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Everything had changed for 17-year-old Melanie asilyn chambers, after her mom and sister died; her 5-year-old sister had died from cancer, when Melanie was 14. Her 37-year-old mom had died in the car wreck coming back from the mall, 2 weeks after Melanie’s 16th birthday. Her dad lost it a little bit after her sister died, but it was worse when her mom had died.

He continuously blamed her. He began drinking to cover up the emptiness and started to beat Melanie for the pleasure of it and didn't care. She became more to herself and only talked to Jake Masters, kids at school started teasing her even more because she wouldn't talk to anyone, She became terrified that she would continuously get hurt if she continued to trust people. She stopped trusting people, and built up a wall and pushed people away.

"Woah hold it right there, i'm gonna start telling my life now" Melanie paused for a second as she sat down on the bed. "Hi, i'm melanie asilyn chambers as you know from the above refrence' she fidled with her fingers deciding if she should go on or just play it out. "I'll tell you alittle bit about myself and some background before we  get started with my life" she paused again. "I'm 17 years of age, my mom and sister died 3 and 4 years ago, I have auburn hair, blue eyes, tan skin, about 5'5 and 125lbs." "Things started to go down hill once it was just me and my dad. It started off with slaps and then it got more violent. I've tried to get away but he always finds me and I just don't know where to go." She paused as she heard someone coming.

She heard her dads bedroom door closed and signed in relief. She began to whisper. "I do have a bestfriend his name Is Jake masters we have been through everything together, He doesn't know what my dad does to me but i'm sure he'll find out soon." "He has brown hair, Hazel eyes, 6"0, athletic and built, but not to built he has fairly tan skin and is 19 years old" "Now I got to go before dad catches me. "I hope you follow me through my life to see if I stay alive because there is no guarentees I will. I hope someone will help me and love me soon."

Will her dreams come true about someone helping her and loving her and her not have to deal with her dad anymore? Find out in Melanies life, in WIll somebody Help Me


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The beating

The dawn had just falling, not a star was in the sky, and the moon wasn't visible. Mist had begun to fall, streetlights lit up the little town, not a car in sight to be seen, and it was more quiet then usual. Melanie walked down the dark street. She had just come from her friend Jake's house, they had spent the night watching movies and spending time with his family. Melanie she loved Jake's family she loved them more then her own, because her actual family didn’t really care about her.

She moved her long Auburn hair out of her face as it fell when she was looking down thinking. But then looked back up as she thought of the events that were going to happen when she got home. She pulled her leather jacket over her baby blue tank top and snuggled into it as she shivered from the blast of cold air hitting her, she was so glad she wore her Ugg’s and her black skinny jeans. Besides her jacket, those were the only things keeping her warm.

She should have took Jake up on his offer to drive her home, but she didn't, because she didn't want to risk getting into more trouble with her dad. Melanie could already hear her dad screaming at her and feeling the slap marks she would get when she walked in, she cringed as she thought about it. She dreaded going home, as she got closer to her house she started to trodden even more slowly.She walked up the old wooden steps and when she got to the screen door she took a deep breath and walked in quietly, hoping her dad was asleep.

But as she closed the door the light turned on and a loud holler came from in front of her “WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?” her dad screamed. “I-I-I….” she trailed off because she knew it would make it worse. So she just waited, and a second later she felt a hand across her face, and a stinging sensation a few seconds after the hit. Melanie held her face as tears started to slip out of her eyes “GET TO YOUR ROOM” he screamed again as he got closer to Melanie. She could smell the alcohol on his breath “of course he has been drinking, why can’t he give it up and be the dad he use to be?” she thought to herself. He raised his hand again to slap her but she ran upstairs before he could. Melanie got so ahead of her feet that she tripped on the stairs, even though they were carpet she tended to trip every time something like this happens.

Melanie finally got to her room and walked in and locked the door, but this morning it shocked her because it was not as bad as it usually is. “Usually he beats me, today it was just a slap why?” she asked herself “oh well I’m not going to complain because I’m sure it will be bad later on today” she said to herself. She took her shoes off and got into her pillow top bed with zebra bedding that was purple, white, and black, not bothering to put her pajamas on. Melanie finally fell asleep ten minutes later. She didn't sleep long because her dad came up to her room unlocked the door and came in and grabbed her out of the bed and threw her on the floor “Ouch!” she yelled looking up holding her head. “Did you just yell at me?” he asked with a raised voice.

He picked her up and dragged her down the stairs, she tried to stop him but he was just to strong-the more she struggled the tighter he gripped her arm. So she just gave up and let him drag her. He dragged her through the cobblestone kitchen and out towards the pool. Her dad hoisted Melanie up and held her over the pool “NO! Please don’t I’m sorry I won’t yell at you again” she cried out in terror-as tears soon slipped out of her eyes once again. “To late” he threw her in the pool almost causing her to hit her head on the other side of the pool.

The water was so cold she lost her breath she was too cold to move, it felt like all my oxygen was gone I couldn't move it was like a weight was pulling me down she thought in her head-she stayed near the bottom of the clear blue water of the pool until she floated up towards the surface. She gasped for air as she came back up; the first thing she saw was a spinning world and a figure. Her vision wasn't really clear but she could make out the form. It was a 6’5 figure, built to the point it looked like he could throw you across a football field in one throw, and that was all she could make out until everything went black again. Melanie’s dad who was 6’5,built, tanned skin, green eye’s, black hair, and was very intimidating to a person if you saw him for the first time. He could be sweet around other people but when it’s just him and Melanie he gets drunk and beats her.

Jack just left her there freezing, he just stood there laughing, and not caring if she got pneumonia or died. He walked back inside and went to the fridge got a beer and sat down on the couch and watched TV. An hour later he passed out-and Melanie still was not in the house. She was still outside floating on top of the water. She started waking up and splashed around and gasped for air, as she turned over and tried to clear her vision by blinking a few times, she finally got it clear enough and started swimming towards the edge of the pool. She slowly crawled out and laid on the semi warm concrete coughing up water and gasping for air “Mom why did you have to go?” she asked as she looked up towards the sky and started sobbing again.

She slowly got up and made her way towards the glass French doors. Melanie slowly opened the doors and walked in she walked through the kitchen to the closet to grab a towel she was sore from being dragged and the cold water stinging her body. She wanted to scream when she moved. She grabbed the towel and wrapped it around her and quietly walked through the living room and saw her dad on the couch. She stopped in one sudden movement and froze. Melanie looked over the couch and saw her dad was passed out she gave a sign of relief. Melanie ran up the stairs holding her towel. She got to her door and opened it.

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The flashback

She walked in and went straight to her bathroom; she turned on the water as hot as she could stand it. She undressed herself and stepped into the shower. She thought of the events that have happened ever since her mom died she fell to the floor sobbing. Bringing her knees to her chest and rocking back and forth letting the warm water hit her, with her head on her knees. She grabbed the closest thing to her and when she looked to see what it was she saw it was a shaving blade. She took the blade out and ran it across her tan skin. She bit her lip and watched as the blood rushed from her arm down the marble tub and down the drain. It was like a wave of relief went through her, as she kept slicing her wrist she just couldn't stop the adrenaline rush just felt so good to her. Melanie finally stopped when she began to get lightheaded; she lays back in the tub and watched as everything spun around. She suddenly drifted into a dark world. A flashback filled her head;
Melanie and her mom were driving down the dark street laughing and giggling about the different things they had done that day; her mom didn't notice the red light and a truck coming their way. The big transfer truck came at them full force knocking them off the bridge and into the water all you could hear was screaming and heavy breathing. Melanie shot up breathing heavily and crying again backing up more into the corner of the tub.

She missed her mom and wanted her back, she scrambled out of the tub and onto the floor and just laid there not moving or doing anything just looking at the ceiling with tears running down her face. She stayed there for another 10 minutes and then she finally got up and grabbed her towel and went back in her room. Melanie grabbed her zebra stripped pajamas and put them on, she goes and lies in her bed, and she fell asleep for the rest of the morning. She woke up, to being dragged out of her bed and onto the floor yet again “Get up it’s 10:30, you should have been out of bed and doing chores!!!!” he yelled. Jack grabbed her arm and threw her out into the corridor.

She saw him slowly walking towards her and she tried her best to get up and walk. But she couldn't get up in time. “I thought I told you to get up?” he asked as he screamed he grabbed her arm and dragged her down the steps causing her to get carpet burn, making her scream out in pain. She struggled ferociously trying to get out of his grip, but it was no use he was too strong. He suddenly dropped her and left her on the floor “Start cleaning, I'll be back, tonight around 11 and if this house is not spotless we will have a problem” he slapped her and then he grabbed his leather jacket and left. She slowly got up and went to the kitchen and grabbed the various, different cleaning supplies and started cleaning the kitchen. She scrubbed the counters and scrubbed the cobblestone, she stayed cleaning the kitchen for an hour, cobblestone wasn't the easiest to clean she wished they would have gotten a better kitchen.

Melanie finally got done with the kitchen and she moved on to the living room. The modernized room had two white leather couches, one love seat and a recliner, 36” flat screen and a mahogany entertainment center holding it up. Pictures on the purple walls of her and her family when times were good and her mom was still alive, it also had a rosewood chest beside the recliner for all the magazines, books, keys and stuff to put in. It smelled like alcohol and cigars there were beer cans and liquor bottles everywhere. Some empty, some half full, some were still full and never have been touched it was like he was saving those for later. She picked up the empty ones and threw them in the trash-then she picked up the half empty ones poured them out in the sink and threw them away-and then she put the ones that were never touched back in the fridge. She went back into the living room and picked up the cigar packets and cigarette packets and threw them away.

Melanie started vacuuming, and scrubbing the leather couches because alcohol was spilt on them. Knowing her dad he was going to make her clean the couches whether they had alcohol on them or not. Her dad made her clean everything, he has even made her clean the drive way and it’s nothing but rocks and dirt. She finished the living room and went outside and swept the porch. She tried not to leave a leaf on the porch but they just kept falling. She hated having an open porch. Red, yellow, and orange leaves fell every time she got the porch clean. Melanie finally gave up and went inside “I don’t care if he beats me for not having the porch clean, those damn leaves won’t quit falling” she grumbled to herself. She walked upstairs and into her room and laid on the bed reached under her pillow and pulled out a picture of her and her mom on her sixteenth birthday.

They both wore similar outfits that day not planning it at all, they both had on black skinny jeans and tank tops and boots. Sarah her mom had her auburn hair straightened and it had a shine to it in the light. Her crystal blue eyes were popping from the way she did her makeup it was a Smokey eye, with thick eyeliner, her outfit making her look way smaller then she already was. Melanie also had her hair straightened but it was in a sleek ponytail she had thick eyeliner on and very little eye shadow her crystal blue eyes coming through. They were both wearing big smiles, that was the best day Melanie ever had, those were the times she missed, her dad would actually hug her and tell her happy birthday.

But now her dad doesn't even talk to her unless he wants something and he doesn't even hug her, he only hugs her when people are around she would take those moments for granted cause she missed the warm bear hugs that would always use to come her way before her mom died. Melanie ran her fingers over the picture as tears dropped on it. Melanie finally lost it she got up and started throwing things, she threw a brush and shattered the mirror, she was knocking things off her mahogany desk, she ripped the bed sheets off and threw pillows breaking things on the window seal. Nothing was left unscathed she finally ended up falling to the floor which wasn't visible at all, it was covered with glass, clothes, bed sheets, pencils, clipboards, etc.… She felt as if no one cared “I didn't want to admit it but, I don’t know what to do anymore, I have to get out of here and not come back” She told herself. She looked at the time and it was 3:30 in the afternoon she started packing her stuff she knew she could be out of the house in an hour or two.

She reached under her bed and pulled out a large lime green suit case and started packing her clothes, makeup, straightener, shoes, and other necessities she needed. She zipped up her suitcase and pushed it down stairs she went back up stairs to see if she forgot anything. She searched everywhere in her closet, drawers, under her bed, and she didn't find anything she was missing, she was about to leave but she remembered the photo album of her and her family before her mom died and her little sister died and when her dad was the sweetest guy you could meet. 

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Attempt to leave and surprise outing

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The secret place, and secrets revealed

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The saving grace

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Taken in for the night

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The search for life

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