A Stone Cold Heart


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A heart as cold as ice

 On a balcony over looking the forest near the castle, Lilian, Princess of Tanarine, gazed at the bright morning sky. It was a morning like every morning. The birds sang their morning songs, a cool breeze rustled the trees, a baby fawn eating grass in the clearing with its mother. Any normal person would enjoy a scenery like this. 

"My Lady. Your father is waiting for you to join him for breakfast." 

A young man emerged from the shadows. His hair pulled back into a low loose ponytail. His dark brown eyes laid heavily on the princess. 

Lilian glanced toward the man and heaved a sigh. "Yes, thank you Talin. I guess it is time for breakfast." 

The princess stared of for a few more moments.

"My lady." Urged Talin.

"Alright, I'm coming." She turned and walked right passed Talin without bashing an eyelash. "Well, are you coming?" She gave him a cold tone.

He brushed it off like it was nothing. "Yes, your lady ship." 

They walked in silence down the hall. Every morning he would watch her stare out the window. Every morning he wondered what was going through her mind. She hardly said a word and if she did, there was always a cold tone to her voice. A kind of hollowness to it. He thought back to the first day he met her 3 months ago. Her father the king, sent out a message to all the clans of the kingdom for their best fighters. They held a contest to see who the was the strongest.  Talin entered just because he loved challenges and fighting. He never would have drempt that the Victor would end up being the princesses personal body guard.

When he saw the princess for the first time she had no expression, no life in her eyes. He thought he would have some fun but, with a princess who never says a word, well, Talin wished he would have lost. Never the less it was an honor to serve the king Talin told himself. 

"Talin?" The princess said without any emotion.

This brought Talin back. They were at the dining hall and the princess was waiting for him to open the door. Talin apologized bowing opening it for. Without any thanks she walked in ignoring him. 

'Just like always' he sighed and took his place standing behind her. 

"My lovely daughter! Your looking well this morning." The king beamed. "Talin my boy. Sit! Join us for breakfast."

"Thank your for your generosity your majesty but, I already had my share this morning."

The king eyed him with a smirk. "You are free to eat with us anytime young man. Your protecting my daughter after all. You deserve a good meal."

"I'll keep that in mind. Your too kind my King." 

The king eyed Talin looking him up and down. "I have an idea. Talin my dear daughter hardly goes outside the castle doors. Now that she has someone close to protect her, I want her to see the outside world. What do you think my dear?"

The princess buttered her bread emotionless. "No thank you."

"My dear, you have been stuck here far too long. You must go see how your country is. Enjoy the sights."

Princess Lilian didn't look up at her father "I already said no."

This finally set the king off. "Lilian, you are to go out and have a look around! That's an order as the King!"

The princess sighed "Fine. I'll do as you say." She then got up from the table and walked out of the room.

The king looked apologetic at Talin. "I'm sorry that my daughter isn't all that pleasant to be around but, thank you for looking after her." 

Talin bowed "Your words are too kind your majesty.  It's an honor to serve you and the princess." He then turned and left the room.

The king sat there alone and heaved a heavy sigh. "We're all counting on you my boy. It's up to you now."

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