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  It's been a while since that faithful day, but it's best to start from the beginning. I didn't know what I want then, I was different than she will ever know. She has no idea who I was, she have no idea what I did, but she was able to change the type of person I was. She made me realized many things that I was too clueless to notice. It was never my choice to be an actor, but I'm glad that I did, because I met her. This story is no special, but it's our story, and it's special to me. It's the story of how we started, how we met, and how we loved. This is just the beginning, there's more to the story than just falling in love. If she only knew what she did to me, she changed me. She changed my life. She changed everything I thought I knew, everything that I once knew.

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Chapter 1: First Project

I was the type of guy that no one dares to mess with. The guy who speaks for himself. But how can a guy like that would be intimidated by someone like her? Someone so simple, kind, smart, and beautiful, just like the song I sang to her for our first movie together, but it's not about that now. The way things started was different than the way things are now.

I didn't understand then what she meant, or what she was trying to say, but I do now.

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