The Quiet Songbird


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The Planet Enithia was made of the Goddess Enith's body, born out of a wish to the Source of All, which took her life and created a world, for her daughters to live and rule; Allodia Goddess of Birth & Fertility and Irrelia Goddess of Creation.

Irrelia the Goddess of Creation, created the mortal species, born of the goddesses magic they were born barren of it themselves. Her sister Allodia found her Fated in the lands that were named for her, and their line was birthed from them magical and near immortal. Their intermingling magics created the magical Elvendar species’ including the races; Ethereal Elven, Noirylli Elven, Elemental Elven, and Dwarven. A new race has emerged, born of death from this most recent war, and yet to be understood or named.

Enithia held 2 massive continents, which bore small outlying islands and all the necessary requirements to support life. Irrelia was both continent and territory of the Mortal lands and their Sovereign Queen Aiysha. The Allodian Continent held the magical lands and was broken into 7 territories, each with Sovereign Kings and Queens; Athr, Geeir, Viyne, Ols, Tullony, Luria and Eridorne.

Whilst the Irrelian continent is not as full of magic as Allodia, her Mortals aren’t without magic in their lands, curses account for a vast majority of magic in Irrelian lands and almost all of that is thanks to Drethen God of Destruction. Other reasons for Irrelia not being completely lost of magic are; cursed objects, magical objects and due to the history of Mortal & Elvendar species interbreeding across the continents; it has created some intermingling of Mortal and Elvendar lines, before it was absolutely forbidden and the two species, Magical and Non-magical went their separate ways. Now they do not even trade goods, or knowledge between them; the exception to this rule is the city of Norath, on the very edge of the Mortal Continent. On the rest of the continent, the Children of Enith, are the result of interbreeding between the species, they are now rare aberrations from the history of the two continents of Enithia.

There are six known Gods and Goddesses, the 6th Verrac was murdered by his elder twin siblings at the edge of the Woven Sea, when they were still children. As the tale was told by Irrelia, Dyna Goddess of Death, drained her baby brother of life, and Drethen helped her dispose of his body by delaying their guardian Irrelia. If there had been help for the baby God Verrac, his elder siblings saw to it that he would never get it; for they threw his tiny body into The Woven Sea, vines of green which strung from each continent, and thrived over the treacherous, roiling, salty sea, far beneath. At the heart of the sea, nestled amongst the floating rocks suspended and joined by the Woven Sea, sat the golden glowing light of Enith's heart, long a pilgrimage for the Elvendar; the rituals differed from one territory to the next, but they all spent time each year journeying to the light.

As it stands the Gods and Goddesses of Enithia are; Enith Mother of Enithia and Goddess of Regeneration & Rebirth (deceased and reincarnated as the planet itself), Allodia Goddess of Birth & Fertility (deceased), Irrelia Goddess of Creation (deceased), Drethen God of Destruction, Dyna Goddess of Death (presumed deceased), Verrac God of Unknown Powers (deceased).

Enithia was created through a mother Goddess’s wish, and her daughters blessed with a massive continent each, to build, create and thrive upon. No one knows why The Source of All, allowed the dark Gods and Goddess’ to be in their world. Some call them the balance that was needed, some say the Goddesses of light were an illusion, and religious zealots call Enith the “Evil Mother”, and choose to instead worship the “True Gods”; Drethen, Dyna and Verrac.

Dyna Goddess of Death, grew into a Goddess who’s penchant for blood and killing had a high price; the lives of whomever she could get her hands on, for Dyna, enough was never enough. She vanished at the height of her reign of terror, some hail Allodia for killing the Goddess, others say she’s not dead, just hiding and biding her time to take back her golden crown and with it the seat of her powers.

Drethen God of Destruction, had been bound to a mountain by Allodia’s magical descendants, preceding this the dark twins together made for dangerous citizens of Enithia, often ruling in competition with each other. They competed for the people’s devotion, granting curses and smiting enemies, all the while their powers grew, and eventually so too did the malice towards their ill deeds.

Irrelia built a resistance to fight the dark god and goddess, but her mortals were no match, and all who opposed Drethen and Dyna in the War of the Gods perished with their creator. After the death of her sister, Allodia, sacrificed herself to stop Dyna, separating her from her crown and her powers, it is said by the zealots that Dyna retained her immortality and will return one day granting her favour to the Dynatic loyalists.

Allodia's descendants sacrificed a first born of every house, to have enough power to entrap Drethen; as he could not be killed or have his power bound, it was the best they could do and at a high price. The prison he now resides in, is a palace made of the white marble found within the sunken walls, of the mountain of stone he’d been bound to; he still receives pilgrims who do his bidding, inside and out of his territory. The city which encircles his realm of captivity is full of these people, they worship and fear Drethen in equal measure. Some whisper of the rightful Gods and the Evil Mother Enith, but many do not dare to cross into his territory, for fear of his proclivity to curse people into shifters and bind them to his will; then having them and their lives to play with and enjoy. The city outside his walls and his grasp, resides in a neutral zone, created by the sacrifice of the First Born of Allodia. The city of Norath stands between two rings, the first ring entraps Drethen, the outer ring protects them against even his visiting upon them in shadow form. It has long been believed Drethen's banishment to Wraith Spire was not complete, and those fearing and worshipping him, reside within Norath outside his grasp. The city itself is densely packed, with narrow winding streets and houses packed atop places of business, or worship, no corner of the city within the rings is unused. It is one of the last places on Enithia, where races from both continents live side by side, the Mortal Queen left this far flung corner of her lands alone, superstition and fear keeping her away; until she had no other choice but to gamble her life for that of her remaining people. Queen Aiysha of Irrelia, sole Sovereign of the entire continent, went to Norath, then Wraith Spire, and was taken to Drethen. She bartered with him for a yearly amount, and offered to bring all of her crown jewels to pay for his help, provided she deemed it suitable in the war. He’d laughed at her, and when she’d fought back as he began cursing her, he was inspired by her fire and her fight, she was the one mortal who he was able to curse into a masterpiece; most just became giant animals which resembled those in the world. She became a firedrake; not just a fire breathing dragon, but one made of pure fire. Drethen cursed her, but she was not bound to his will like all the others; the Elvendar Sovereign Kings of Allodia had all bestowed their vow of protection upon her line, so that they would always be protected against the magical Sovereign powers of Allodia and therefore safe from territory wars. A gift full of magic, it protected her much like the rings of Norath. She could leave Wraith Spire and Norath at will, unlike every other of his emissaries.

The God of Destruction took what was, and destroyed it, shifting it into cursed form. Binding it to his land and his will; destroying their former life, with all it’s connections, family, friends, lovers, children; purpose.

If you stayed between the two rings of Norath, near the boarder of Drethen's lands, you could peer inside with a telescopic lens and see all manner of his cursed; unless you were Elvendar, and then you could just look.

Every cursed creature in Drethen’s realm was large, big enough to carry a massive Dwarven; who were as tall as the other Elvendar, but twice as wide in muscle and more often than not; a healthy layer of fat. This race was looked down upon and enslaved long ago by the Territory of Eridorne, for many thousands of years they used and abused their magics and lucrative abilities with metals and creating magical objects. In the Dwarven War for Independence, they won their freedom and their mountainous lands. Why were they so maligned, you might wonder? It is said, Dwarven are the product of interbreeding, with Trolls or Goblins, a heinous act looked down upon for their hideous and moronic states, they are beneath the likes of the Elvendar. Eridorne, Territory known for their greedy nature and elitist values, had long ago enslaved the bastard race of Dwarven and a little under 450 years ago, that came to an end.

After the war was won, the Dwarven Territory of Tullony was born, it has since thrived and robbed Eridorne of their biggest asset, leaving them to work hard for their territory’s wealth; and to watch Tullony grow prosperous and happy.

Inside Wraith Spire giant winged birds populated out-croppings of abandoned, uncut marble slabs, full of nests and watchful gazes.

Big cats from every land prowled the quarry, some fought and tumbled in their small territory battles, these too could comfortably carry a Dwarven. Some of Drethen’s cursed were creatures; not cursed Mortals, but Elvendar.

One of Drethen’s prized creatures, was his white, winged horse, flew above his lands, but like the rest, could not leave them. When Peora flew, the other birds let her own the skies above Wraith Spire.

Other creatures to be seen were a clutch of creatures; part lion, part eagle, their head and four feet bore the lions body, the back and tail that of the eagle.

Elvendar with higher magics had seemingly been able to resist the curse, retaining their Elven looks from the waist up, from the waist down, they were horses or goats -the latter bearing the distinctive horns on their beautiful Elvendar faces. Female Elvendar who resisted the curse, turned either of the aforementioned species or if truly blessed, as Elvendar women were more likely to be more powerful then men, they were able to retain their full Elvendar body, and only took on wings; their voices held the cursed power to lure through song, any who strayed to close to the first circle, into Wraith Spire and they too would become cursed.

The number of cursed, had swelled in the most recent years, and territories on Allodia worried the God of Destruction was planning an uprising or worse an escape.

It was rumoured Drethen had these animals, creatures and more locked away beneath his Castle, waiting for the day he is released from Wraith Spire to command them in battle; too dangerous, even under his command, to let out before that day.

In Enithia's last big war on Allodia, the Territories took sides and less than 450 years ago after 7 years of war, the Territory of Tullony was born when the Dwarves won with their allies. The most recent war was fought on Irrelia, Hadeus the self-proclaimed God-King was ended quickly, once the Elvendar of Allodia stepped in to aid Queen Aiysha and her remaining citizens of Irrelia, but the damage done in the short time was irreparable. The Queen in her pride and long-held, inherited, independence from the magical continent, prevented her from asking for help, even when fighting a magical enemy. The Elvendar had stepped in when refugees reached Norath, the last big city before The Woven Sea and Allodia on the other side. The mixed races there knew what needed to be done, so an Elvendar used a Toran to cross through space into Allodia, to deliver the news of what was happening on the Mortal Continent.

Athr's three armies were sent, under their Chief Warrior Temhn, Voin. Each Territory and the Sovereign powers went as an envoy of the most powerful on all of Allodia, they assessed survivor accounts, and discovered how to take down Hadeus, which they did with the help of a long forgotten friend.

And this is where our story begins; post war, seeing the tangled web of destruction, which leaves none untouched and some more changed than others.

The quorum of every Sovereign Territory of Enithia has been called, and the powers which govern Enithia will soon come to terms, and find a new way to proceed in these new times.

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