont know when this "meeting" will end but I do know that it will take ages. Something weird happens, my lights in my room flicker. I hear my door BANG shut. I hear a little girls scream, a boys cry. Something moving outside. I hope it was a cat or a dog but no. I saw a shadow. A loud mans voice starts talking. 'YOU WILL PAY, I WILL FIND, YOU WILL DIE.' And then everything immediately stops, no more light flickers. My room is now quite, bright and a little less scary. But what I do still hear is the rustling outside. But it's gotten louder. Closer. Scarier. I think I'm hearing voices. Am I going mentally insane? Someone, a girl, says. 'Will you find my mommy for me' The voice starts crying 'I haven't seen her in years' the sobs get louder, they overtake the rustling. 'I MISS MY MOMMY' a girl in two plaited ponytails appears infront of me. Crying. It was THAT girl. The girl. The girl in my dreams. I was reliving one of my nightmares. Or one of my good dreams. One of my horrific nightmares. Or my future. She smiles, throws herself in my bed and says 'I remember you, your someone that sees me in your dreams.' I nod slightly but enough to be seen. 'That means your powerful' she shakes her arms one way to another and a dark smoke comes out of her fingertips. 'I'm powerful too, you just need practice' she clicks her fingers and the smoke vanishes, instead my books on the book shelf start flying around. 'Will you be my mommy?' I stand still, I can't move. I can but I don't want to. She gives me a hug 'Thank you mommy' I have no idea what to do so I hug her back, I felt like I had to. She twirls her finger around my hair, 'your hair is pretty' I haven't said a thing to her, I felt that I was being rude so I said 'Why do you want me to be your mommy?' Turns out she fell asleep on my lap, and honestly it looks cute, I started imagining me as an adult with children, sleeping on my lap at random times, I felt attached to this girl. This girl was going to become my life one day. I fell asleep as well and honestly it was one of my best sleeps in a while. At around 3 am I feel her sliding of my lap and crawling on top of the bed to go under the covers with me, she hugs me and I hug her back. 'I heard your last question and do you want an answer?' 'Yes please' I said 'We are destined to be mother and daughter, I was stuck this age until I found you. You make me live, make me grow' She dozes of hugging my neck I give her a light kiss on her forehead and whisper 'good night'

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More than one

 I wake up with the sound of giggling. I try to open my eyes but being the type of person that gets tired quickly, I couldn't open my eyes. finally after facing the other direction from the window I slowly open my eyes, turning my head I see the girl eating cupcakes, it looks like she has had a few already by the way her mouth looks. I say 'I never caught your name' 'well my name is Annabelle but you can call me Anna' 'well good morning Anna' 'Do you want a cupcake, I have Nutella cupcakes!' 'no thanks I'm not hungry' ' I know your name, your name is Cecilia' 'yes it is' I say while getting out of bed and making a coffee with the machine that was in my room. 'can I have a drink' 'sorry sweetie, this contains caffeine which is bad for children' Annabelle had this frown plastered onto her face once I said that. 'How about I give u a tiny sip of mine so I can turn that frown upside down' 'yes yes yes!' I blow on the coffee quickly too make sure its not too hot and I let her have a small sip, and she starts coughing. ' thats disgusting' 'once you get older you find it tastier, plus it keeps you awake when you need it' she nods her head while stuffing her face into another cupcake, this time a cupcake with an ombre, violet to pink, icing with a velvet cake underneath. 'I'm guessing you love your cupcakes' 'Yes' 'I know what we can do' 'what?' 'did you know you can make coffee sweet!' 'Really?''yes, so I thought that we could bake a coffee cake with DECAF coffee so you can eat it too!' 'Amazing idea, lets get baking!' 'mommy? can it be a competition though.' 'yes of course, a bit like a cupcake vs coffee competition' 'Yes we see which one tastes better, the cupcake or the coffee!' 'Ok' we head to the kitchen and we look up a recipe for a dozen coffee cupcakes for begginers (obviously). we find a simple one by Mary berry which we start to make straight away. It was quite easy apart from cleaning up from the flour fight we briefly had. Beep Beep. 'The Cupcakes are done Anna!' 'YAY' I carefully take them out of the smoking oven and place them on a grey tray for cupcakes and cakes. 'Can I have one now mommy?' 'No sweetie, we need to put the icing on and let the cupcakes cool down' 'Ok!' 'Go play on my bed while we wait for the cupcakes to cool.' 'Ok' I walk up with Anna up to my room when slender comes and asks 'Is that Annabelle?' 'How did you know?' 'She is the most powerful child ever and chooses one person even 200 years to be her mum.' 'Im her mum' 'You must be getting powerful then' 'Well we made cakes is that powerful?' Somehow the cupcakes appear infant of me in my hands and I say 'What The frigg just happened?' 'Maybe one of your new powers.' 'ONE of my powers, you saying that I have more than one power?' 'Yes'

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That one guy... or girl

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Where has she gone?

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