'Swerve' True Short Story


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The Accident

 " Ok so everyone's here right?" one of the fifth graders said. "Let's get this game started." "Hold on!" my friend Jay said. He was one of the best quarterbacks we had. "We are missing one, Joey." Joey was one of my best friends back then. The two of us where the best wide receivers the team had, and we always pushed each other to do our best. Today though, he was running late." Oh come on guys" a fifth grader said, "we don't have all day" he said with an attitude. He was the best player out here. Probably because all of his brothers play football for the high school. "Just give him five minutes! He'll be here" I said with the little confidence I had at age 10. "Fine" he agreed and walked back to his team. Three minutes later, I see his Mom's car come around the corner. I recognize it because I was always at his house. "There he is" I said relieved that we would have an actual chance. In the minivan, Joey and his brother, Danny, were anxious to come join the game. What happened next happened so fast that i didn't realize what had occurred for another 3 seconds. The 20 some kids in my grade were watching the car. Now I don't know why he was in the front seat, but he was. As Joey opened the door and jumped out, a loud screech of tires could be heard as another car came crashing into the door and into joey. Quickly, me and all the kids on the playground and field, ran up to the fence to see if he was ok. The driver of the car screamed as did his mom, while all of the kids were shocked in terror after witnessing one of their friends being hit by a car, right in front of the school. We all got on our tippy toes to look over the fence, and saw Joey's car door bent forward, with another minivan pushed up against it. With Joey laying in front of the second van, holding his head. I don't exactly remember how he was hit in the head, but it was bleeding furiously. Dripping down his face, and a small puddle forming in the middle of the street. In this time, three teachers were already moving in to help Joey and his mom, while the rest of the staff started trying to bring all of the students inside early. As all of the students and I were rushed into the auditorium and the gymnasium, the last thing i saw was Joey's mom lifting him up with tears mixed with blood running down his face, drenching his grey "Kingsley" hoodie. About five minutes later, we could hear sirens run from behind the school, to the front, since the hospital was a couple blocks behind the school. 15 or so minutes later, you could hear them start up again, going towards the hospital. Since so much time had passed, school was about to start. So everyone was told to go to their classes to get ready for the day. After a couple hours, the fourth and fifth graders had lunch. We ate first, then went outside. The mood was no longer fun and giddy around my peers. But once we were let outside, my grade rushed to the fence to see what was still happening. The cars were moved off to the side so that traffic could get through. But the car door was still smashed and not looking like it would move back into place anytime soon. There was a fade of blood and small drops of it on the ground still, and some pieces of the door where scattered but nothing major, besides the traffic cones around the car. Joey's mom was nowhere to be found, of course she was in the hospital with him. Danny was also missing, he must have gone with as well. Short after making it to the fence, Mr. Mario, a staff member who watched us during recess told us to, "come away from the fence and go on the playground." Of course we did as we were told and went to play. But we didn't have as much fun as we usually would. No one wanted to play football. It wouldn't feel right after what had just happened. About an hour after we went back inside, the secretary asked my teacher, Mr. Johnson to come talk really quick in the hall. After a few minutes he came back in telling us that, thankfully, Joey was gonna be ok, just a few staples, and he'll be back in two days. Everyone was relieved. After seeing something like that, anyone would think twice before opening their door to traffic, I'm sure I will. As well as having a 10 year old in the front seat. Two days later, he comes back showing off the staples on his dome, ready to play some more football. That day, he walked to school.

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