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Wake up

 It kills me there are people that call themselves believers in God ,yet show up at funerals, even soldiers who fought and died for out country holding signs that say "God hates fags" and so many worse the same time there yelling what there sign says so the preacher and everyone attending can't hear. Someone needs to tell them they worship the wrong one, they worship an archangel named lucifer. 

Think about it, the God I believe in and I'm sure many others do also, doesn't hate his children.if he did then lucifer would have been destroyed. Instead God locked him away,I believe maybe one day even satan  can repent, God loves all his children including Angels and hates nothing...but I can't help but hate the moronic way those assholes get away with it. Free will is a bitch. God bless Kevin smith for making and directing the movie red state. It shown a light on the darkest people.i myself am not gay,I love woman and I don't believe God cares if I have a piece of paper from a state saying it's ok. But I do believe everyone has a right to, straight or gay. 

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