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 Whispers. Yup that's the name of my story. Weird name right? Well that's the title but why? The title is whisper because this girl, Nashi (Follow her on Tablo her user is Nashi B and one of her stories is the soul) can hear whispers coming from far away or from really close, but is that a good power or will it simply make her depressed by hearing the truth. I know this is just the introduction but I just wanted to say who the main character is and so on. Something else I must say is that there will be two other main characters, Chelsea (Me) and Magda/Maggie(Another best friend follow her on Tablo maggiemoopoo). What else was there to say... Oh yes these are all real people but the story is not real. This story will be told by various points of views but mainly by her two best friends, Chelsea and magda. Enjoy xD I'm Chelsea btw

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 It all started on Nashi's 12th Birthday, we (Me and Magda) planned a day to the beach but yikes was that a mistake. In other words we gave her those horrible or amazing powers. Truly we didn't mean to but when we gave her a hug both of us whispered into her ear 'Happy birthday' causing her to faint and collecting those powers. She only noticed the powers a week or so later. 


From now it will be in Nashis point of view (I will alert you when the point of view changes)


I could hear everyone's quite whispers but to me it was just like they were talking, talking about me and my friends. As you see me and my friends aren't the "Popular" ones, but we don't really care, I am that quite, shy type of girl while Magda is more of that, how do I put it, lazy kind (No offence real magda) and Chelsea is a sporty, nosy and b*tchy type. We get hated for that, well not just that, we get hated for other reasons too, mainly because Britt and Magda are sisters, step sisters. Britt hates magda making her to hate us, and actually Chelsea and Britt used to be best friends before Magda moved into town. I was friends with Britt but not as close to her as Chelsea was, but Chelsea and Britt are inseparable and I guess they still are, but we don't mind because Britt and Chelsea were always besties, nearly sisters since the youngest age possible. Yes me and Magda get jealous sometimes when Britt invites Chelsea and not us but really Chelsea always knows when Britt goes ahead of her self and Chelsea is a bit like a remote. She can stop Britt before she goes over the edge. The only one Britt hates is magda and we truly don't know why, not even Chelsea does. Enough about that let's carry on. I heard whispers like 'Why do they bother coming to school' or 'look at what they are wearing' on that day I asked Magda and Chelsea if they heard them and they said no. At first I thought I was sleep deprived from studying but the next few days it carried on. I could also hear quite things like raindrops from afar. This scared me. A lot. I went to the school nurse but she said nothing was wrong with me but I thought other wise. Before I walked out the door I heard her, a girl whisper 'she is crazy' I felt my blood boil. Anger took over me and I said 'if you think I'm crazy you should check yourself ' and I walked out.

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Magdas pov  

She has powers, oh wait that bit was already covered. anyway as you can tell she can hear whispers. but sometimes they are bad. Im bad. in a good way obviously. basically I'm bad because I know what happens but I won't tell you guys straight away, you need to carry on to find out because... because, erm, I don't know just because!  

Chelseas pov 

enough of Magda lets get into the story without her disrupting it. we last ended of with nashi hearing a whisper which was absolutely rude -how evil of the author aka me- after nashi shouted at the girl(her name is NOT important) she went to the place she liked to go and think, the beach. the beach was her favourite place on earth, she sometimes would rather be at the beach instead of a party or at home which was a little weird for a girl her age but everyone is unique in their own ways. Nashis pov The beach calmed me in every way possible. the sound of crashing waves hitting against the shore, the scent of the salty sea that gave me that hug of comfort. I loved seeing little children at the beach begging their parents for ice cream but their parents always say no. I loved how the sunset would sometimes glimmer across the warm see when the sea was still and as calm as me when I'm there. the seagulls love to circle around the sun making me wonder, about millions of little things that make me happy. The way that  the wind would wander around the beach slamming against my hair making it go in different directions. the beach was just the best thing on earth to me, nothing could replace it. this boy is a shadowy figure walks by and sits near to me, a little to near for my liking. "what is a beautiful girl like you doing here all alone?" he says, his soothing voice calms me even more than the beach does. "I come here to think" I say while lying down on my back feeling the sand get into my hair. "it is a good place I must admit" he says looking at me with his icy blue eyes. I close my eyes so the sun can't blind me even more. he lays down next to me "my names Mason" "Nashi" I say. "nice name" "I don't like it" "why? its unique, like you" "People make fun of it" "Well I'm new to town so if I go to your school I will personally beat their... erm" he hesitates, I giggle then I finish of his sentence "Butts?" "yes" he says shyly. I giggle more until my stomach starts to hurt. "nice to know my awkwardness amuses you" "sorry" I say still giggling "its fine, plus it was a first class ticket to see your smile" I giggle even more, I really can't stop. I breath then stop laughing. I sigh, I've never had this much fun since  I was a kid, it really amazes me how a stranger can become one of your best friends. or more.

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20 Questions

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