The One


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Before I met you

 Before I met you 

I never thought about anyone 

My heart was in two 

I was lied too

I was cheated on too

I was always being used 

A good woman like me been through 

I was young for love

Always chosen who I thought was right

My heart was never in charge 

My brain wasn’t right 

I’m smart 

An pretty 


Loyal Too

I’m outgoing once you know me

Love to cuddle 

with a guy, knowing he loves me 

I thought on that day when 

Our eyes met the feeling i got 

My heart was skipping 

that’s how you got me 

I felt a deep connection 

like no other I felt before 

A love story to my dream 

My Prince Charming 





Sometimes to drive me nutty 

Joker that loves adventure like me 

Very outdoorsy 

Strong family values 

Good heart like me 

Everyone can love him too 

Somebody who understand & respect 

who can take charge an be boss of me 

when I get outta hand 

When i first met u it was unexpected

My eyes were drooling over you

Wow. What a true gentleman 

How I only wished 

I had a real man just like you

You’re sweet

You’re  funny 

You said something 

that made my heart feel funny 

I had a feeling in my heart since then 

without thinking about

 you showed 

That crazy feeling with how you left me 

I told myself I couldn’t 

How, could this be 

does he feel it too

So I messaged you again 

yes we chatted away

Had to met up we had coffee 

I was wondering if thier 

was something more 

whatever reason my heart knew 

My heart was hurting but u fixed me 

So here I am 

I took the plunge to start showing you

Because I plan on proving to you

You already had me from the day w  met 

Your the best thing that happened to me 

I don’t regret what I started with you.

i turn to you on my worst days 

You were there for me 

when everyone one  shut me out

it’s the thought that’s always counts

I like you for being you

you’re original 

You got style 

Your a good boy 

It’s been a crazy journey for me          an u

That night when i saw you 

I was very happy to spend it with you

Little moments like that I cherish 

You mean everything to me you 

 All I wanna do is be supportive of you

Never stop showing just how much 

I wanna be with you 

Not sure what I do if I didn’t have you

My life would be incomplete 

We’ve already been through 

Life is crazy 

But I’m with you

I promise to always be there for you 

Because I truly in love with you. 

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