Bjorn The Viking


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 Bjorn couldn’t remember much about the previous night. He had just gotten out of quite a lucrative contract, and as a result went straight to the nearest tavern to drink some of the money he had earned away. The rest of the night is a blur. Now, however? He was being chased out of a very decorative home by a very angry husband who happened to catch a very naked Bjorn in bed with his wife. Bjorn was about to start getting dressed when a rather plump fellow walked in and started yelling. It didn’t take long for the moment to become more heated, and in just a few moments a sword was drawn. 

So that’s how we came to the present moment of Bjorn running through a living room and into a street with only his breeches on. He had the rest of his clothes over his arm as he ran, along with his boots in his left hand. He couldn’t quite remember where his axes were... He would most likely have to check back at the tavern, or even get them replaced.

As he was running, and haphazardly pulling his boots on, he came across an awfully pretty redhead, and couldn’t help but stop for a moment and compliment her beautiful looks and say hi. He was planning to stay awhile and spend a little longer with her, until he heard the enraged screams of the husband who happened to be chasing him.

He gave the young girl a wink and continued to run, pulling his shirt on and doing up his belt, tucking the wolf-pelt cloak into it for the time being. He was jeering at the husband as he went, and laughing like a madman. This was a game to Bjorn, one that he had had a lot of practice at. What could he say? He loved to partake in desires of the flesh, and could never leave a woman wanting, Be she single or married...

He paused for a moment, and given how out of shape the man chasing him was, had enough time to finish pulling his clothes on. His fiery hair and beard were still a mess, but he would sort those out later when he had a chance. 

He soon after dived into an alleyway, tiring of this game of cat and mouse, albeit he was a large mouse against an even larger cat. He would peek out occasionally and scan the street with his deep, ocean coloured eyes, but had appeared to have lost the voluptuous fellow chasing him.

He sighed, then started to laugh before sinking to the floor. He was a little out of breath after all that running, and would definitely need a drink at the nearest tavern... he should probably find his weapons first.

He got up and looked around, trying to discern where he was. His eyes fell upon a small fountain in the middle of a large open area, and he walked over to it. Must be the town centre. He washed his face at the fountain, and quickly tidied up his hair and beard, then looked into the sky with a mischievous smile.

“You watching me, Ragnar?”

He chuckled. Maybe Ragnar, his son, was indeed watching him. He liked the idea of that, it would mean he wasn’t entirely alone. 

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The hunt.

 Bjorn pushes himself up with a grunt, still a little tired having been disturbed from his rest this morning. He would need a new place to sleep, perhaps this time a place where he wouldn’t be rudely awakened by an angry husband... An in would suffice, but he would have to find one that he wasn’t barred from first, but right now Bjorn had more important things on his mind, like finding his sword perhaps.

The hunt began, Bjorn was still watching out for well you know who...but finally made it back to the tavern where he had been the night before, as well as managing to find the one thing he went looking for in the first place.

Upon finding his weapons he also happened to  stumble across a ravishing young woman and well He wasn’t the type to keep the ladies here we are again with a half naked Bjorn running through the village instantaneously pulling up his briefs whilst being chased by an outraged husband that happened to see his beloved wife in bed with another man but that didn’t stop him. Oh how he loved a challenge. However this seemed to be 

an actual challenge.

Bjorn found himself in quite the situation, because the angry husband was now arms length behind him and vastly catching up. 

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