Deon is a Werewolf


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Deon was a werewolf.  He accepted his fate.  He dealt with the monthly changes under the bright light shining.  He grudgingly put up with the signs that the mundane people should not know about.


When he got hot, his back started to sweat.  It wouldn’t be as bad if a fine layer of hair didn’t grow out of his back at the same time.  The tips of his ears would turn red.  This lead to increased hearing and headaches.

Deon lived with it.  He didn’t complain, even when those mundane people came close to the truth.  He just smiled and brushed them off.

The one thing he could not put up with was vampires.  He tried to ignore them, but sometimes they were just so blatantly obvious he had to do something.

That explained why he was on his way to Britain.  The Queen was still on the throne.  Her husband had long since passed away.  Prince Charles had a heart attack in 2032.  Prince William suffered in a boating accident with Prince Harry.  Little George had grown up and was now middle aged and his grandmum was still on the throne!

This is what Deon could not stand.  All self-respecting vampires at least staged their death so that they could move onto another life.  But did Queen Elizabeth?  No!  She had the audacity to keep ruling.

He glanced out the window as the plane began the descent to Heathrow Airport.  He smiled.  The landing was smooth and he was up and out of his seat quickly.  He had a plan and he needed to begin it.

Stepping off the plane, he headed towards customs.  He did not have much to claim, just the bag he came with.  There was nothing more he needed.

“Mr. Anderson?”

Deon turned around to respond.  He noticed the security guard and walked over to him.  “Yes, sir.”

“You are Mr. Deon Anderson, correct?”  The man looked down at his notepad and then back into Deon’s face.

“Yes.  Is there something wrong?”

The guard put his notepad away.  “Nothing at all, sir.  Please follow me.  We have an express lane right over here.”

Deon smiled.  This was a new service.  Everything was going smoothly.  Well, until he walked into the room where the guard directed him.  Several men in black jackets were waiting for him.  

“Mr. Anderson,we are happy that you could join us today.  Perhaps we can see to your accommodations.  The queen is quite anxious to meet with you.”

Deon paled.  “I’m sorry.”

“Yes, her Majesty has been waiting for you to arrive.  She would love to have a word and possibly a bite of something.”  The guard smiled at him, showing the tips of his fangs.

“Damn, I hate vampires.”

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