Solution against Bullying at Educational Institutions


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Solution against Bullying at Educational Institutions

We all have come across many children suffering from depression as a result of being harassed and bullied in school. Although the government has passed an anti-bullying policy in our schools, it is sad enough that it still happens. Apart from a bully prevention policy, I feel that more needs to be done.

In my days as a student, I would have students forcing others to do their assignments. I don’t know if that happens today with all the best assignment help websites available online. However, we can all agree that we need to come up with more effective solutions to end all forms of bullying, both online and in our schools.

Viable Solutions to Stop Bullying

Today, bullying is leading to very many teenage deaths in the USA. I believe it’s high time we came up with lasting solutions to tackle this problem once and for all. Having come across many kids with this problem, I believe I have some insight that might help derive lasting solutions. Without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

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1. Introduce a curriculum that teaches about bullying

For starters, we need to ensure that kids know and understand what bullying is and all its forms. This way, you won’t have kids claiming that they didn’t know they were doing wrong. Introducing this subject in the curriculum helps create awareness among the students. This will, in turn, help reduce the levels of harassment by fellow students in our schools.

Some of the best assignment writing service websites offer a wide database of sample papers, some of which address bullying. They detail personal experiences from other students in the hands of bullies and how they approached the problem.

2. Establish strong systems for reporting bullying

Our schools still don’t have clear and firm avenues for reporting bullying and harassment claims by students. Therefore, students suffer in silence because they don’t dare to report their harassers.

The best way to deal with this is to establish a safe place where students can report misconduct fearlessly. Moreover, counseling is crucial for kids that have been exposed to any kind of harassment, both online and physically. There must also be strict guidelines on how to punish those found guilty of this vice.

3. Teach kids to be kind

This is the most important and viable solution that can be implemented to tackle harassment in our schools. However, achieving this requires a collaborative effort from both teachers and parents to get the desired outcome.

As a parent, you need to teach your kids to respect others at all times. Education without morals is not as effective. Even though you use the best assignment writing services companies for your writing task, you need to be ethical and kind. Teaching kindness and empathy is very essential for preventing bullying.

4. Encourage students to socialize with everyone

As a teacher, you should include several class activities that require kids to work together. It is your responsibility to create an atmosphere where everybody is comfortable with their classmates. Don’t overlook when some students form cliques that segregate others. Instill it in learners that nobody is more special than the rest.

Most of the bullying starts in elementary school. Here, some students abuse others physically, while others force peers to do their assignments. Students who force others to do their assignments in elementary school often proceed to rely on top assignment service reviews and essay help even in high school. They leave their tortured friends to feel used.

5. Identify strange behaviors

As a teacher, you can identify signs of bullying at a very early stage and help rectify the problem before it gets out of hand. However, most teachers get overwhelmed by other activities and they miss to notice these behaviors. If you are determined to stop and preventing bullying, here are some queer behaviors you should look out for.

- Name-calling in class.

- Cruel laughs at other students.

- Spying on other students during class periods.

- Rude behavior, especially with teachers.

- Ignoring and despising others.

- Back turning on teachers.

These seem petty, but they are not.

6. Controlling social media use

Bullying is not only a physical but also mental torture. Due to strict guidelines in schools, kids have now turned to social media to mentally torture others. As a psychiatrist, I would recommend regular monitoring of what our kids are up to on social media and what they post as parents.

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It is very sad to lose a young life to suicide due to bullying or harassment by fellow peers. It is something that must never occur anywhere around the globe. As parents and teachers, we should guide these kids to treating all people with respect regardless of race, culture, financial capabilities and religion. We must teach them to embrace diversity.  


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