4 Easy Steps You Should Take before Writing a Bestselling Book


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Every Year, many books go unpublished. They never get to see daylight. This is because, in most cases, the author gives up in the process. Some writers will tell you that they got stuck, did not know what to write or did not know how to write the editing. And who can blame them? Writing can be intimidating to most people. All hope is not lost though, and with a positive attitude, you can accomplish writing a best seller with discipline and determination.

Here are 4 steps to guide you in writing a bestselling book:


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Chapter 1

# Know Your Why

This is a significant point to ask yourself before you consider writing your book. Various reasons why people write books include becoming famous, making money, to share inspiring stories, writing about their personal experiences, and many other reasons. Having a reason for wanting to write could be the key to your success. Do a little soul searching and brainstorming before you start. Draft down your ideas in a notebook and place it somewhere you can always see it to give you the morale when you feel like giving up.

# Know Your Audience

This is a vital stage towards a creating a successful book. By getting to know your audience, you’ll find yourself saving time and frustrations. This will impact how you relay your message. But this does not mean that you don’t write what you want as it’s still your book. To become a successful author, you need to know the needs and desires of your audience. You must also be willing to bare your imperfections as people will quickly relate to you.

When the audience sees part of themselves in you, then understanding your message becomes quite easy. Do not forget to read reviews of the authors whose books have gotten published that have similar topics as yours. You can find some very useful platforms when doing your search like eliteessaywriters.com. This will help you find out what the readers like and do not like.

# Decide Your Topic

It is essential to have something to say before you start to write. Some people decide on a particular topic just because it has a big market. Do not make that mistake. Finding a topic that you are passionate about helps you sustain the length of the book.

Make use of the internet by researching to find out if the idea you have is popular. Decide if you want to write one book or many, whether your book will have a spin-off because the more you write, the more you tend to sell and this translates to money. A study shows that publishing houses tend to take on multiple book authors.

# Set a Word Count Objective

Most authors will argue that writing a lengthy book helps you include all the details that you need. However, the length should be determined by the story itself. To get there, you need to create time to write as often as possible. Aiming to write a few pages a day helps you to set your goal. A page a day is about 300 pages in a year, start there. Do not exaggerate and give yourself an unattainable goal when writing. For publishers, you find that they get sent manuscripts in hundreds if not thousands and are looking for a reason why some books should not be on their list. Analyzing word count is one of the techniques that they use to reduce their pile.

It’s every author’s dream to write a bestselling book one day. If you follow the above-mentioned steps, you can be assured of tremendous success. Book writing remains one of the best marketing tools everywhere. And though many people are often scared by the mere thought of writing, it can be rewarding as it gives you exposure on what to tell the readers out there. Take a chance and write a book if that is your passion, you might be surprised that you can turn out to be a natural.




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