Fighting Angels And Demons


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1: First Fight

Alice could hear Jason calling her name. She followed him, Jason sounded impaitiant. Alice only wore a t-shirt and jeans so she could feel the autumn breeze against her. As Alice walked in Central Park she could see trees with their leaves turning into bright Autumn coloursAlice hearded Jason calling her name again this time sounding more impaitiant and louder.

Alice quickened her pace, Jason started to wade our into the middle of the lake that was placed quite oddly in the park. Alice followed though she was very cautious, why would Jason bring me out into the middle of the lake she asked herself. She felt cold all of a sudden Alice looked down and saw her feet where already in the water, Alice then waded out to Jason the lake was just past her waist by the time she got there. But she still couldn't believe she was doing this.

This was the first time that Alice had seen Jason's face up close, she could see his eyes as blue as a summers day, his mouth a straight line but as red as blood and black lashes a girl would die for. He then turned to face Alice and said "Alice do as I say, do as I do, cause it's going to get real messy down there okay can you promise me that?" "Okay" was all that Alice said. 

Then Jason turned and faced exactly north of the park and fell back onto the water, he was there for a second and gone the next. Alice freaked out only for a second before Jason's voice ran through her head "do as I do". So Alice turned and faced exactly north of the park and fell back she felt the cold water rush around her and then felt the cold of rushing air. Alice was falling only for a second before she hit hard packed earth.

The fall knocked the air out of Alice so she sat up quickly trying to get air back into her lungs. Alice then felt wrap around her arms they were warm against her cold skin, they belonged to Jason. Alice was up on her legs and she looked around she was standing on soft moss and there was trees very where with their roots twisting here and there and the trees where so tall and leafy that you couldn't see the sky.

There where doors and windows in the trunks of the trees obversely home of the faries and lighting the whole forest up was tiny little crystals they where everywhere by the doors and window troded into the ground it was an amazing sight to see.

And off in the distance in a valley where ten huge trees in a circle connecting by a little branch they where so big that you could fit four people in there easily. 

Even though the faries looked like they had to be small to live in the homes. But Jason had told her they were as tall as her it was all just an illusion to fool new visitors. This was just an amazing sight Alice couldn't believe but there was something missing was there was no noise which made it very eerie.

Next thing Alice knew Jason was holding a duffel bag. When Jason opened it weapons spilled out. There were daggers, three seleph blades, a bow and arrow and a ton of swords, knifes and more daggers. And at the very bottom of the bag where a couple of steles and clothing suitable for fighting in. 

Jason handed Alice a leather jacket, black boots and a black singlet to Jason her jeans were fine. Alice went behind a couple of trees to change while Jason stayed where he was. Alice came back out all changed and Jason looked like normal self now he was changed into fighting gear.

Jason grabbed a stele and started to mark Alice with fighting and protecting runes, the familiar pinch and burn ran through her skin, then Alice asked "Where did you get the bag from?" Jason sighed "From under some roots I put it there last time I came here in case I need to fight here, like I do now." 

Alice nodded taking the stele from Jason and started marking him. The black line twisting and spiralling out of the tip marking him with protection and fighting runes that would do there power until they burned out.

As soon as Alice was done Jason handed Alice some weapons. Three daggers, a sword, her stele, five knifes and one seleph blade naming it Selephain and as Alice called its name the familiar bright, white light shone and then died down. Jason did the same thing calling his Izeleral.

Then Jason took Alice by the hand and led her away. Fifth teen minutes later traveling through more forest and valleys, they found the demon war. It was horrible dead demons everywhere with black blood surrounding them and even worse was the dead faries and shadowhunters with their limbs twisted at odd angles and some with body parts entirley ripped off. And the smell was horrific it smelt of blood, rotten food and something Alice didn't want to know. All of this put together made Alice puke. Alice was very thankful that they were hiding behind a bush.

Jason turned and faced Alice "Are you sure you want to do this, I mean for you to fight in a demon fight at the age of seventeen and you have only had like seven days of training." Alice sighed she was sure she wanted to fight but she wasn't sure she wanted to die. Still thinking Alice said "I'm sure if your fighting I'm fighting." 

Jason sighed shaking his head slightly like he couldn't believe he was letting her do this. "Fine but I want you to know, I want to make you rember that I love you more than anything I would search every corner of the earth to find you again, so please I beg don't go and get yourself killed because I simply couldn't live with myself ok." Jason pleaded. 

Alice blushed before saying "Oh Jason I love you too and I would make a bet with Satan saying that heaven or hell wouldn't seperate us and don't think for a second that I wouldn't miss you if you died, in fact I probably kill myself." 

Jason smiled that amazing smile that lit up his whole face and made Alice melt. "Alice please don't kill yourself you deserve to live more than me." Then Jason leaned forward and kissed Alice . Alice felt like she was charged with electricity and her fingers running with adrenaline. Jason pulled back and said with a smile "We better get out there and kick some ass!" Alice smiled and got her seleph blade ready, before saying I love you one last time to Jason and then Alice charged into the fight.

Alice ran full bolt right towards a demon with two heads and a really sharp poisoness horn coming out of its chest. It was fighting and winning a fight with two faries. Alice ran charging straight for one of its heads, with the seleph blade raised she swang it down, and drove it straight through its neck. Alice and the faries heard a high squeal come from the beast and black blood started pouring out from the wound. It stumbled but it didn't die. So the faries took charge and drove their swords through the things heart. Then it burst out in flames and crumbled to the ground and turned into ashes it had finally died. 

Alice then felt a weird scaly thing brush against her leg. She turned around to see a shadowhunter fighting a demon that was like a snake but it had red eyes and a sharp barb at the end of its tail. Alice seleph blade at the ready swang it missed the snake only giving it a small gash on its body. The shadowhunter had two seleph blades on in each hand charged at it and swang the blades here and there cutting the thing up.

But it being a demon the cuts didn't bother him because he healed up in seconds. All the demon did was look quite surprised, then it seemed to snap back to life and plunged its sharp barb into the shadowhunters chest.

The shadowhunter looked surprised and shocked, he stumbled backwards and fell. Alice raced to his side. He was muttering something and coughing up red blood. Alice leaned in to hear what he was saying - "Tell my kids Tom and Camilla that I love them and tell my wife-  and he stopped his head fell back and all life left his body. Alice felt like crying but she told herself not because she had much more worser things to face.

Alice stood up and turned she looked down at herself she was already covered in blood and dirt, she also had a couple of scratches and scars. 

The next thing Alice saw was a bird like thing it looked like a crow only you could see its ribs like the fleash had been ripped off and it had a super sharp beak and talons obversely to rip out its preys throat.

It swooped down at Alice. Alice finally thinking ducked just in time. It circled around Alice and dived again, Alice raised her seleph blade and as it dived Alice sliced it right down the middle, the exact same thing happened to it as did the demon with two heads. Alice then realised that was her first demon she had killed with out any help.

The as Alice ran toward another demon fighting another shadowhunter. Something blocked her path. Alice raised her face to look at the thing. She shouldn't have. The demon clutched a big thick branch it swang it down and Alice's world went black.

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2: Memories

 Alice started to rember things. Like the time when she met Jason.

It had been a clear summers day, Alice had been walking down the street with her friend Tora. It was a nice day that day, going out for coffe at the little local cafe called Honey Sweet. Tora and her had gone to the library to get a couple of books to read at the little duck pond next door. It had always been their favourite place to read.

But on this day Alice had seen someone dressed completely in black, he had weird tattoos all over him and very dangerous knifes and blades with him. Alice had been terrified of this stranger and told Tora to go somewhere different. Tora just waved her off saying "There's nothing to be frightened about." Alice almost lost it quietly shouting, "Can't you see that boy over there are you blind he has knifes and tattoos all over him and you want me not to freak out or not be frightened!" Tora sounded hurt, "Alice there's no one there but we can move if you want to you don't have to be so fussy about it". Alice just looked gob smacked " you can't see him? He's right over there". Pointing toward the far side of the pond.

He saw Alice point to him , Alice quickly put her finger down. He was now walking over to her. Alice starred to back up trying to put Tora in between them. Tora squeaked " What is up with Alice, there's no one there and you look like you've seen a ghost". Alice didn't replie inside she felt like she had just seen her murder.

He was only a couple of meters away now. Alice felt tears of fear come to her eyes. He stopped walking he was only a meter or two away from her. He then asked "You can see me?" "Of course I can see you I was born with eyes" " But, but, but your a mundane" " What did you just call me?" Rage filling Alice's voice. "What's your name? Tell me now!" The boy demanded. Alice side glanced Tora not knowing what to do. But Tora just looked shocked, awed and most of all worried.

Alice looked at the stranger right in the eye and noticed how blue they were and his hair such a nice black that it made him 

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3: The Other Half Of Memories

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4: The Last Memory

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