Magic photography


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Magic photography

Did you know that sometimes a single photo can radically change your life? Don't believe?

This experiment was conducted in the laboratory, but if you want it can be done by anyone.

The chickens have hatched. Everyone's like twin brothers. All healthy is witnessed by a veterinarian. All are kept in the same conditions-this is strictly monitored by a laboratory assistant. After a few days, all four Chicks were photographed, and numbered to prevent confusing. The images of the three are put aside, the fourth chicken is multiplied, and the experimenter distributes it to the right and left: relatives, friends, children in kindergarten. And together with the photo all receive the same instruction: "If something goes wrong in life or sad at heart, look carefully at the image of a yellow miracle and mentally try to borrow strength from the chicken." What do you think? The baby bird which has got to a turn of experiment, changes in the eyes. It is worse developed, literally, around behind his brothers and in General becomes somewhat dull, gloomy - in short, not the tenant.

 It is unlikely that you will find another, more illustrative example to see with your own eyes how the "hacking and sucking" of the energy potential with the help of photography. Chickens, as we know, develop quickly, and any violation on them is more noticeable, more clearly, perhaps. A person can be the same way, only on the other, so to speak, speed. Experimented in the laboratory and with plants. The result is similar.

It can be seen, no wonder our ancestors attributed to the image of magic power. So many books have been written about the influence of portraits on life and destiny that, gathered together, they could make a decent library. But when in the middle of the nineteenth century there was a picture, for some reason at first no one thought that its impact is much stronger. Photography eliminated the "mediator" - the artist, who by his biofield, talent or mediocrity could influence the fate of the portrait. Now the "contact" went in a straight line: from the viewer to the image. And this, as it turned out, had not only positive sides.


Us from the destructive influence of photos for a long time kept... our poverty. Remember, ten or fifteen years ago cameras were not available in any family, but good, professional cameras were rare. There were no picture quality enhancer to improve the photos those times. Those weak, blurred pictures that most of us did at family celebrations, and then printed in the light of a red light bulb in a stuffy bathroom, according to scientists, could not pose a real danger. The fact that such an image was difficult to look into his eyes. Yes, and read information on fuzzy contours-it is extremely tedious. For it could be taken only by professionals. Means, theft of energy was actually excluded.

And now pay attention to the photos of famous artists or singers, flashing on the pages of Newspapers and magazines. Millions of eyes are looking at them. Some look and do not see, others, burdened with some heavy thoughts and problems, involuntarily smile, looking at the happy, joyful Christmas scenes.

In everyday life we say: "got a charge of optimism and cheerfulness." And it would be more correct to say that he has filled the missing energy potential.

Becoming unwittingly an energy donor for tens of thousands of people, fame can no longer sometimes make up for their own physical and mental strength. Is it because in star families frequent turmoil, strife, divorces, scandals? However, everything is not so tragic. These are people who are endowed by nature with increased energy potential. Their biological energy is in full swing, which, incidentally, causes the body no less suffering than energy "holes". According to one of the hypotheses, an unconscious desire to be in front of everyone, to align their energy level and pushes such people to a political or artistic Olympus - where it is necessary to give all of yourself. That's why artists or speakers can easily leave in the audience such forces that others do not accumulate in a year.

Experts offer several recommendations. Recently, it has become fashionable to carry photos of family and friends in your wallet. This should not be done, because sometimes even a casually unfriendly glance is enough to bring trouble to the house. Parents who are separated from their daughter or son should talk more often with a photo of the child. But do not wail: "How are you there, alone!" On the contrary, try to convey part of your strength and inner conviction that everything will be fine. However, it is not necessary to be a bioenergetic to understand: the ability to see something good in the gray series of our endless difficult everyday life-this is the key to success in life. And this is a tip for lovers: practice shows that those couples who were photographed a lot before marriage, often do not reach the registry office. Or divorce quickly. Or live out of the hands? It is not yet possible to explain this paradox.

Try not to be photographed just like that, there is nothing to do and be a little bit more careful, leaving someone your pictures for memory. It must be a good memory. After all, it seems that they once wrote on old photos. Hopefully, old photo restoration is now possible. 

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