Old McLarsen Had Some Farms

For those who wonder about the differences between urban and rural life; the practicalities of taking that step into leather or rubber boots; the joys of raising kangaroos and other beautiful treasures; the learning curve that just keeps on keeping on, even 40+ years later—you're in for a treat. Join me as I wander paths that were...

When Sampson met Delilah

Can Delilah capture the heart of the partner of her dreams? Will Sampson ever be able to trust fully again? Can smalls and talls treat these aliens kindly? What more will Sampson learn on this fateful day? These and other poignant but pressing questions are all answered when Sampson meets Delilah.

Hobson's Choice

Sometimes Life starts handing us choices we are none too ready to make... and some choices should never have to be made at all. Here's a story written for a weekend write-in, that has taken on a life of its own, and now actually DEMANDS its own presentation in a length of its OWN choosing. Seems I have Hobson's choice in the...


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In 1981, a trip to the beach with friends ends in tragedy for a young Australian woman.Determined not to let injury destroy her, Dani launches into her own unique 'rehab' program on the saddle of a bicycle. as she travels thru Europe and Middle East, becoming the wife of a Bedouin for a season, there is a second, spiritual journey...

Demons of Klanorah

A plague spreads through Klanorah putting people into a crazed frenzy. The fate of civilization rests upon the shoulders of an unlikely wizard and a mysterious prophetess. The Knights of the Fallen Star have accused them of high treason, and have set out to execute them both. The duo is forced to work in the shadows to find a cure,...