Radnik: Old Beginnings


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Welcome to Radnik, world of the shape-shifters.

Once upon a time, we lived somewhere far away, a planet called Earth. That was before my great-grandparents were... taken, experimented on by scientists, in an attempt to alter their genes and make them, well, more than what they were-- human. They put them through strange, new kinds of radiation, strange drugs, the like, hoping that their bodies might change, and yet afraid of what they might become.

Well, they didn't change, but many of them had children who were... different.

Blue. And green. And yellow. And really many other colors of the rainbow. That alone made them different. But even that couldn't take into account the biggest thing that set them apart.

They could change their forms. When my grandparents, and all my friends's grandparents, were little, they all were able to shift shapes, into other humans, into their favorite puppies or kittens, whatever caught their whim.

So all the others, the normal ones, they got scared, of what my grandparents could do. They didn't want this army of beings that could be anyone to infiltrate, take all their power. So their one solution was to stick them, as young children, in a starship, and send them as far away as possible, to the one other planet they'd found that could support life and cut off all contact.

Problem solved, right? Won't have to worry about any of those monsters now, they're gone, far away, no way to come back, they don't even know where Earth is. Should be simple.

But they were wrong. Because my people have forgotten, and now, four hundred years later, it's happening again.

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Chapter 1

    A storm is on the horizon... it sweeps across the plains, carrying with it whispers of a long-forgotten land, in its pounding rain.

In the midst of the storm stands a girl, face to the sky. 

    Acenith woke up shivering, in a cold sweat. It's happening again... She opened her eyes, stared up at the knotted roots that made up the ceiling of her home. Slowly, sounds started to pick up around her as her friends, living in tree-hollows around her began to stir with the faint light of dawn infiltrating the sky. She closed her eyes for another moment, then with a deep breath pushed out of the tree-hollow at the base of the tree-house's roots that made up her bed. Once standing on the hard-packed dirt at the base of the tree, she slowly stretched, pulling her arms behind her, bending over backwards until she heard cracking in her spine. This took her several minutes, and once she was finally comfortable, she shifted from her natural shape of scaly blue skin, bright yellow eyes, and shoulder-length red hair into a shape more workable for 

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