The Devil Gets His Day


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24 Hours

 You ever wonder what would happen, when "God" himself has had enough?

Have you never looked deep inside, or noticed others, and thought, "when is it all going to stop?"

When will our time be up?

I have, I do everyday.  Wondering, what our end will be.

Let me tell you the tale, of the Devil, and his army of demons.

Granted by the Heavens above, but a days reprieve.

How the earth, was cleansed by Hell..

There came a day, not long ago.

When man had become so corrupt, that even the Angels above had given up.

Greedy, selfish, and hateful.

Man had wrapped his arms around sin.

No sorrow, nor regrets in hearts or souls, for those they hurt along the way.

So self absorbed "God" himself, turned away.

The Heavens could take no more, of the wickedness going on below.

It was time for the evil to end, to cleanse the earth, to start again.

For man had become so infected, it was spreading rampant through mouth and touch.

Even the innocent were becoming tempted, to give in or give up.

No matter how hard the Angels fought to change man, man continued to take for granted the life given to them.

Souls as black as night, they now must pay the ultimate price.

So "God" told the Devil, "Let the innocent be, and I'll grant you 24 hours, to do as you please!" 

The Devil immediately ripped open the gates to Hell!

Calling forth his army to serve, and serve him well.

With a sinister smile that lit up his face, in anticipation of the many sinners, his demon hoard would feast upon this day.

He turned to his vast army, awaiting but his command.

"Kill every sinner!"

Though a bit louder he did state, so all could hear well.

"The innocent remain untouched, by "Gods" command!"

With a flick of his wrist, the army was off.

Man stained with sin quickly ripped apart, their souls collected for an eternity of purgatory.

The army moving fast, following their masters decree.  Millions were gone, before mornings light  began to peek.

With the land awash in corrupted blood, only a small portion in comparison did they leave.

Those protected still by "Gods" love, left untouched as agreed.

The Devil then reined in his army, for his day had come to an end.

It was time to leave.

The sinners destroyed, bodies nothing but dust.

As the Devil turned to leave, a teen stuttered a question to him from shaky knees.

"Why did you not claim us all, why were we chosen to live?"

The Devil replied, without malice or disdain.

"Your innocence is what saved you this day, make sure to guard it well, or you to will be joining Me in Hell!"

He then had the teen look around, as he continued to speak.

"All those I claimed, had chosen their fate long ago."

"They squandered their souls to lay claim to objects, or to make a name."

The Devil stated, while shaking his head in disgust.

"They were destined to be with me, they lost all appreciation of the gift "God" had granted to man."

The Devil then turned, and began walking away.

Looked up to the lightening sky, then closed Hells gates.

Turning one last time, yearning but to see his "Fathers" face.

His parting words before departing.

"God created this world, for the innocent souls you see." 

"It is but poison, for the Fallen and Forsaken like me!"

With those final words, and a flick of his hand.

All the carnage was swept from the land.

The breeze was fresh, the sky's crystal clear.

Even the many buildings of man, started to disappear.

No sinners left behind, a clean slate was granted that night.

With mans new wisdom, the innocent did learn once again.

To believe and pray, passing morality onto their children.

Temptation can easily twist, a gentle soul.

So they kept their lives simple, taking it day by day.

Children and people happier, talking, and with smiles on their face.

Education still key, the tale of the Devils Day is passed down.

Let no child forget, or we all cease to exist.

The greatest lesson learned that night, "If temptation calls, turn it away!"

"The road it leads you down, is not what you picture it to be!"

By C. Pantoja

This short story was originally a poem that popped in my head.  While writing, I noticed how long it had become.

So I created 2.  

My original, became this short story.

From it, I created a creepy poem.

I hope you enjoyed it!

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