Blue Moon


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Chapter 1

"Kat!" Evan called up the stairs. "Come on! We're going to be late." 

"Okay!" I called back, applying lip gloss to my lips. 

I took one last look in the mirror. The girl staring back at me was unfamiliar. Her pale skin seemed to be even paler. Her green eyes where outlined with thick, long, dark lashes and looked a bit goldish. Her full lips pulled back into a frown. Her long, curly, wild hair was tied up in a bun at the top of her head, bangs falling into her eyes. 

Her black leggings fitted her small frame. Her pale gray V-neck sweater fell to her mid-thigh and the black knee length boots brought the entire outfit together. 

The frown on my face deepened into a scrawl. Watching her mock me. I turned from the stranger into mirror and grabbed my backpack off my dirty room floor. I rushed down stairs, slamming into a pissed Evan. 

"You ready?" He snapped at me. 

"Like always." I snap back. 

He growled at me before swaggering out the door, leaving me behind. I smiled to myself. This wasn't the first time I made us late to the bus. 

Evan might be two minutes older than me but he isn't the boss. I was. When Mom died giving birth to twins, Dad drowned himself in work, leaving Evan and me to fend for ourselves. Since Evan keeps getting in trouble, I decided that I needed to take charge. Evan put up a good fight though, but I made it clear that he's been in more trouble than I have. He finally surrendered to me. 

For a big 6'2" guy, he doesn't want to get into it with me. I might be a 5'0" girl but I can still take him down. I love my brother, but he drives me mad sometimes. Other than being twins, we look nothing a like. He had black, shaggy hair, golden tan skin, with freckles. The only resemblance we share is our green eyes. 

I followed him out the door, locking it behind me. I slowly made my way to the bus stop, stopping in front of Evan. 

I fluttered my eyelashes at him and smiled,"We're not that late." 

He hissed at me, "It may not seem like it to you, but now I missed Gav..." He stopped mid sentence. 

"Gava?" I asked in a low, laughing voice. "Please tell me you're not with her." 

He sneered. "I told you. You wouldn't understand." 

I faked a laugh. "No, Evan, its you who doesn't understand." I said right when the bus stopped in front of us. 

I climbed in before Evan heading towards the back. I felt a pair of eyes on me as I made my way to my seat. Evan sat next to me, focused on his phone. I plugged my headphones in and drowned in the beat. The ride to the school was short, considering that we were the last stop. 

We pulled up to the black and gray building of Ash Paw High School. Evan tapped me on the shoulder. I turned my heated glare to him. 

He cringed. "I'm sorry about Gava. I wanted to tell you. That's why I got mad at you today. I wanted to explain to you, and her, what I was going to do." He breathed in one breath. 

I gave him a quick nod and hustled off the bus. I felt a pair of eyes on me again. I sucked in a deep breath before entering the school. I found Lenina quickly. Her loud, sweet talk drifting down the hall towards me. 

Before I went to Lenina's, I scurried to my locker and grabbed my science book. I sighed when my eyes found Evan leading Gava towards her class. Gava was my archenemy. Her straight black hair half pulled in a braid while the rest fell in long locks down her back. Her skinny hips swishing side to side. She had ghost pale skin and bright amber eyes. Every time she looked at me, her amber eyes filled with a fiery hatred. 

A lose, off-the-shoulder shirt hung nicely around her supermodel curves, her long legs were covered in a pair of black skinny jeans. 

I slammed my locker shut, banging my finger in the process. I cried out as a striking hot pain shot up my arm. I backed away from the locker and smashed into someone. I whipped around so fast, I thought I gave myself a whiplash. My vision blurred and black inky dots appeared in the corner of my sight. 

A hand shot out and grabbed me before I tripped over my own two feet. "Easy there." Said in a deep, soothing voice. 

"S-sorry." I said humiliated. 

"Not a great start?" He asked, chuckling. 

"Not really." I mumbled. 

My vision finally cleared. I looked up at my savior. His black hair was short, but not to short. I looked in his beautiful gold speckled silver eyes that seemed to gleam at me. He's a foot taller than me, landing him to about 6'4". He had golden skin and freckles across his forehead and cheeks. His lean, muscular body radiated warm heat. His half smile made my knees weak with a want I didn't understand. 

"Sis? What's going on?" Evan's voice was laced with worried and a hint of possession. 

I shook my head looked at Evan than at the god in front of me. My finger throbbed and my head hurt. 

"Thank you. For catching me." I said to the Greek god. 

He said, "No problem." His smile doing funny things to my stomach. 

"Kat!" Evan snapped. 

"What?" I half growled at him. Greek god's full, kissable lips twitched. 

"Are you okay?" Evan asked gentler. 

"Yeah, my hand just hurts." I gave a small laugh. "Then my clumsy butt decided to stumble into him." I hitched my thumb over my shoulder. 

A small chuckle came from behind me. 

My brother looked from me to Greek god, then back to me. "Sorry who are you?" Evan asked with a bit of bite in his words. 

Greek god stuck out his hand for Evan to shake. "Name's Recce." He said. 

Evan looked at Recce then to his hand. "Yeah. Um, sis we need to go. Or we're going to be late." Evan said, ignoring Recce's hand. 

Recce laughed and shook his head. "And who are you?" He asked with a small dimpled smile 

"A guy who's about to kick your sorry butt if you don't leave my sister alone." Even growled at him. 

I smacked his shoulder. "Even, be nice. He helped me not to make an ass out of myself." I scold him. Turning to Recce I said, "I'm sorry. I don't know what's gotten into him. He's not usually like this." I shook my head, confused. 

"I understand. Your his little sister, he feels protective of you." He smiled at me. 

"Little? Little? I am not little! I'm a big girl and I can take care of myself." I shrieked at him. Even laughed.

"Watch out or your are gonna go through the wall." He laughed even harder. Recce shook his head. 

"Come on Even we need to get to class. Bye Recce nice to meet you." I said and walked away. 

Looking back, I saw Recce's silver eyes watching me go.   


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Chapter 2

The first few hours of school went by fast and before I knew it, it was lunch. I ran to my locker and threw my backpack in and slammed it shut, watching for my finger this time. A voice cleared behind me. Turning around, I found myself face to face with Gava. Her amber eyes glowing with friendliness. I was so shocked I backed up and smashed into my locker. 

"Kitty. I was looking for you." Her tinkling voice said. 

"W-why were you looking for me?" I said, still shocked. 

"I just wanted you to know that I don't hate you anymore. Well, I never really did, but somethings just happened and I took it out on you because I liked your brother, but I didn't know if he liked me or not." She said, looking into my eyes, trying to make me believe her. The thing is, I did believe her. Her amber eyes filled up with tears, tears I haven't seen since freshman year. I nodded and gave her a tight hug. 

"Will you sit with us?" I asked, finding my voice at last. 

She laughed and said, "Of course. I'm really sorry for the way I've been treating you the past few years." 

"Its okay. I forgive you." I said. "Now lets go get some food." 

She laughed again and looped her arm through mine. Gava and I made our way to the cafeteria. When we opened the double doors, everyone went silent and watched as we got our food and sat at my table. 

Evan came over and gave Gave a kiss on the cheek and one on my forehead. I smiled up at him right when Recce walked through the doors. My heart stopped, then started beating faster as he neared our table. 

"Were do you think you're going?" Evan asked in a deep, controlled voice. 

"I think I'm going to sit next to Kitten." Recce answered with forced lightness. 

"Her name is Kat not Kitten." Evan said taking a step closer to him. 

I shook my head at Evan. "Be nice. Gava tell him to be nice." 

Gava laughed. "Evan come sit with me. There's nothing wrong with Recce sitting here." 

Recce laughed. "Kitten can I sit next to you?" 

"Yes." I said. 

He smiled and took a seat next to me. "What are you doing after school today?" Gava asked me. 

I bit my bottom lip and shrugged. "I don't know. Why?" 

She laughed. "I was going to see if you wanna hag out."

"Yes!" I blew out a relieved breath. 

"Cool. I'll see you at my house after school?" 

"Absolutely." I smiled at her, glade we got over our differences. 

Evan was looking between me and Gava like he was seeing something not so real. The look on his face made me giggle. 

"What?" Evan asked. 

"Oh, nothing just your look of pure and utter shock." Gava said with a light giggle. 

"Ahhh!" I yelled when something wet and hot hit my face and hair. 

"Oh, sorry I didn't see you there." Marisa said. A sneer on her dark beautiful face. 

"Marisa. How wonderful of you to stop my and see me. Not that I want to see you. But still so very wonderful non less." I said sarcastically. 

She rolled her eyes. "Yeah? Well its good to see that you're still a witch." Me, Evan, Gava, and Recce all shot up like a rocket and stood there, waiting for something to happen. My anger boiling over the top and all I can see is red. Today is a bad day. I thought. 

"Just because you're the witch doesn't mean that everything in a skirt is one." I said through my teeth. 

She gave a dark chuckle and stepped toward me. "You don't know who you're messing with, Kitten.

I bawled my hands into a fist and I began to shake. "Don't call me that! It's Kat!  Leave. Me. Alone!" I yelled at her. 

The glass around me began to groan and bend. I took a step back and gasped. The cafeteria got so quiet you could hear a pen drop.  Whispering flooded the cafeteria and my ears. Recce put his hand on the small of my back and the shaking of the glass stopped as my anger subsided.

Marisa looked at me then at Recce's hand and stormed off, forgetting about the glass. A silence spread across our group as we all sat down. I was Evan who cleared his throat and asked the question I know everyone was wondering.  

"What was that, Kat?" He asked. 

"I-I don't know." I whispered, looking down at my forgotten food.

Recce brought his hand back up and rubbed my sore muscles. I gave him a grateful smile, looking back a Evan. I could feel his discomfort at Recce's hand on my back, at Marisa's words, and his utter pride at me. I jumped back, feeling his feelings. Evan stared at me. I stared back. How can I feel his emotions? I thought. 

Your different than other people. A voice in my head said. Special. Unique. Powerful. You, Kitten, have the most power in our Society. 

How are you? Why are you in my head? How did you get in my head? I asked that voice. 

Kitten... That voice sounded familiar. I looked at Recce, eyes wide. You? I asked. A slow nod was the proof. We were having a conversation in my head. In my head! 

How did you get in my head? I asked a bit clipped. 

Its wide open. He said. Not my fault at what you shout in my head. He smirked at me. 

I was shock. Did he hear what I thought about him this morning? I asked myself.   

No, Recce said. 

I probably thought that to him by accident. I laughed to myself quietly. I looked over at him. 

"So Recce?" I asked. "Do you wanna come to our house later today?" 

He looked at me. "Are you sure?" 

"Yes. Oh, and Gava too." I said in after thought.

Gava smiled at me. 

"No." Evan growled at me. 

"Yes." I said, holding his stare. 

"Okay." Recce said, breaking my stare. 

I grinned at him. "Cool its a date." 


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Chapter 3

After the bell rung for lunch to end, I headed up to English. I walked in and found Recce in the back. I made my way up to him. 

"Hi, Sir. Is this seat taken?" I teased. 

"No Ma'am. For you, its open." He gave me a shit eating grin. 

I laughed and sat down next to him. 

"Attention class." Mr. Ogden said. "I know this is a Monday, but we will be writing a three page paper on you."

The class groaned. Some muttered. I looked at Recce, he was watching me. I blushed and smiled before turning back to the front of the class.

"Now class, you will have a month to finish and edit it before you turn it in." Mr. Ogden said.   

I liked writing, so this wasn't a problem to me. I smiled to myself. 

"Why are you smiling?" Recce asked. 

I looked at him. "I love writing. Its easy for me to do. I'll probably have it done by Thursday."

He smiled. "You're a nerd, you know that?"

I laughed quietly. "Yeah I know."

"So, are you ready for the talk that we're going to have after school today?" He asked me, smiling nervously.

"I don't know. Maybe." I said honestly.

Before he could answer, Mr. Ogden looked at the class and said, "You may discus this with a partner. Talk away."

"Kitten, I know that you'll be ready." Recce said. "Just try to keep an open mind." 

I smiled at him. "I read for a living. Of course I'll keep an open mind." 

He just laughed at me. I gave a light giggle. 

"So, are you thing about how you're going to write your paper?" Recce asked. 

"Yeah, it's not hard to do. I just start to write and I get lost in the words. The thing is that no one reads between the lines of my writing. Or when they read. They think that they are sympathetic towards the character, but really they don't know about them because they don't read between the lines." I said.

I blushed when he gave me a slow, lopsided smile. "Wow, you really do love reading and writing, uh?"

"Yeah, sorry didn't mean to go all nerdy on you." I laughed.

 "Ha!" He laughed with me. "No it true, people really don't read between the lines or they don't want to acknowledge the truth." 

"Exactly!" I said. 

 At that we got to work and talked about random things about school and life outside of school. 



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