The Daggers of Cold Rock

The Assassin's Guild on Cold Rock enjoys a prestige position among the elites. Used as weapons but revered and feared for their deadly abilities, the assassins have helped shape the political climate of the island-nation for decades. But when the Duke is assassinated, a series of events unfold with startling speed that puts everyone in...

The Sleeper

The city of Jericho stands as the last bastion of humanity in a world that has literally gone to Hell. It is a city that has stood united for generations against the onslaught of demons from the ruined world beyond its walls. Until a stranger awakens with no memory of who he is or how he got there. As the people of Jericho struggle to...

Eden's Peace

Eden, a young Dreamwalker, finds herself being pulled into a conflict that could reshape reality as everyone knows it. She has the power to save the world, there's no doubt about that. But when her powers are turned against her, can she find the strength to pull through?

The Road of Darkness

Meet Addison, charming Southern Belle of the Ball turned blood-thirsty creature of the night with a love for voodoo. Follow her evolution into her own darkness as she travels the world, immersing herself into some of histories greatest wars and conflicts.