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 Sola: definition: Spanish and it means alone/lonely

My name is gabrièlla but people call me gabbiè, I'm not liked I'm the loner at my school. My parents don't make it any better, my real dad died from brain cancer, and my mum abuses me and says it's my fault. My step dad has never raped me but he's touched me. And I don't like it. He makes me call him daddy and he calls me princess. My mum hates that which makes her abuse me more. Trust me, ive tried running away but my stepdad is a police and a lawyer so even if I told the police they wouldn't believe me, no one does. I have one friend and he knows about me and my parents, his boyfriend doesn't though but me and his boyfriend aren't the friends who tell eachother everything. My friends name is Tyler and this is our story.

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