Tea For Three.


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Jemima Spencer was your normal four year old child. She liked to play with her friends, read all kinds of stories and she especially liked to have tea parties with her stuffed animals — Timmy and Jojo. 
You see, Timmy and Jojo weren't just any ordinary stuffed animals, they came to life. Not in the real world though. That was almost impossible, but it was all in Jemima's imagination. 
Timmy was Jemima's stuffed rabbit. The small creature had button eyes, many sewed up holes and matted, brown fur. The rabbit had been given to Jemima just after she was born, serving as her favourite stuffed animal all her life. Jojo, on the other hand, was a muddy, brown bear. The bear was fairly new, Jemima had taken interest in the bear after seeing her sat in the window of a charity shop. 
This is the story about tea for three...
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Chapter 1

"Mummy, I want to go outside!"  Jemima's eyes welled with tears as she looked out the window. Her mother had promised to take her to the park, but the weather had canceled the original plans. 

"Sweetheart, it's raining. You don't want to be catching any colds!" Jemima's mother placed her hand on the girls shoulder, hoping it would calm down her tears. "Besides, wouldn't you rather play with Timmy and Jojo?" The girl snuffled, wiping her eyes. 
"But I don't have any new stories to tell them, mummy!" The girl sobbed again, using her sleeve as a tissue. Each day, Jemima would tell Timmy and Jojo about her day at school, or about how she went out with her parents. 
"Use your imagination." Her mother smiled before walking away from her daughter. Imagination? Jemima had never really used her imagination...maybe it was a good idea?
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