No Hope


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   I’m Claire, Claire Dester. An only child, living with my dad. We are actually very close. My mom died from cancer before I could even speak so I don’t remember her. All I know is that she was rude, calm, and stunning. 

I have curly, dark brown hair and bright green eyes. I’m in 9th grade. Which means high school. Cat calling, immature guys, and a lot of fake people. I have one very close friend. Lucy Tiks.

She is very sweet. Not very pretty but she is very smart. I am to afraid to tell anyone any things that could be used against me so I am a loner, I guess. But back to Lucy she has a boyfriend, he isn’t nice,isn’t smart, and definitely isn’t looking for an actual relationship, he is just desperate. Not saying that my friend couldn’t of gotten him if he wasn’t just it’s obvious. His name is Rander Narsh. His name is even unlike any other.

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Starting Rough


“C’mon Claire. Your gonna be late!”     “I’ll be down dad!”

I grabbed my bag and rushed down stairs. I didn’t have time to brush my hair so I just put it into a ponytail. It looked stupid with my dark brown hair, but whatever. I wore a pair of shorts, and a army green t-shirt, to big for me. And paired it with Walmart sneakers. 

“Cmon, slowpoke!” My dad teased.

I jumped in the front seat of the old truck. I turned on the radio. My dad and I song along on my way to school.

We pulled into the school’s parking lot. I jumped out. 

“ Love ya, dumb butt!”

“Love ya, Claire”

I walked into school, greeted by Lucy. 

“Hey, Claire!”


“Guess what.”

“Hmm” I sounded rude but I was just trying to open my locker.

“Someone likes you!”

“It’s not 2nd grade, Lucy. I don’t care, I hate relationships.”

“Yeah, but it’s the most popular guy in school.”

“Still I don’t care.”

The bell rang. Lucy walked away angry. I walked to 1st period, biology. 

I never payed attention in that class. “Dose Chad Williams like me. Surely not. I mean he isn’t ugly. Just not my type at all. He is basically a selfish guy. It wouldn’t matter anyways. I hate relationships. Any types besides the one with my dad. We have a bond some daughter and fathers don’t have. Goofy, love, helping each other, just smiles all around.But anyways I do like one guy. His name is Brody Descry “ 


“Sorry Mr.Tye”




I grabbed my stuff, and walked out of the classroom with my head up and a normal expression on my face. I don’t get embarrassed easily. I clentched my pencil in my hand. 

I got to the office. I opened the heavy door and stepped in. The light grey walls looked dirty, with blood stains. The principal’s desk was covered in paperwork. His computer was cracked. Then I looked at the two chairs. I grabbed the stack of papers written with my name on it and I sat in one of the chairs.

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