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There are three things I know about myself at this point in time.

1. I am a male teenager.

2. I am on a planet.

3. I have an ability.

What goes on next is my discovery of surroundings.

This planet seems to be livable for all living creatures. The night sky looks rather bright, only because of the two moons in the sky. 

Getting up was a chore. Gravity seems to be much of a pull here. As I was about stand up, I noticed a third leg behind me. Panicking, I turned around to look what was behind me, just to get knocked out by a blow to my forehead. Everything went black in an instance.

Just my luck, to losing my consciousness twice in a row like that? I woke up with a numbing headache. At least, I was not dead. The same little creature with the long tongue appeared again. This time, it was making sounds like it was trying to talk to me. Its tongue suddenly extended towards my arm in a split-second. I wanted to dodge the incoming tongue but it was obvious it was too late. Before I could realise, the tongue landed on my arm and pulled away a crawler with teeth into its mouth. Those crunchy sounds it made when chewing its prey was rather gross. Somehow, it seemed rather proud of saving my life I guess, with its three eyes opening widely. Not a bad companion after all! Maybe it was protecting me while I was unconscious.

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Chapter 1

Blurred visions haunted me as I woke up and tried to clear my eyes.

At that point of time, I didn't know what I was looking at. It was just an animal with four legs and a very long tongue. That warm tongue was what woke me I guess. Those watery eyes reflected the greenery surrounding me. Gathering my strength, I tried standing up but my one of my soles were hurting as if something pierced through it. Only at that moment, I realized I knew nothing about myself. What's my name? Where is this? What is that? Questions started flooding in and it felt like the veins in my head were carrying boiling blood. It was not before long I was knocked out again.

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